The 39 Best Things to Do in February in New York in 2023

What to do in New York in February? We've got you covered!

If you’re wondering what to do in New York in February, you’ve come to the right place! There’s plenty to do and see: February’s major events include the Super Bowl, New York Fashion Week, Valentine’s Day, NYC Winter Restaurant Week and NYC Broadway Week. Black History Month is celebrated throughout the month of February.

Sports fans won’t be bored in New York in February either, with both NBA (basketball) and NHL (ice hockey) teams playing. As you can see, even if February in New York gets really cold, there is as always a lot to experience and do!

My Favorite Things to Do in February in NYC

It’s well into winter so that most likely means, a lot of snow and frigid temperatures. With that being said, there’s still plenty of things to do in February in New York! In this article, I provide you some of the best things you can do here in February.

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    Winter Markets Are Still Open in February – Visit the Winter Market in Bryant Park

    Christmas Market in Midtown Manhattan
    Our Highlight
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    Starting in October (and running through March), it is time once again for the best winter market in New York City to open its doors. The Winter Village in Bryant Park is not only the largest winter market in the city but also by far the nicest on account of its adjacent ice rink and places to shop and eat. This along with its amazing location among all the skyscrapers makes for an amazing winter experience.

  2. 02

    Valentine's Day (February 14, 2023)

    Other Events in Midtown Manhattan
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    Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated days in New York in Winter (more precisely on February 14th). Our list below includes romantic events, restaurants, photo spots, and fun activities for couples. So, what are the best things to in February in New York during Valentine’s Day? The Valentine’s Day Dinner Cruise in New York City is a great idea and a perfect surprise for your loved one. Each couple receives a rose as a welcome gift before the yacht leaves for New York Harbor.

  3. 03

    The Best Broadway Shows in February 2023 in New York

    Broadway Show in Theatre District
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    The answer to whether you should or should not see a Broadway show when visiting New York in February is crystal clear: YES, it absolutely belongs on your bucket list! What is not always as clear, however, is which show to pick.

    In order to help you out, we’ve created an overview of the absolute best Broadway shows in NYC in February!

  4. 04

    Experience The Super Bowl Hype (February 12, 2023)

    Sport Events in Midtown Manhattan
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    The Super Bowl is usually held in February and NYC, just like the rest of America, goes crazy during the days leading up to it. In the US, this event is the sporting highlight of the year. The halftime show is one of the very best and every year, big names like Bruno Mars or Beyonce perform during the halftime show. If you’re looking for a nice bar on this night check out our list of the best Super Bowl Bars in NYC.

    My tip: Come on up to The Empire Rooftop Lounge and enjoy the Super Bowl like never before! Join dozens of friendly folk for a fun social where the big game, complete with famous commercials and the epic halftime show, will be shown on two huge screens. Participate in a whole host of contests and try your luck to win one of the grand prizes. Tickets for the Super Bowl Party at Empire Rooftop Lounge are available here.

  5. 05

    New York Fashion Week (February 10-15, 2023)

    Other Events in East Village
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    This is probably one of the most interesting Things to Do in February in New York. Whole streets are closed off and intersections become catwalks. It’s one of the biggest fashion events of the year. For a week, twice a year, influencers, celebrities, editors, photographers and fashionistas from all over the world will make their pilgrimage to New York City to see the new collections from their favorite designers and brands.

  6. 06

    Be part of the Chinese New Year parade on February 12, 2023

    Other Events in Chinatown
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    Usually, locals and tourists alike will (obviously) flock to New York City’s Chinatown to celebrate the Lunar New Year. A huge Chinese New Year Parade takes place there every year. The official name of the event is called the Lunar New Year and Festival.

    The parade will go down Mott and Canal Street. It will then make its way down East Broadway and head towards Manhattan Bridge, and it will ultimately end at Sara D. Roosevelt Park. During the parade, there will also be smaller activities going on in Chinatown NYC. It will have all sorts of street vendors and festivities.

  7. 07

    Celebrate Black History Month 2023

    Other Events in Harlem & Washington Heights
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    Don’t miss out on some of the best cultural events of the year during Black History Month in February in NYC. There are many ways to show your appreciation for African-American culture. Head Uptown and explore Harlem and its one of kind soul food restaurants. Harlem will be filled with music events, movie screenings, spoken word performances, and fun parties during Black History Month in New York City.

    My tip: check out my complete guide to Black History Month in New York

  8. 08

    Visit Titanic - The Exhibition

    Other Art & Culture in Greenwich Village
    Titanic Exhibition in NYC
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    There is a very special exhibition for all fans of the movie Titanic in New York: Titanic – The Exhibition offers not only replicas of the ship’s interior, but it also takes you back in time with the help of original belongings of the passengers.

    You have the opportunity to go on a journey through time in the beautiful Greenwich Village. Titanic – The Exhibition is a very special experience for anyone interested in the history of the ocean liner. With photos and personal items, you’ll be taken back to 1912, when the Titanic set sail on its first and last ocean voyage. While an audio guide provides you with reports from survivors, you can take a closer look at the recreated interiors and let the differences between a luxurious first-class suite and a simple third-class cabin sink in.

    This exhibit is on in New York City through the end of February and is a must-see for all fans of the ship once considered unsinkable.

  9. 09

    New York Restaurant Week (January 17 - February 12, 2023)

    Other Events in Midtown Manhattan
    NYC Restaurant Week
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    Attention food enthusiasts: NYC Restaurant Week will be back in the winter, meaning you can look forward to enjoying cheap meals all over the city. Thousands of travelers and locals look forward to this event every year because it’s a great opportunity to try new cuisines or simply enjoy top-notch meals at decent prices.

    What is NYC Restaurant Week?

    NYC Restaurant Week is a bi-annual event that takes place every summer and winter since 1982. Back then only a few restaurants participated in the promotion, whereas this year’s event counts almost 500 participating restaurants. Over time, the length of the promotion has been extended, so that now we can enjoy almost a full month of great, affordable food instead of just one week.

  10. 10

    Winter Jam in Central Park (February 4, 2023)

    Other Events in Upper East Side
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    On February 4, 2023, there will be a day in Central Park at the Rumsey Playfield along 72nd Street where snowboarding will be free of charge. Included is a cute winter market with hot drinks and delicious food. This annual event is suitable for all ages and a great experience. The fact that you can snowboard in the middle of New York City is amazing!


    • 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
  11. 11

    Go Ice Skating in NYC

    Other Attraction in Midtown Manhattan
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    Ice Skating is definitely one of the things to do in New York in February. The Ice Rink at Rockefeller Center offers a memorable experience in a great setting in front of the city’s most famous Christmas tree. Expect to wait to get into the rink and is considered and one of the most popular to New Yorkers.

    My tip: The Best Ice Rinks in NYC

  12. 12

    Watch a movie at The Edge on MoMA Movie Night (February 24, 2023)

    Building in Hudson Yards
    Our Highlight
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    Did you ever want to take your date to a movie at a special place? This is your chance! On Friday, February 24, the MoMA will host a Movie Night at The Edge so you can not only enjoy the view of the city but also watch the movie Love Affair from 1939.

    A ticket includes general admission to The Edge and to the Museum of Modern Art. Make sure to get one of the limited tickets soon!

  13. 13

    Sky Skate at The Edge

    Activities in Hudson Yards
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    For those of you who have always wanted to reach for the sky, you can now skate above the clouds! From January 10 until mid-March, you can enjoy the view of the city while gliding across the synthetic ice on The Edge’s indoor Sky Deck. The ice rink is open daily from 10am-8pm. On Thursdays & Fridays, a live DJ will provide background music from 5-8pm. Tickets include Edge admission, your 30-minute skating experience, and free skate rental.

    Get your tickets to New York City’s tallest skating rink now!

  14. 14

    BUMP! at The Standard Hotel High Line

    Activities in Meatpacking District
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    If you have too much energy during the cold season, I have great news for you! Every winter, the small plaza of The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District turns into an ice rink. It’s not big, but it’s really beautiful. It’s right next to the High Line and the Whitney Museum. BUMP! is a nostalgic bumper car pop-up on ice where you can live out your inner punk in an 80’s inspired environment. Whether you’re out with friends or looking for an extraordinary date idea, you’ll find it here. After all the fun on ice, you can refuel with a burger or a pizza and a delicious cocktail and enjoy the view over the Hudson River!

    For a short time you can enjoy some of your childhood fantasies here.

  15. 15

    AirOtic Soirée: Enjoy a circus cabaret show

    Other Art & Culture in Hell's Kitchen
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    Attention cabaret fans: there’s a new show in the city! You can now see a group of highly talented acrobats in the heart of Manhattan. AirOtic Soirée combines modern burlesque and high-level cirque acrobatics with a menu created by Chef Saul who has already been featured on Good Morning America. After the show you can enjoy a nice cocktail and meet the cast.

    Every Friday and Saturday throughout January and February you have the opportunity to experience this brand new sensual show in Hell’s Kitchen. 

  16. 16

    Enjoy a drink among ice sculptures at Polar Lounge

    Rooftop Bar in Brooklyn Heights
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    You always wanted to enjoy the view of the Manhattan skyline with a first class cocktail while surrounded by extravagant ice sculptures? Then I have great news for you now!

    On January 12, the Polar Lounge will open on the rooftop bar of 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. The lounge at Harriet’s Rooftop offers you an impressive landscape of exclusive seating and numerous sculptures made of ice. But don’t worry: you don’t have to freeze! The Polar Lounge offers its guests sustainably sourced parkas by Moose Knuckles.

    Regular admission includes access to the rooftop terrace with a breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline and a free drink. VIP table reservations for up to six guests are also available.

    If you do get cold after your drink, you can warm up in Harriet’s Lodge between flickering candles and cozy blankets with small bites.

    You have the opportunity to marvel at this frosty installation until February 26, 2023. Goosebumps guaranteed!

  17. 17

    Visit Governors Island

    Other Attraction in Outside of New York City
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    Though Governors Island is no longer a secret spot, it hasn’t lost its charm and remains one of our favorite places in New York. Throughout the summer, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of Manhattan from the island, ride bicycles, and participate in a large variety of events hosted here.

    In the past Governors Island closed at the end of October. Now you check it out even during winter and spring! A ferry ride to the island typically costs $4 but if you decide to come on a Saturday or Sunday before noon, it’ll be free!

  18. 18

    NYC Broadway Week (January 17 - February 12, 2022)

    Other Events in Theatre District
    Our Highlight
    How to find cheap broadway tickets in NYC
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    Broadway Week is a bi-annual theater celebration offering discounted Broadway tickets since 2011. For every ticket you purchase, you get another one for FREE! Even though it is called Broadway Week, it actually lasts much longer than 7 days.

    Broadway Week is celebrated in New York twice a year: every winter and every summer. The next NYC Broadway Week will take place in the summer, typically in September. Once the exact dates are published, we will be sure to let you know. Sometimes, Broadway Week takes place at the same time as Restaurant Week and is typically followed by Off-Broadway Week about one week later.

    My tip: These are the Best Broadway Shows in NYC

  19. 19

    Off-Broadway Week

    Other Events in Greenwich Village
    Theatre World Awards in NYC
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    Off-Broadway Week is a bi-annual event that offers you 2-for-1 tickets. Besides Broadway Week or Restaurant Week, it is one of the most longed for events in New York. Even though it is called Off-Broadway Week, it is never just one week but spans over almost two weeks. 

    Off-Broadway theaters are located all over the city, so be sure to double-check the theater location before you go!

  20. 20

    Visit one of New York's Amazing Art Exhibitions at MoMa PS1

    Museum in Long Island City
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    Check out the local art scene in the MoMa Ps1 art exhibit, featuring work from 47 local, contemporary artists. This exhibit explores art-making in New York history, the resilience of artists, and the feelings connected with art. You’ll see a huge emphasis on foreign-born artists, their work full of Egyptian, Iranian, Tunisian, Nigerian, Mexican, Argentinian, and Indian influences. There is also an abundance of Native American artists to enjoy.

    My tip: Here you find the Best Art Exhibitions in New York City.

  21. 21

    Free Fridays at MoMA

    Museum in Midtown Manhattan
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    The Museum of Modern Art in NYC, commonly known as the MoMA, is one of the largest and most influential modern and contemporary art museums in the world. Since it houses an extensive collection of over 150,000 works of art, ranging from painting and sculpture to photography, design, and film, the MoMA is a popular destination for art enthusiasts and offers a unique experience for those who want to explore the world of modern and contemporary art.

    Every day from 4:00 PM to close there is a “Pay-what-you-wish” admission which means that visitors can pay what they can afford for admission to the museum.

    However, that’s not all! In addition to the Pay-what-you-wish policy the MoMA is free for all New Yorkers on every first Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm.

    Please note that the Free Fridays & Pay-what-you-wish policy only apply to New York State residents!

  22. 22

    Spend the day in one of the best museums of NYC

    Museum in Upper West Side
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    The wintry season is perfect for a museum visit to New York, and the Big Apple really doesn’t lack choices. After the theatrical release of “The Night of Museum” series, (The first movie took place in the New York Museum of Natural History) you really feel like going to the place of the event? In the footsteps of dinosaurs, aborigines and many other historical creatures, the Natural History Museum on Central Park West is always a good idea for a museum outing.

    My tip: These are the 36 Best Museums in NYC

  23. 23

    Experience New York in February quite relaxed with a Dinner Cruise

    Cruise in Chelsea
    bateaux dinner cruise
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    I am quite a big fan of the boat tours with dinner in New York. It’s warm inside, jazzy music plays and there’s delicious food (and drinks). And during the whole cruise you see the wintry New York with its impressive skyline.

    Here are our  recommendations for dinner cruises, brunch cruises, lunch cruises and jazz cruises in NYC during wintertime.

  24. 24

    Explore New York's iconic vintage show Manhattan Vintage

    Other Shopping in Chelsea
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    Vintage lovers will get their money’s worth on February 3 and 4, 2023. At New York’s iconic vintage show “Manhattan Vintage”, over 90 dealers will present not only jewelry and clothing, but also accessories and antique textiles. The history of fashion from the 20th and 21st centuries is presented here in its full range and makes the hearts of fashion fans of all ages beat faster.

    If you love shopping in New York you shouldn’t miss this event in the beautiful Chelsea neighborhood and discover the extraordinary world of vintage!

  25. 25

    Winter Shopping at Woodbury Common Outlet Center

    Day Trip in Outside of New York City
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    Shopping addicts will have their money’s worth in February too. You can either stroll the city’s wintry streets or take a trip to the Woodbury Common Outlet Center. You will not only find many famous brands at lower prices, but also a large food hall with a wide selection of different sweet and savory dishes.
    You can already save money on your way to the outlet, because the bus ride is included in some of the passes, for example the New York Pass.

  26. 26

    Enjoy breath-taking views from one of the amazing observation decks

    Building in Midtown Manhattan
    Our Highlight
    Summit One Vanderbilt Observation Deck
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    You know what’s really unique about New York? The view of the (most likely) snow-covered Central Park from one of the observation decks! With the Top of the Rock, The Edge Hudson Yards and the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt you have three to choose from!

    And then there’s the One World Observatory and the Empire State Building. No matter which observation deck you choose, you’ll have an amazing view of the city!

    My tip: if you are cold, you can go inside and enjoy the view from the inside. Because each of the observation decks (except for the Empire State Building) has additional floors with floor-to-ceiling windows.

  27. Steffen Kneist Loving New York

    Budget tip

    If you want to visit several observations decks, attractions and tours in New York, check out the New York sightseeing passes. You can save up to 60% on the ticket price!

    To find out which New York Pass is the best for you, check out my New York Pass Comparison.

  28. 27

    Celebrate Presidents' Day (February 20, 2022)

    Other Events in Midtown Manhattan
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    Though officially called Washington’s Birthday, Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday intended to honor all of those who have served in the office as president of the United States.

    Originally held on February 22nd every year to honor the first president of the United States, George Washington, it is now held on the third Monday of February each year, where the date ranges from February 15th to February 21st. Though the official name of the holiday varies from state to state, it is largely intended to celebrate two of the most important presidents in American history – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

  29. 28

    Celebrate the Birthday of Grand Central Station on February 2nd, 2023

    Other Attraction in Midtown Manhattan
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    Grand Central Station is probably the most famous commuter station in the world. Every single day, thousands of locals and tourists walk through this busy and fast-paced terminal. This New York City commuter rail terminal has been featured in numerous movies and TV shows and is an iconic location within the city. Tourists that visit NYC make sure that Grand Central is part of their itinerary.

    110 years ago, back in 1913 Grand Central Terminal was opened. Come and marvel at this world famous and beautiful train station on its birthday!

  30. 29

    One of my favorites things to do in February in NYC: The High Line Winter Tour (free)

    Walking Tour in West Village
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    The High Line Park takes you along the old tracks of the elevated railway to the Meatpacking District. Thanks to the initiative “Friends of the High Line” the park exists at all, because originally the construction was supposed to be torn down. And the best thing? They offer free tours!

    • When? Wednesdays at 10am & Saturdays at 12pm
    • Where? At the Gansevoort Street entrance
  31. 30

    Participate the Central Park Half Marathon (February 26, 2023)

    Sport Events in Upper West Side
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    In February the Central Park Half Marathon will take place in wintry New York City. The start is near 96th Street on West Drive and the course takes you two and a half laps through the park before you finally cross the finish line at 102nd Street.

    For those who find 13 miles too much, there is a 5k race that starts a bit further south and ends at the same place as the half marathon. Central Park is beautiful also during winter and so you can combine sightseeing and sports.

  32. 31

    Visit a Rooftop Bar in February (really!)

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    As you probably already know, one of the best things in New York in February are the rooftop bars! Even in winter the season is not over yet, because with radiant heaters, free blankets and warm rooftop lounges you can make yourself comfortable there even in icy temperatures. The great view will warm your heart.

    At 230 Fifth near the Flatiron building, you can even sit in a heated igloo while enjoying a breathtaking view of the skyline – how cool is that!

    For more tips, check out our article on the best fall & winter rooftop bars in New York.

  33. 32

    See the New York Rangers in the Madison Square Garden

    Sport Events in Midtown Manhattan
    Our Highlight
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    The atmosphere at a Rangers game is unparalleled and home games are played in the heart of Manhattan, at the most prestigious arena, Madison Square Garden. Ice hockey has some of the most loyal fans of all the sports categories, and you will notice that right away at a Rangers game. It’s intense and it’s a spectacle that is not to be missed!

  34. 33

    Enjoy the view of the East River from the Brooklyn Bridge

    Building in Dumbo
    Our Highlight
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    The Brooklyn Bridge is an official landmark of the city, which you should not miss even in winter. Make sure to walk across the impressive bridge and enjoy the unique view across the East River to Brooklyn in the clear winter air. And while you’re on the bridge, take a stroll to Brooklyn Bridge Park.


    Due to the cold wind, it can get really icy on the Brooklyn Bridge in winter. The best time to try your luck on some warming sunshine is around noon on the bridge.

  35. 34

    Take a Walk in the Wintry Central Park

    Park in Midtown Manhattan
    Our Highlight
    Central Park in Winter
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    Central Park should not be missing from any Things to Do in New York in February! The green lung of the city is a true winter wonderland during the cold season. It is therefore also a popular destination for New Yorkers. Stroll through the park under snow-covered trees and let yourself be enchanted by the play of lights on the frozen water surfaces in the evening.

    Walking through Central Park in the cold is magical! If there’s snow, it’s even more amazing.

    If you want to be more adventurous, start in Harlem and walk down Central Park towards Midtown. Too often we catch ourselves starting on Fifth Avenue at the Plaza Hotel in Central Park. There is so much more to explore than just that part of Central Park.

  36. 35

    Spend some time in Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown

    Walking Tour in Hudson Square
    Our Highlight
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    Now known for their many excellent restaurants, shops and tourism, Manhattan’s SoHo, Little Italy and Chinatown neighborhoods offer the most varied stories of New York City. Take a 2-hour tour with a local guide and discover hidden gems and 19th century buildings.

  37. 36

    Cheer on the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium

    Sports Tickets in Outside of New York City
    NY Giants Game
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    Compared the Jets, the NY Giants enjoy the more dominant fanbase in New York. If you ask us, it’s absolutely worth it to go watch a game of either team just to feel the incredible atmosphere and energy in the stadium. Here’s everything you need to know before heading to a Giants game, including schedule, best seats, and cheap tickets!

  38. 37

    NBA Games in February 2023

    Sports Tickets in Midtown Manhattan
    Our Highlight
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    Basketball fans, this month is for you. The NBA is in its fifth month. Check out either the New York Knicks or the Brooklyn Nets at either the Madison Square Garden or Barclays Center, respectively.

  39. 38

    Hop on a cruise during the Winter Season in New York City

    Cruise in Chelsea
    Our Highlight
    Champagne City Lights Cruise NYC
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    Exploring the city on a boat is an amazing experience. Even though it can become a little chilly we highly recommend taking the New York City Water Taxi or hop on a Classic Harbor Line Cruise. They all have an indoor seating space where you can protect yourself from the cold in case you need to.

    My tip: these are the 12 best cruises that you should do right now!

  40. 39

    Visit The Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden (from February 18, 2023)

    Other Events in Bronx
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    The New York Botanical Garden has constantly changing exhibitions and displays various plants. Among the most important of them is the “Orchid Show”, which takes place every year in spring. This year, in an impressive greenhouse, you can admire the 20th Orchid Show from February 18 until April.

    This year the motto of the exhibition is “Natural Heritage”. Guest designer is artist Lily Kwong, who used art objects and her Chinese roots to inspire visitors to reflect on their own life stories for this exhibition.

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Weather in February in New York

How cold is New York City in February? Let’s be honest: it is reeeeeally cold!

Monthly Avg DAY

Monthly Avg NIGHT

Rainfall days


7 days

6 hours daily

Best Tours in February in New York

Sightseeing NYC Day Pass

One World Observatory

Champagne City Lights Tour NYC im Februar

Das Empire State Building in New York

Das National 9/11 Memorial Museum am Ground Zero

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New York's highest observation deck
My favorite cruise in march!
The iconic skyscraper of NYC
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These are the questions we are asked the most around the travel month of February:

Does it snow in New York in February?

There is a very high chance that it will snow in New York in February. A lot of snow falls regularly, not least because blizzards are not uncommon at this time. You can expect up to 15 inches or more of snow.

Should I visit New York in February?

A visit to New York is worthwhile even in February! Experiencing New York in the snow is just great. Since February is not yet a peak travel season, you will have the city more to yourself. Another advantage: the queues at the major New York attractions are shorter!

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I'm a true New York fan! Not only have I visited the city over 20 times but also have I spent several months here at a time. On my blog I show you the best and most beautiful spots of the city, so that you have a really good time! You can also find lots of insider tips in our New York travel guide. Also check out my hotel finder for New York!

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