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There is a new observation deck in New York: The Summit at One Vanderbilt! The building was already opened in 2020 and is a staggering 1400 feet (427 meters) high. Since October 2021 the observation is finally welcoming its first guests. Even the way to the top will be a highlight, because you’ll go up in a fully glazed elevator aptly called Ascent! The Summit at One Vanderbilt will be the second-highest outdoor deck in all of NYC.

In this guide I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this amazing new attraction in New York!

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Where is the Summit Located and When Will it Open?

One Vanderbilt The Summit is located very close to Bryant Park and Grand Central Station, and is the first observation deck in New York located in East Side Manhattan. From The Summit you will have a tremendous view of the nearby Empire State Building, the East River and even Central Park. And the best: it is open since 2021!

Impressions of One Vanderbilt New York during the day:

The view from One Vanderbilt in New York is absolutely amazing! My first impression really blew me away. See it for yourself:

Impressions from One Vanderbilt New York during the evening and at sunset:

One Vanderbilt New York became even more impressive when I visited during the evening. The light mood, the reflections, and the sunset over New York still give me goosebumps:

The observation deck at Grand Central Terminal

On the 59th floor is the observation deck, which will have as a highlight two areas that stick out from the facade and have a glass floor – similar to the Skydeck in Chicago. From there, you can look down on Madison Avenue from a height of over 1,020 feet (310 meters). It’s the fourth-highest skyscraper in all of NYC and also the fourth-highest platform in the city. The building already aligns perfectly with the rest of New York’s iconic skyline.

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When is the best time to visit the One Vanderbilt observation deck?

To answer that, I actually went to the observation deck once during the day and once in the evening. Right up front: it’s just incredible to be up there at any time of day. Still, if I had to choose just one of the two options, I’d go for the evening. Go there just under one hour before sunset and linger for two to three hours. Then you will see New York in the light and in the dark; goosebumps are guaranteed!

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What are the Features of this Observation Deck in NYC?

One Vanderbilt is now Midtown’s tallest building, surpassing Steinway Tower. The skyscraper stands at exactly 1,401 feet and is now officially the fourth-tallest building in all of NYC. One Vanderbilt and The Summit in total cost more than 3 billion dollars to build.

From floors 57 and 58 you can enjoy the view of Midtown and it’s guaranteed to be really impressive with glass windows over 32 feet high!

The building is a great addition to the iconic New York skyline

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt Best Observation Deck NYC Panorama View

Summit One Vanderbilt Tickets

Because it has the newest observation deck with sensational views of Midtown Manhattan, Central Park and the East River AND because SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is not included in any New York sightseeing pass, tickets are in high demand and book up fast.


Restaurants and bars at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

The observation deck will also be a real highlight for foodies, as Danny Meyer’s Union Square Events company will be in charge of food and drinks – the same company that operates numerous high-end restaurants and bars in New York. At the top of the observatory there are two bars (one inside one outside) – due to the fact that the restaurant is based on the lower decks you won’t have the unparalleled views of the city like you can experience at the Peak Restaurant at Edge Hudson Yards.

Things to see near the One Vanderbilt observation deck

Since One Vanderbilt is located right in Grand Central Station in Midtown Manhattan, there is a lot to see: from Grand Central Station itself, to the Chrysler Building, to the New York Public Library at Bryant Park and Times Square, the list is long.

If I were you, I’d go through them all in that order and spend more time where you like it the most. Personally, I really like Bryant Park, it’s a little green oasis in the middle of the skyscrapers, and you can even see the top of the Empire State Building!

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