New York Airport Transfers: The Complete Guide

From JFK, LGA & EWR to your destination

Part of planning your trip to New York is planning your airport transfer! Not informing yourself ahead of time can make your arrival longer, more expensive, and more inconvenient. That’s why we have created detailed overviews for every NYC airport transfer out there, no matter where you land.


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New York Airport Transfer to Manhattan

All three NYC airports are connected to public transportation and also offer private transfers. Which NYC airport transfer is best for you depends on how much importance you attach to these three factors: travel time, cost, and convenience. That’s why all articles below include information on the price and duration of each NYC airport transfer.

Transfer between John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) and Manhattan

JFK to Manhattan


The John F. Kennedy International Airport is the busiest international airport in the New York area. Because JFK is well-connected to the city and there are a number of airport transfers to get there and back, we have created a great and handy overview, so you can easily find the best NYC airport transfer for you. The options include public transportation (AirTrain and subway), private transfers, shuttles, taxis, and also rideshares. Your transfer can be as cheap as $10.


Transfer between Newark Airport (EWR) and Manhattan

EWR to Manhattan


Though Newark Liberty Airport is not located in NYC, it is well connected to Manhattan. There are a number of shuttle buses and private transfer options available that are all an excellent choice if you do not want to wait in line for a cab. Alternatively, you can choose to use public transportation, including the AirTrain, NJ Transit and the subway. The transfer from EWR to Manhattan can cost you as little as $16.


Transfer between LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and Manhattan

LGA to Manhattan

LaGuardia Airport is located in the borough of Queens and is the closest airport to Manhattan. It can nevertheless be tricky to find the right New York airport transfer option. Because of is proximity, taking public transportation can cost you as little as $2.75, making it the cheapest NYC airport transfer. To find the best transfer from LGA to Manhattan, we have created a table comparing your options at one glance.


New York Airport Transfer to Brooklyn

Getting from the airport to Brooklyn is almost as easy as getting from the airport to Manhattan. In the case of JFK, for example, it’s also a shorter ride. Each article below includes a table, comparing all your options when it comes to price, duration, pros, and cons of each NYC airport transfer.

Transfer between John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) and Brooklyn

JFK to brooklyn

Because JFK is very close to Brooklyn, there are no shared shuttles available. You can, however, take a taxi or use public transportation to get to your hotel. Your transfer can be as cheap as $10 and as fast as 20 minutes, depending on your destination. To choose the best New York airport transfer from JFK to Brooklyn, have a look at our overview.


Transfer between Newark Airport (EWR) and Brooklyn

Newark Airport to Brooklyn

Because Newark Liberty Airport is well-connected to Manhattan, it is also not too difficult to get to Brooklyn. Pretty much all NYC airport transfer from EWR to Brooklyn will lead you through Manhattan. The options you have are very similar to those for getting from EWR to Manhattan. From private transfers to public transportation, you have plenty of options to choose from. The only option to fall away is the direct shared shuttle. Have a look at our overview to determine the best, cheapest, or fastest airport transfer for your arrival.



Transfer between LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and Brooklyn

LaGuardia to Brooklyn

Getting from LGA to Brooklyn is very similar to getting from LGA to Manhattan. The transfer options are the same with the only differences in price and duration. You can take public transportation, like the airport bus followed by a subway ride, or you can also take a taxi or rideshare for as little as $15.




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