How to Find the Best New York Boat Tours

You want book a cruise but don’t know which of the many boat tours is the best for you?

Then this tool is the perfect little helper for you!

After only 3 questions we will present you the boat tours that suits you best. There are over 30 boat tours to choose from, so you’ll definitely find one that you’ll enjoy.

Question #1 Do you want to take a cruise during the day or at night (during sunset)?

  • I prefer a day cruise!

  • Wow, a sunset or night cruise sounds good!


Questions #2 Would you like to have drinks and food on board?

  • No, I don't need food or drinks.

  • Yes, make it something special.


Questions #3 Do you rather have a classic sightseeing cruise or are you looking for an absolute insider cruise?

  • Yes, sightseeing sounds fun!

  • I'm looking for an absolute insider tip.


Which boat tours are included?

Included are:

The Best Cruises in NYC

The Best Brunch, Lunch and Dinner Cruises

Special Events

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All Cruises in New York

An overview of all boat tours in New York including my personal best lists can be found here:


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