From Newark Airport to Brooklyn & Back

Getting from Newark Airport to Brooklyn and back

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Getting from Newark Airport (EWR) to Brooklyn and back can be easier than you think. We listed all options and detailed descriptions so you will get to your hotel or accommodation without a hassle.


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How to get from Newark Airport to Brooklyn

Brooklyn has become one of the most popular boroughs in New York which is why more and more people end up staying in Brooklyn. If you land a Newark Airpor in NJ, know that there are several ways for you to get to Brooklyn. Depending on your destination in Brooklyn, some of these transfer options will take you through Manhattan, whereas others may have you cross Staten Island. The overview below will give you a great overview of your options. Further down, you can find each option described in more detail.

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1. Use Public Transportation

Newark Airport to Brooklyn

In order to use public transportation from Newark Airport to Brooklyn, you will have to pass through Manhattan. To get from EWR to Manhattan, you have two different options: train and bus.

NJ Transit

At Newark Airport, board the AirTrain that takes you to the “Newark Liberty Airport Station”. The AirTrain will not take you to New York City. It is merely a local train that circles Newark Airport and makes several stops along the way. At Newark Liberty Airport Station, you can change into the NJ Transit train towards New York Penn Station.

You do not have to pay for the AirTrain before boarding!

When you buy your train ticket at Newark Liberty Airport Station, the AirTrain fee will automatically be included in your fare. Another thing worth knowing for you is that New York Penn Station will be the very last stop. You will pass Newark Penn Station along the way, so don’t get confused!

Upon your arrival at New York Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan, you have access to the subway system. Penn Station is connected to the blue MTA Lines  ACE and the red lines 123. You can download a current subway map as a PDF, to help you navigate the city.

subway mapMetroCard Guide

  • The total cost for this transfer is $18 per person ($15.25 for the train + $2.75 for a subway ride)

Newark Liberty Airport Express Bus

Instead of using the train, you could also hop on a bus at Newark Airport. The Newark Liberty Airport Express departs from the Newark Airport and makes three stops in Midtown Manhattan: Port Authority Bus Terminal, Bryant Park, and Grand Central Terminal. Each of those stops is in walking distance to a subway station.

subway mapMetroCard Guide

  • The total cost for this transfer is $21.25  per person ($18.50 for the bus + $2.75 for a subway ride)

2. Book a Private Transfer

Private transfer from Newark airport to brooklyn

A private transfer from Newark Airport to Brooklyn is the most stress-free way to get directly to your destination. Once you book the transfer online, you will receive an immediate confirmation with a contact number. You can call this number once you are ready for your private transfer to pick you up and it will pull up outside your terminal shortly. This is a great way to transfer from Newark Airport to Brooklyn as it is easy and competitively priced. Book your transfer below for an easy and fast transfer from Newark Airport to Brooklyn.

EWR to Brooklyn Brooklyn to EWR

  • The total cost for this transfer varies between $34 – $204 per person.

3. Use the Shuttle Bus

brooklyn to newark airport

The shuttle bus is a great option to take you from Newark Airport to Brooklyn. These small busses take several people to Manhattan in one trip to cut the cost of ticket prices. This option is convenient, as you don’t have to drag your luggage around, as well as affordable. Shuttle buses depart directly from an area near the airport exit. Your destination, for example, could be Grand Central Station, which has superb connections to Brooklyn by subway.

EWR to Manhattan

  • The total cost for this transfer is $26.75 per person ($24 for the shuttle + $2.75 for the subway)

4. Hail a Taxi

Taxi from Newark airport to Brooklyn

One option is to wait for a cab outside of Newark Airport and take this all the way to your destination in Brooklyn. The ride takes approx. 1 hour – depending on your destination in Brooklyn and the traffic. Don’t forget that you will need to wait in line for a taxi at the licensed taxi stand (this can take up to 20 minutes). While this is a no-stress solution, it is also not the best priced or quickest way to get to Brooklyn. Check out the other options for cheaper and quicker options to Brooklyn.

⚠ PLEASE NOTE: While some individuals may approach you offering you a taxi, these are often private citizens who do not drive a licensed taxi.

  • The total cost for this transfer varies between $80 – $100.

Getting from Brooklyn to Newark Airport

Do you want to get to Newark Airport from Brooklyn? Easy! All transfer options I mentioned above work the other way, too! Just choose one and reverse it. In summary, your options are:

  • taxi directly to the airport
  • private transfer directly to the airport
  • shuttle bus directly to the airport
  • subway, followed by NJ Transit train, followed by AirTrain
  • subway, followed by bus

Because you don’t want to miss your flight, you should allow some extra time for your transfer from Brooklyn to Newark Airport. Ideally, you should be at the airport two hours before your flight when flying domestically and three hours before your flight when traveling internationally.

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