Transfer from Newark Airport to Brooklyn

Your transfer options from Newark to Brooklyn and Back

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3. November 2019
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This is our guide on how to transfer from Newark Airport (EWR) to Brooklyn in NYC. You will find instructions in regards to the following topics below:


  • NJ Transit Train & Subway 
  • Express Bus & Subway
  • Private Transfer 
  • Shuttle Bus & Subway 
  • Taxi

…and back from Brooklyn to Newark Airport.


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Transfer Options from Newark Airport to Brooklyn

Brooklyn has become one of the most popular boroughs in NYC as well as popular as a destination for tourists – and with good reason! There are several options available to transfer from Newark Airport to Brooklyn. Since Brooklyn is well connected to Manhattan, all of these transfer options will take you through the city. From there – if you have opted for public transportation – you can take the subway to Brooklyn. We have described your options below in more detail.

1. NJ Transit Train & Subway

Newark Airport to Brooklyn

  • Transfer duration: 90 – 120 minutes
  • Cost: $16 for the train; $2.75 for a subway ride

At Newark Airport, board the AirTrain that takes you to the “Newark Liberty Airport Station”.

⚠ PLEASE NOTE: The AirTrain will not take you to New York City. It is merely a local train that circles Newark Airport and makes several stops along the way (one of the stops being the Newark Liberty Airport Station). Once you arrive there, you exit the train and buy your train NJ Transit ticket to New York Penn Station at the vending machine (approx. $16). Thanks to escalators and elevators, you can get to your respective platform easily even with big bags. The subsequent train ride to New York Penn Station in Manhattan takes around 30 minutes. Also: don’t confuse New York Penn Station with Newark Penn Station!

New York Penn Station (34th St & 8th Ave) is well connected to the subway system. Once you arrive there you can buy your tickets for the subway. There are MetroCards available from ticket machines at the entrances to the subway system (just follow the signs towards the subway). If you are staying for a longer period of time it might make sense to purchase more than a single ride ticket, as this option is significantly cheaper in the long run. Penn Station is connected to the blue MTA Lines AC, and E, as well as the red lines 12 and 3, most of which will take you to Brooklyn. You can download a current subway map as a PDF, to help you navigate through the city.

Our tip: During special events or holidays, transferring from the Newark Airport to Brooklyn by train will be your fasted option.

2. Express Bus to Manhattan & Subway

Transfer from Newark Airport to Brooklyn

  • Transfer duration: 75 – 120 minutes
  • Cost: $18 for the bus; $2.75 for a subway ride

Your next option for travel from Newark to Brooklyn is taking the bus. The Newark Liberty Airport Express departs from the Newark Airport and makes several stops in Manhattan. These include the Port Authority Bus Terminal (near Times Square), Bryant Park (42nd St & 5th Ave), as well as Grand Central Terminal (41st St between Park & Lexington Ave). Cost per person: $18.

All these stops are heavily-frequented stations in Manhattan and each stop is near a subway station. From there you can take the New York Subway, for which you will need a MetroCard. These start at $2.75 for a one-way fare. Taking the subway allows you to avoid traffic and will generally be much quicker.

4. Private Transfer directly to Brooklyn

Private transfer from Newark airport to brooklyn

  • Transfer duration: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Cost: from $30 per person

A private transfer from Newark Airport to Brooklyn is the ultimate stress-free way to get directly to your destination. Once you book the transfer online, you will receive an immediate confirmation with a contact number. You can call this number once you are ready for your private transfer to pick you up and it will pull up outside your terminal shortly. This is a great way to transfer to Brooklyn from Newark Airport as it is competitively priced, especially if traveling with more than 2 people. Book your transfer below for the ultimate transfer from Newark Airport to Brooklyn.

Book Private Transfer

If you wish to book your return trip back to Newark Airport from Brooklyn in advance as well, you can do so here.

4. Shuttle Bus to Manhattan & Subway

brooklyn to newark airport

  • Transfer duration: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Cost: $17 for the shuttle; $2.75 for a subway ride

The shuttle bus is a great option to take you from Newark Airport to Brooklyn. These small busses take several people to Manhattan in one trip to cut the cost of ticket prices. This option is convenient, as you don’t have to drag your luggage around, as well as affordable. Shuttle buses depart directly from an area near the airport exit. Your destination, for example, could be Grand Central Station, which has superb connections to Brooklyn by subway. You have two different transfer options to get to Manhattan:

ewr to hotels or EWR to Private residence

Alternatively, you can already book a roundtrip from EWR to Manhattan and back

5. Taxi directly to Brooklyn

Taxi from Newark airport to Brooklyn

  • Transfer duration: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Cost: $90 – $110 per taxi

One option is to wait for a cab outside of Newark Airport and take this all the way to your destination in Brooklyn. The ride takes approx. 1 hour – depending on your destination in Brooklyn and the traffic. Don’t forget that you will need to wait in line for a taxi at the licensed taxi stand (this can take up to 20 minutes). While this is a no stress solution, it is also not the best priced or quickest way to get to Brooklyn. Check out the other options for cheaper and quicker options into Brooklyn.

⚠ PLEASE NOTE: While some individuals may approach you offering you a taxi, these are often private citizens who do not drive a licensed taxi.

Transfer from Brooklyn to Newark Airport

Getting from Brooklyn to EWR is very easy. Choose one of the five options above and do it in reverse! If you are taking the subway to Manhattan, get to either Penn Station in order to take the train to Newark Airport. If you don’t want to head into Manhattan first, your best option for a direct and fast transfer is a private transfer.

1. Train from Brooklyn to Newark Airport

To get from Brooklyn to Newark Airport, you first choose the appropriate subway line to Penn Station (34th St & 8th Ave). Lines ACE12 and 3 all stop there. The NJ Transit train from Penn Station to EWR doesn’t take you exactly to your terminal, however.

⚠ PLEASE NOTE: Get off the train at Newark Liberty Airport Station and then take the AirTrain to your terminal.

2. Bus from Brooklyn to Newark Airport

Before taking the Newark Express Bus, you need to get to the Port Authority Bus Terminal (near Times Square), Bryant Park (42nd St & 5th Ave), or Grand Central Terminal (41st St between Park & Lexington Ave). The easiest way to get there is by subway. Form any of the three stations, you can then take the Newark Liberty Airport Express Bus directly to Newark Airport.

3. Airport Shuttle from Brooklyn to Newark Airport

Take the subway to Manhattan so you can get on the shuttle bus to Newark Airport at a station or a hotel in NYC. You can book your EWR shuttle tickets online beforehand for the ultimate stress-free solution. There are two different options to transfer to Newark Airport:

Hotel Addess to ewr or Any Address to EWR

4. Private Transfer from Brooklyn to Newark Airport

How to get from Brooklyn to EWR the easiest way? By booking a private transfer! You can schedule your transfer beforehand which makes getting to Newark Airport from Brooklyn super convenient. Compared to the shuttle to EWR through Manhattan, you will be taken directly to the airport, which saves time and hassle. You can book everything from an economy, budget-friendly transfer to a limo (depending on your group size) below:

Private Airport Transfers

5. Taxi from Brooklyn to Newark Airport

This is the easiest and most convenient option, but unfortunately also the most expensive. All you have to do is hail a cab and wait till you arrive at EWR. Another, similar option you have is taking an UBER to Newark Airport. UBER it is not only cheaper than a yellow cab but allows you to avoid standing on the street and hailing a cab with all of your bags! To find out what an UBER to Newark will cost you, try out the UBER fare estimate tool.

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