How to use the AirTrain Newark

What you should know before boarding the Newark AirTrain

When taking public transportation from or to EWR, you will need to use the Newark AirTrain. There are many confusions about the AirTrain, which is why I have created a complete guide for you.

What is the Newark AirTrain?

The AirTrain at Newark Airport is a people mover system, transporting passengers between different terminals but also connecting the terminals to parking lots, shuttles and public transportation, most notably NJ Transit, Amtrak. The Newark AirTrain is operated by Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, as are the three NYC airports themselves.

Newark AirTrain Map & Stops



EWR only operates one AirTrain line to service three terminals: A, B, and C.

Newark Airtrain Stops:

  • P1 (daily parking)
  • P2 (car rental facilities)
  • P3 (daily parking and car rental facilities)
  • Terminal A, B, C
  • P4 (daily parking, hotel shuttles)
  • Newark Liberty Airport Station (connection to NJ Transit and Amtrak)

At Newark Liberty Airport Station you have three options to continue your journey: NJ Transit, PATH, and Amtrak.

1. NJ Transit Train

Newark AirTrain to NJ Transit
NJ Transit train from EWR to Penn Station

When traveling from Newark Airport to New York, the best way is to take the Air Train and then change to the train towards Penn Station. Two lines are passing through Newark Liberty Int’ Airport Station: Northeast Corridor from Trenton and the North Jersey Coastline originating in Bay Head. You can take either one!

Do not get off at Newark Penn Station!

Be aware that Penn Station is not necessarily Penn Station. Both Newark and New York have a Penn Station. Be sure to ride the train to the final stop New York Penn Station. Once arrived at Penn Station, you can continue your transfer by subway if you need to. For your onward travel in New York, be sure to check out the New York subway map and our MetroCard guide.

Download SUBWAY MAP MetroCard Guide


PATH from Newark Airport
PATH between Newark and New York

Is your destination in Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn? Instead of taking NJ Transit to Penn Station, it may be better to take the PATH to the World Trade Center (WTC). Either way, you will still need to get to Newark Airport Station by AirTrain. As it does not connect to the PATH, you will also still have to take the NJ Transit, however, only to get off the next stop: Newark Penn Station. Here, you can enter the PATH system and ride straight to the WTC which is located in the Oculus. For detailed instructions and info on pricing, durations, etc, have a look at our guide on how to transfer from Newark Airport to Manhattan.

PATH Guide

3. Amtrak

Heading somewhere other than New York? At Newark Airport Station, hourly Amtrak trains travel between New York and Philadelphia. Some trains continue to and originate from Boston with several stops along the way.

AirTrain Newark Cost

Newark AirTrain ticket
Ticket from EWR to Penn Station including Air Train

Riding the Newark AirTrain within the airport is free, meaning you can get from one terminal to the other without having to pay. Simply board the AirTrain and get off at the terminal of your choice. No ticket is needed!

More likely, however, you want to get to the airport or leave the airport. In this instance, there is a fee of $8.25 to use the Newark AirTrain. If you are headed from EWR to Penn Station, the ticket of $15.25 already includes the AirTrain. Children under the age of 11 years, ride the AirTrain for free.

How and when to pay for the AirTrain

EWR AirTrain tickets
Pay for the AirTrain at the NJ Transit ticket machine

You pay for the Newark Airport upon entering or exiting the system, meaning before boarding the AirTrain if you are traveling to EWR and after exiting the AirTrain when traveling from EWR.

  • When you travel from EWR, you won’t need a ticket to get on the AirTrain. The fare will automatically be added when purchasing onward-travel tickets at Newark Liberty Airport Station. At the station, you will find NJ Transit ticket machines. Alternatively, you can use the NJ Transit app to take care of ticket purchases.
  • When you travel to EWR, you will change onto the AirTrain from Newark Liberty Airport Station. Your ticket to the Airport Station will already include the AirTrain fee. You can buy your ticket at NJ Transit ticket machines at Penn Station or through the NJ Transit app.

Never throw away your ticket!

You will need to present your ticket twice, once to the conductor and once to pass through Newark Liberty International Airport Station. If you have bought your ticket at a ticket machine, keep the paper ticket until you are at your destination.

The Newark AirTrain fare cannot be paid by MetroCard. The MetroCard is not valid in NJ with the exception of the PATH that is connecting NJ with NY.

Newark AirTrain Schedule

The EWR AirTrain operates 27/7, all-year-round. Keep in mind, however, that the AirTrain will only get you to Newark Airport Station. There, you will need to connect to a train, which does not run 24/7. If you arrive outside the train hours, it may be best not to use public transportation for your transfer. For an alternative, have a look at all New York Airport Transfers.

When the AirTrain is in service, it runs every 3 minutes during peak hours from 5 am to midnight. At all other times, you can expect to see an AirTrain every 15 minutes. The only exception is made on Sundays when peak time begins at 7 am instead of 5 am.


Is the Newark AirTrain free?
The EWR AirTrain is free within the airport. When entering or leaving the system, however, there is a fee of $7.75. The fare will automatically be included in your train ticket.

How do I get from Newark to Manhattan by AirTrain?
To get to Manhattan from Newark Airport by public transportation, you will need to take the AirTrain to Newark Liberty Airport Station where you have access to NJ Transit. The train will take you to New York Penn Station, which is always the last stop. For more detailed instructions, have a look at our guide on transfer options from Newark Airport to Manhattan.

How much is the train from Newark Airport to Penn Station?
The train from Newark Airport to Penn Station costs $15.25. It includes the AirTrain fare to Newark Airport Railroad Station, followed by the ride on the NJ Transit train. When riding the train, do not confuse Newark Penn Station with New York Penn Station. Always remember that NY Penn Station is the final stop.

How long does the AirTrain take from Newark to Penn Station?
The entire ride from Newark Airport to New York Penn Station takes about 30 minutes, given that there are no delays. At the airport, you will board the AirTrain, followed by the NJ Transit Train. Be sure to get off at the last stop, New York Penn Station, and not Newark Penn Station.

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