The Best Airport Transfers from EWR to Manhattan & Back

How to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan and back

There are numerous options for you to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan and vice versa. This guide will list all your options and points out all important details, including transfer duration and prices.


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How to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan

Despite being located in New Jersey, Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is one of the three airports serving the New York City area. While LaGuardia is mostly serving domestic flights, Newark and JFK are international airports. If you book a flight to New York City, you will most likely fly into JFK or Newark.

With a distance of about 17 miles, Newark Airport is well-connected to Manhattan. While it is great to have many choices, it can be overwhelming at the same time. That’s why I have listed all transfer options for you; first in a handy table and then also described in more detail.

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1. Book a Private Airport Transfer

To make your arrival in NYC a little smoother, you can book a private transfer from EWR to Manhattan. The services are available 24/7 which means that your car will be there for you no matter what time you land at EWR. Once you land, you will just have to call the number you received on your booking confirmation to let your driver know you are ready and he can pull up in front of the terminal.

This is the family-friendliest transfer from Newark Airport to Manhattan. It’s a good choice for families, or if you are traveling in a small group. For one or two passengers only, a private car doesn’t make sense financially.


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2. Use Public Transportation

train from Newark Airport to Manhattan
Train from Newark Airport Station to Penn Station

If you want to use public transportation to get from Newark Airport to New York, you have two choices: taking the train followed by a subway ride or taking the New York Airporter Express Bus.

NJ Transit Train

In order to get to the train, you first have to take the EWR AirTrain to the Newark Liberty Airport Rail Station. You do not have to pay for the AirTrain before boarding. You pay your fare upon exiting when you purchase your ticket for the NJ Transit. The North Jersey Coast Line directly to New York Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan. From there you can take the subway to complete your journey. Penn Station connects to lines ACE123.

Make sure you get off at New York Penn Station, not Newark Penn Station!

Don’t confuse the two stations! Just remember that New York Penn Station is the very last stop of the train.

AirTrain map subway map

  • The total cost for this transfer is $18 per person ($15.25 for the train + $2.75 for a subway ride, if applicable).

Is your destination in Lower Manhattan? Maybe taking the train to Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan isn’t the best option. The alternative would be to get on the AirTrain, change to NJ Transit Train until Newark Penn Station and from there, get on the PATH to World Trade Center (WTC). It ends up being a little cheaper than the train to New York Penn Station but as you can see, you would need to change trains twice.

path map

  • The total cost for this transfer is $16.25 per person (10.75 for the train + $2.75 for the PATH + $2.75 for a subway ride, if applicable)

New York Airport Express Bus

The Newark Liberty Airport Express Bus is another option to get into the city without spending too much money. The bus leaves from Newark Airport every 30 minutes and heads to three stops in Midtown Manhattan:

    • Port Authority Bus Terminal 
    • Bryant Park
    • Grand Central Terminal

A one-way trip can take anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes and costs $18.50. If your hotel is not anywhere close to the three stops, you can continue your journey by subway. All stops are well-connected to the subway system. You will need a MetroCard to ride it and unless you have an unlimited MetroCard, a ride will cost $2.75.

  • The total cost for this transfer is $21.25  per person ($18.50 for the bus + $2.75 for a subway ride, if applicable)

Adding up the cost for the train + subway as well as the Express Airport Bus + subway, you are honestly better off taking a private transfer or shuttle that drops you off directly at your hotel or accommodation for more or less the same price.

3. Take a Taxi

Taxi from Newark Airport to Manhattan
Taxis outside EWR terminals

Another option you have to get from Newark to Manhattan is to take one of the famous yellow cabs waiting outside of the airport. These operate under a permit from New York City. With tolls and tip, the trip will cost $70-85, depending on your destination in Manhattan. Unfortunately, there is no flat rate. A cab only becomes cost-effective with 3 or more people.

Say NO to the people that ask you if you would like a taxi to Manhattan when you first leave the terminal!

These are private individuals and do not drive a yellow cab. To get one of the trusted cabs, go stand in line at the taxi rank outside the airport terminal.

  • The total cost for this transfer is around $80.

4. Call an Uber or Lyft

Newark Airport to Manhattan by Uber
Passenger pick up at Newark Airport

No matter where you are in New York City, you can always call an Uber or Lyft. That also applies to your transfer from EWR to Manhattan. Simply download the app and request a ride. Compared to a regular taxi, you will have a better idea of the price when taking an Uber. The app will show you an estimate before you book. Once you requested a ride, the driver will pick you up within a few minutes. The payment is carried out via the app, so there are no surprises! If you want to get a feel for Uber’s pricing before traveling to New York, check out their fare estimate tool.

Sign up Get a fare estimate

Taking an Uber lets you be flexible, however, depending on demand, prices may surge and you end up paying more than you expected.

  • The total cost for this transfer varies between $40 – $60.
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EWR to Manhattan

My personal pick

I am a big fan of public transportation and always use the subway or bus system where available. However, I would NOT recommend taking public transportation from Newark Airport to Manhattan if you’ve never been to New York before. Changing trains can be intimidating and Penn Station isn’t necessarily the best place to arrive with your luggage (or for your first impression). It is, quite frankly, a complete mess, especially during rush hours.

Another argument against public transportation from EWR to Manhattan is that you don’t even really save money compared to a shuttle or private transfer!

My recommendations:
Traveling alone or as a couple? ➡️ Shuttle
Traveling as a party of 3-5? ➡️ Private transfer
Traveling as a party > 5? ➡️ Multiple private transfers or a shuttle
Traveling with kids? ➡️ Private transfer

Getting from Manhattan to Newark Airport

When traveling back from Manhattan to Newark Airport you have the exact same options as listed above. All you have to do is reverse the order and you’re good to go! In summary, you have the following transfer options:

  • taxi directly to the airport
  • private transfer directly to the airport
  • shuttle bus directly to the airport
  • subway to Penn Station, followed by NJ Transit train, followed by AirTrain
  • bus from Grand Central Station, Port Authority or Bryant Park, followed by AirTrain
  • rideshares (like Uber or Lyft) directly to the airport

Be sure to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight when traveling domestically and three hours when traveling internationally. You should always allow more time to get to the airport. When getting to Newark Airport from Manhattan, you may need to pass through Lincoln or Holland Tunnel. Especially during rush hour, getting to NJ can be quite a hassle.


How much is a taxi from EWR to Manhattan?
A taxi from Newark Airport to Manhattan will cost you approximately $80 + tip. The taxi uses regular metered fare for the route from EWR to New York, plus a $17.50 surcharge and tolls to and from the airport.

How much does the AirTrain at EWR cost?
The AirTrain at Newark Airport charges you $8.25 upon exiting.

Can I buy a MetroCard at Newark Airport?
No, you can’t buy a MetroCard at Newark Airport. The MetroCard is valid in New York City’s subway and the PATH to and from NJ. It is not valid on NJ Transit. To buy the MetroCard, wait until you arrived in New York. You can purchase it at any subway station.

What is the fastest way to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan?
The fastest way to get from EWR to Manhattan is by private transfer or UBER. You won’t have to wait in line and the vehicles will take you directly to your destination, meaning you don’t need to change trains or subways. In case of bad traffic, however, you may want to consider taking the train into the city. They typically run late, but the Lincoln Tunnel and the George Washington Bridge can get packed.

What is the cheapest way to get from EWR to Manhattan?
The cheapest way to get from Newark to Manhattan depends on the size of your party. For a party of only 2, it would be cheapest to take a shuttle or a bus. For parties larger than that, the cheapest transfer to Manhattan would be a private transfer or an UBER as the cost is split amongst all passengers.

How far is EWR from Manhattan?
Newark Airport is about 17 miles from Manhattan.

Is the Newark airport transfer included in the New York Pass?
The transfer from Newark to Manhattan is not included in any New York Pass. Your return trip from Manhattan to EWR or any other airport is included in the Sightseeing Pass. If you have a day pass that means that your transfer is practically free!

Is there WiFi at Newark Airport?
Yes, you can log onto their Free Unlimited WiFi to access the internet at EWR.

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