You know how celebrities have their “featured in” lists with magazines and TV shows? Well, NYC isn’t the only star around here! 😎 Our humble little travel website has had its own moments under the spotlight. Drumroll, please… 🥁 Check out all the places we’ve been mentioned, featured, and basically turned into travel rockstars! 🌟

Enjoy our 15 minutes (and hopefully more) of fame! 🕺💃

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Amidst those soaring skyscrapers and buzzing byways of New York, NY, lies a labyrinth of hidden wonders, charming corners, and snapshot-worthy spots that call out to New Yorkers and wanderers alike. From the vast green embrace of Central Park to the electric embrace of Times Square after sundown, NYC’s exploration list is endless. Whether you’re apartment-hunting in Brooklyn, dreaming of a Queens townhouse, or just in town for a fleeting visit, check out their website. And don’t miss our feature in the Redfin article, ‘17 Beautiful Places in New York City That Are Sure to Delight.’

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I'm a true New York fan! Not only have I visited the city over 25 times but also have I spent several months here at a time. On my blog I show you the best and most beautiful spots of the city, so that you have a really good time! You can also find lots of insider tips in our New York travel guide. Also check out my hotel finder for New York!