The Complete Guide to Broadway Shows in New York

Our Guide Musicals and Broadway Shows in New York City

No other city has as much entertainment to offer as New York City, especially when it comes to shows. Watching musical or play is something nobody should miss out on. Here, you can find all current Broadway Shows in NYC’s famed theater district.

Everything you need to know about Musicals, Broadway Shows, Theaters on Broadway and Off-Broadway Plays can be found in our Ultimate Broadway Guide!

2023 Tony Award® Winners

Experience the highlights of Broadway theatre’s 2023 season.

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New York, New York

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"Best musical"
"Best musical"
"Best musical"
"Best musical"
"Best musical revival"
"Best musical revival"
"Best musical revival"

Best Broadway Shows NYC

vIf you feel overwhelmed by the many choices, you should have a look at the best Broadway shows in NYC where we picked the best shows to see in New York, based on various categories including our favorites, critics pick as well as the best Broadway shows in NYC for kids.

Best Broadway Shows NYC

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Discount Broadway Tickets in NYC

You are wondering how to find cheap Broadway tickets New York ? There are a few ways to get cheap Broadway tickets in NYC. The easiest and most popular way to save money on tickets is by watching a Broadway show during Broadway Week. The great news for you is that NYC Broadway Week is in fact much longer than just one week! During that time frame, you can enjoy half-price tickets on the most popular Broadway Shows in New York!

NYC Broadway Week

In the same way that Broadway Week offers discounts on New York’s most popular Broadway Shows, Off-Broadway Week offers you discounts on many Off-Broadway Shows.

NYC Off-Broadway Week

Broadway Tours for Theatre Fans

There are a lot of attractions in New York for theater fans – these are the TOP 3 that we can highly recommend:


Where is Broadway in New York?

Broadway is one of the longest streets in New York, stretching from the Financial District once across Manhattan to the Bronx. Most people use “Broadway” to refer to only one small section, the one near Times Square. Here there are a large number of musical and Broadway shows for which New York City is world famous.

What is the difference between Broadway and Off-Broadway?

If you’re new to the world of theater, you may wonder what exactly the difference between Broadway and Off-Broadway is. Broadway is New York’s official theater district. In order to qualify as a Broadway theater, the theater …

  1. needs to be located between 40th and 54th St. and between 6th and 8th Ave and
  2. its capacity must exceed 500 seats. Theaters with lower capacities are considered Off-Broadway. You could, therefore, say that Off-Broadway shows are typically smaller. They can be located anywhere throughout the city.

What is the difference between a musical and a play on Broadway?

Plays are shows that tell a story with spoken dialogue, while musicals are shows that tell their stories with song and dance included. Both musicals and plays can be adapted from other source materials, such as movies and books.

How does a play go from Off-Broadway to Broadway?

A play goes from Off-Broadway to Broadway typically after a successful run and when producers believe it has commercial viability on a larger scale. It involves increased funding, casting, and production changes to adapt to a bigger venue.

Can Off-Broadway shows win Tonys?

Off-Broadway shows cannot win Tony Awards as these are exclusive to Broadway productions. However, they can win other prestigious awards like the Obie Awards or the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Awards.

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