Broadway Under The Stars 2024

Five weeks of free Broadway performances

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This holiday season, Broadway and the Shops at Columbus Circle are gifting us with another round of Broadway Under The Stars. For you, that means free Broadway performances in one of the most magical settings.

What is Broadway Under The Stars?

Broadway under the stars

Broadway Under The Stars is a five-week series of FREE indoor Broadway performances. 2024 will mark the 10th year of Broadway and the Shops at Columbus Circle teaming up to host Broadway Under The Stars. The performances will take place on the second floor of the Time Warner Center.

So why is it called Broadway Under The Stars?

Under the stars” refers to the 12 massive stars hanging from the 100-foot ceiling at Time Warner Center. They are the largest specialty crafted display of illuminated color in the world. The 14-foot stars are one of the most beautiful Christmas lights in NYC and draw thousands of visitors to their spectacular light show.

Coming to the Shops at Columbus Circle on a Monday will let you enjoy Broadway Under The Stars, a spectacular light show, and a prime shopping experience thanks to extended opening hours during the holiday season. Outside, one of New York’s best Christmas Markets, the Columbus Circle Holiday Market is waiting for you with hot cocoa and lots of artisanal crafts starting early December.

When is Broadway Under The Stars in 2024?

Broadway Under The Stars takes place in November and December. The performances start at 5 pm sharp and include interviews with the Broadway stars. They will perform 2-3 songs per show, depending on how many shows are featured that day.

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Broadway Under The Stars

My insider tip

While the official performances start at 5 pm sharp, you can get a glimpse of the soundcheck if you’re there shortly after 4 pm!

It’s less crowded and you get to listen to the same songs! After the soundcheck, you can choose to stick around to see the full performance including interviews with the actors and actresses.

The performance dates for 2023 were as follows:

  • November 9
  • November 16
  • November 30
  • December 7
  • December 14

Who will perform at Broadway Under The Stars in 2024?

The performers for 2024 are yet to be announced.

This was the lineup for 2022

Do you need tickets for Broadway Under The Stars?

Tickets are not necessary to attend Broadway Under the Stars in The Shops at Columbus Circle! It is a free event and open to the public.

Won’t be there?

If you cannot make it to Broadway Under The Stars this year, there is still another way to enjoy excellent Broadway performances: Gayle’s Broadway Rose. At this Midtown restaurant, singing waiters and waitresses will delight you with a variety of Broadway songs, from classics to the most modern hits.

While watching their performances, you can enjoy top-notch food and one of the best milkshakes in the city! There is no cover charge to get in, so the performances are basically free! As a Broadway enthusiast, it’s one of my favorite places in the city.

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