A complete Guide to Broadway Theaters in New York

New York and Broadway shows simply do belong together – many of the world’s most famous musicals are and have been performed in one of the theaters on Broadway.

In New York alone, there are over 40 Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters. As the name suggests, the former are located around Broadway in the Theater District. The Off-Broadway theaters, on the other hand, are spread throughout Manhattan.

In our guide to theaters in New York, we’ll tell you which shows are running, show you the seating chart, and give you tips on which seats are the best. In addition, you’ll find our reviews and links to cheap tickets for the vast majority of musicals and Broadway shows. I hope you enjoy my Broadway Theatre Guide for New York!

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31 Broadway Theaters and the current shows

  1. Al Hirschfeld Theatre Broadway New York

    01 Al Hirschfeld Theatre

    The Al Hirschfeld Theatre is one of the most beautiful Broadway theaters in New York. It was built in the Byzantine style. Lovingly restored ceilings and ornaments can be discovered everywhere, from the lobby to the opulently designed auditorium. It was ceremoniously opened on November 11, 1924, when it was called the Martin Beck Theatre. The Broadway theater received its current name in 2003 in honor of the cartoonist Albert Hirschfeld.

    Current Shows: Currently performing is Moulin Rouge! Click here for the best Moulin Rouge on Broadway tickets and our Moulin Rouge on Broadway review.

  2. broadway celebrates juneteenth

    02 Ambassador Theatre

    The Ambassador Theatre is a very special Broadway theater in Manhattan’s Theater District for several reasons. One of the most successful musicals, Chicago, has been performed here since 2003, and it is an official New York City landmark. However, that’s not all! Along with being a theater, since it opened on February 11, 1921, it has, over the course of time, also become a cinema and a TV studio.

    Current Shows: Currently performing is Chicago! Click here for the best Chicago on Broadway tickets and our Chicago on Broadway review.

  3. August William Theatre on Broadway

    03 August Wilson Theatre

    The August Wilson Theatre opened in 1925 and was renamed very regularly through various changes of ownership. In 1925 it was called Guild Theatre, from 1950 ANTA Theatre, and from 1981 Virginia Theatre. It was only in 2005 that it was given its present name in honor of August Wilson, a Pulitzer Prize winner.

    Current shows: From April 1, the show “Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club” will run at the August Wilson Theatre.

  4. broadway_theatre_new_york-1

    04 Belasco Theatre

    The Belasco Theatre is one of the oldest theaters in New York. It opened back in 1907 under the name Stuyvesant Theatre. The expensive construction was financed by entrepreneur David Belasco, who gave it his own name three years later.

    Current Shows: Currently performing is How To Dance in Ohio.

  5. broadway_theatre_new_york-2

    05 Broadhurst Theatre

    The Broadhurst Theatre is located right between the Majestic Theatre and the Shubert Theatre on 44th Street not far from Times Square. It was designed by the famous theater architect Herbert Krapp and opened on September 27, 1917. It is one of the official landmarks of New York. It was named in honor of George Howells Broadhurst, one of the most famous playwrights of his time.

    Current shows: Currently performing is The Neil Diamond Show. Click here for the best Neil Diamant Musical tickets.

  6. Broadway Theatre on Broadway

    06 Broadway Theatre

    The Broadway Theatre is one of the very few theaters in New York that is actually on Broadway. It has had an eventful past, has had four other names, and has been the setting for many famous musicals, such as Evita, Les Misérables, King Kong, and, most recently, West Side Story.

    Current Shows:The Great Gatsby” will be performed from the end of March 2024!

  7. broadway_theatre_new_york-3

    07 Lena Horne Theatre (former Brooks Atkinson Theatre)

    The Lena Horne Theatre is a truly beautiful theater not far from Broadway. It was built in 1926 and was then called the Mansfield Theatre. It got its current name in 1960; Brooks Atkinson was responsible for rating Broadway shows at The New York Times and was one of the most influential people of his time.

    Current Shows: SIX The Musical, is currently playing at the Lena Horne Theatre. Click here to get the best SIX on Broadway tickets.

  8. 08 Ethel Barrymore Theatre

    The Ethel Barrymore Theatre is steeped in history and stands as a testament to the legacy of the renowned Barrymore acting dynasty. It holds the distinction of being the sole surviving theater among the many constructed by Lee and J.J. Shubert, exclusively for affiliated performers.

    Current play: From April 1, 2024, “Patriots” will be playing at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre.

  9. Broadway Theatre New York

    09 Booth Theatre

    The Booth Theater, a complementary theater to the Shubert built in the same Italian Renaissance style, was built for the Shubert brothers and named after 19th-century actor Edwin Booth. The Booth, located at 222 West 45th Street, shares a stunning facade with the Shubert Theater, which both have elegant Venetian-inspired detailing.

    Current Shows: Currently, Kimberly Akimbo is being performed at the Booth Theatre. Click here for the Kimberly Akimbo tickets.

  10. Eugene O’Neill Theatre Broadway New York

    10 Eugene O’Neill Theatre

    Located in the heart of the Theater District, the Eugene O’Neill Theatre is one of the most famous Broadway theaters in New York. It opened in 1925 and was renovated in 1959; it retains this wonderful charm to this day. The atmosphere is very cozy, but no matter where you sit, your view of the stage is excellent.

    Current Shows: Currently, The Book of Mormon is being performed at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre. Click here for the best The Book of Mormon tickets and our The Book of Mormon on Broadway review.

  11. 181004111227021_Gerald_Schoenfeld_Theatre_Broadway_New_York

    11 Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

    The theater opened in 1918 as the Plymouth Theatre and is one of several buildings on Broadway designed by architect Herbert Krapp (along with the Broadhurst Theatre, the Neil Simon Theatre, the Walter Kerr Theatre, the Richard Rodgers Theatre, and the Imperial Theatre). It is owned by the Shubert Organization, which operates five well-known theater buildings in New York.

    Current Shows:The Notebook” is currently playing at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre.

  12. broadway_theatre_new_york-4

    12 Gershwin Theatre

    The Gershwin Theatre is quite modern compared to other theaters on Broadway, as it was built in the Art Nouveau style and only opened in 1972 (also known as Art Nouveau). With 1,933 seats, it is the largest Broadway theater in New York, so it is a popular choice for major musical productions.

    Current Shows: Wicked – The Musical is currently playing at the Gershwin Theatre. Click here for the best Wicked on Broadway tickets and our Wicked on Broadway review.

  13. Broadway Theatre New York

    13 Hudson Theatre

    Located next door to the Belasco Theatre, the Hudson Theatre is the oldest Broadway theater in New York. Opened in 1903, it has even been a nightclub and a TV and radio studio over the years. Since 2017, it has been used for shows again and has been extensively restored for this purpose.

    Current Shows: Merrily We Roll Along

  14. broadway_theatre_new_york-12

    14 Imperial Theatre

    The Imperial Theatre was designed by architect Herbert Krapp, who was also responsible for the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, the Majestic Theatre, the Neil Simon Theatre, the Walter Kerr Theatre, the Richard Rodgers Theatre, and the Broadhurst Theatre. It opened in 1923 and, despite its size, has retained its charm to this day.

    Current Shows: From the end of February 2024 you can see “Water for Elephants” at the Imperial Theatre.

  15. Buildings

    15 James Earl Jones Theatre

    The James Earl Jones Theatre was originally built for and named after John Cort who was the general manager of the Northwestern Theatrical Association. With its acquisition by the Shuberts in 1927, the Golden Theatre holds a unique distinction as the only remaining theater on Broadway designed by architect Thomas Lamb.

    Current play: The Heart of Rock and Roll (starting end of March 2024)

  16. 16 John Golden Theatre

    The John Golden Theatre was formerly known as the Theatre Masque, which opened its doors in 1927. Its creation was the vision of the renowned playwright and producer John Golden, whose name it now bears. The building was designed by architect Herbert J. Krapp, a man renowned for his significant imprint on Broadway’s architectural landscape.

    Current play: Stereophonic, starting April 3, 2024

  17. broadway_theatre_new_york-11

    17 Longacre Theatre

    The Longacre Theatre opened in 1913 and got its name from nearby Longacre Square, better known today as Times Square. Henry Herts was the architect who graduated from Paris, hence the French neoclassical design that makes the Longacre Theatre unique in New York.

    Current Shows: Lempicka will start in mid-March at the Longacre Theatre.

  18. broadway_theatre_new_york-10

    18 Lunt-Fontanne Theatre

    The Lunt-Fontanne Theatre opened in 1910 under the name Globe Theatre, in reference to the famous Globe Theatre in London during that time. Over time, it was not only used for Broadway shows but also as a movie theater. When it changed ownership in 1958, it also got its new name, which is made up of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne.

    Current Shows: Sweeney Todd is currently playing at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. Click here for the Sweeney Todd on Broadway tickets.

  19. The Unique History and Architectural Beauty of NYC’s Theatrical Venues

    19 Lyceum Theatre

    The Lyceum Theater is one of the oldest Broadway theaters, dating back to 1903. The historic building at 149 West 45th Street has a beautiful Beaux Arts style facade, which is designated a New York City Landmark. The majestic theater boasts a colonnade with three arched windows and elegant detailing reminiscent of Roman art.

    Current Broadway play: My Son’s a Queer (But what can I do?) (starting end of February)

  20. Lyric Theatre New York on Broadway

    20 Lyric Theatre

    The Lyric Theatre on Broadway is not to be confused with the theater that rose to prominence in the early 20th century, as that one closed in 1992 and, in fact, no longer exists. The Lyric Theatre of today was built in 1998 on the site of the old Lyric Theatre and has changed hands several times.

    Current Shows: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is currently performed at the Hudson Theatre. Click here for Harry Potter on Broadway tickets.

  21. broadway_theatre_new_york-9

    21 Majestic Theatre

    The Majestic Theatre is another famous theater in New York, designed by architect Herbert Krepp, who also designed the Broadhurst Theatre, Imperial Theatre, and Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre. It was opened in 1923 and was the venue of many Broadway shows and premieres.

  22. Macbeth on Broadway

    22 Marquis Theatre

    The Marquis Theatre is located in the heart of New York’s Theatre District and is part of the Marriott Marquis Hotel (one of the largest hotels in New York). It opened in 1986 and is therefore one of the newest theaters on Broadway.

    Current Shows: Starting at the end of March 2024, The Wiz will be performed at the Marquis Theatre.

  23. broadway_theatre_new_york-8

    23 Minskoff Theatre

    Located at One Astor Plaza (an office building), the Minskoff Theatre is one of the few theaters located directly on the famous Broadway. It is one of the newer locations for musicals, as it only opened in 1973. It was built by the Minskoff family, hence the name.

    Current Shows: The Lion King is currently playing at the Minskoff Theatre. Click here for the best The Lion King on Broadway tickets and our The Lion King on Broadway review.

  24. Music Box Theatre New York on Broadway

    24 Music Box Theatre

    The Music Box Theatre opened in 1921 and had a very unique concept, as it was supposed to put on one new Broadway show per year. This worked out for a long time, and a variety of musicals were shown until just recently. It is one of the smaller theaters on Broadway, seating 990 people (plus 35 in the Orchestra Pit).

  25. broadway_theatre_new_york-7

    25 Neil Simon Theatre

    None other than Herbert Krapp designed the Neil Simon Theatre; he was equally responsible for the construction of the Broadhurst Theatre, the Neil Simon Theatre, the Walter Kerr Theatre, and the Imperial Theatre. The Neil Simon Theatre opened in 1927 under the name Aviv Theatre and was renamed in 1977 in honor of the playwright Neil Simon.

    Current Shows: MJ – The Musical is currently being performed. Click here for the best MJ on Broadway tickets.

  26. New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway New York

    26 New Amsterdam Theatre

    The New Amsterdam Theatre is one of the most famous and, for me personally, most beautiful Broadway theaters in New York. It opened in 1903 with Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream but had to close in 1985. It was only twelve years later that it was lovingly restored and reopened by Disney Theatrical Productions. From then on, it became the theater for Disney productions. The Lion King was the first Disney production performed here (which is now performing in the Minskoff Theatre). Today, Aladdin is performed at this theater.

    Current Shows: Disney’s Aladdin is currently playing at the New Amsterdam Theatre. Click here for the best Aladdin on Broadway tickets and our Aladdin on Broadway review.

  27. Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway New York

    27 Richard Rodgers Theatre

    The Richard Rodgers Theatre was designed by Herbert Krapp, the most famous architect of Broadway theaters of his time, and opened in 1925 under the name Chanin 46th Street Theatre. Construction mogul Irwin S. Chanin had it built and had the wonderful idea of democratizing theater attendance.

    Current Shows: Hamilton is currently being performed at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. Click here for the best Hamilton on Broadway tickets and our Hamilton on Broadway review.

  28. broadway_theatre_new_york-6

    28 Shubert Theatre

    The Shubert Theatre is one of many theaters in New York owned by the family or the Shubert Organization. And while it’s one of the largest theaters in New York, seating 1,460, it doesn’t feel that way at all. Opened in 1913, it’s currently not only home to the Shubert Organization but also a welcome venue for the Tony Awards, which are like the Oscars of movies for the musical industry.

    Current Shows: Hell’s Kitchen (starting end of March 2024)

  29. broadway_theatre_new_york-5

    29 Stephen Sondheim Theatre

    The Stephen Sondheim Theatre, near Bryant Park, opened in 1918 under the name Henry Miller’s Theatre; you can still see the name on the facade today. It then reopened in 2009 as the first LEED-certified Broadway theater and was given its new name in 2010 in honor of composer Stephen Sondheim on his 80th birthday.

    Current Shows: Currently, & Juliet is being performed at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre. Click here for the best &Juliet on Broadway tickets.

  30. Walter Kerr Theatre on Broadway New York

    30 Walter Kerr Theatre

    Originally opened in 1921 as the Ritz Theatre after just 66 days of construction (which is crazy!), the architect was once again Herbert Krapp, who designed many of the theaters that still exist on Broadway today. Though, since 1990, it has borne its present name in honor of the famous theater critic Walter Kerr.

    Current Shows: Currently, Hadestown is being performed at the Walter Kerr Theatre. Click here for the best Hadestown on Broadway tickets and our Hadestown on Broadway review.

  31. Macbeth on Broadway NYC

    31 Winter Garden Theatre

    The Winter Garden Theatre opened in 1911 and is located between 50th and 51st Street directly on Broadway. It was the first theater in New York purchased by the Shubert Organization – there are now over 20 in New York City alone. It seats a total of 1,600 people, with the Orchestra section making up the largest part with 1,045 seats.

    Current Shows: Back to the Future is currently being performed at the Winter Garden Theatre. Click here for the Back to the Future tickets.

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