The Ultimate Travel Prep Checklist

Every single time I used to get into the cab to the airport, the same helpless feeling used to wash over me. The feeling that I had forgotten something. My mind would start racing. In this state I would come up with the craziest things I may have forgotten about; did I close the fridge door properly, is the oven off, did I turn the heating to low? I’m sure you know the exact feeling.

I have developed one trick over the years to get rid of this feeling completely, this allows me to be excited about the trip I have planned, instead of worrying whether everything was in order at home. It works every time!

Ultimate Travel Prep Checklist

The Ultimate Travel Prep Checklist

Sometimes the best solutions in life are the easiest. To make your life a little easier, I wanted to make my personal travel checklist available to you. This is my one secret I have to avoid that dreaded feeling of having forgotten something that we all know too well. While it may seem too easy and simple to be true, after many years of traveling, I swear by it.

I have also made the checklist available as a PDF so that you can download it and print it. If you have any amendments that you think need to be on there, let me know in the comments and I will add it! Let’s help each other out to create the ultimate travel prep checklist!

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Documents & Important Info


 Hotel booking confirmation

 ESTA (only for non US residents)

 Flight tickets

 Travel insurance info

 Rental car booking confirmation

 Attraction pass (more info here)

 Your research/list of spots to visit

Basics / Essentials



 Pants (Jeans & Chinos)

 Dress shirts

 Shoes (Trainers & nice shoes)

For the Trip

 Travel pillow

 Pills for seasickness

 A book (maybe about NYC?)

 Some movies/tv shows to watch

 Something warm for the flight

Toiletries & First Aid

 Toothbrush, toothpaste & floss

 Disinfectant/sanitary wipes

 Sore throat lozenges

 Any regular medications you take

 Ibuprofen / pain meds of choice


 Nail clippers / file


 Full first aid kit

 Suncream (if applicable)


 Camera & memory cards

 Spare batteries

 Phone & laptop chargers

 Sim card (only for non US residents)

  Adaptor(s) (only for non US residents)

  Power bank

  NYC Subway app

  Offline maps app

Other / Misc


  Spare bag (incase you go shopping)

  Refillable water bottle

  Give travel itinerary & keys to friend

  Turn down heating


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About the author

I fell in love with NYC when I was young and visited for the first time. This love has only grown over the years and has grown into a full-grown passion. I’m always on the lookout for better deals, more things to do, and the best tips & tricks that I wish I knew on my first couple trips to NYC!

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