The 45 Best Rooftop Bars in New York

Our Favorite Rooftop Bars

New York’s rooftop bars are one of our personal highlights. Think about it – what could be better than enjoying stunning views of the city while slurping delicious cocktails? For that reason, we created the ultimate Rooftop Bar Guide for you to go out and explore the best rooftop bars in New York’s neighborhoods. Cheers!

Don’t forget: The minimum age for admission is 21. Typically, you will be asked to present your ID upon entering the bar.

Why You Should Visit Our 45 Best Rooftop Bars in New York

New York is home to hundreds of rooftop bars, so it’s not easy to find the best of the best, especially if your time in this beautiful city is limited. To find the best rooftop bars near you, we’ve created this rooftop bar guide – What we discovered? 43 amazing rooftop bars with breathtaking views of the city that are totally worth a visit… and a drink!

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The Best Rooftop Bars in New York

  1. 01

    Harriet's Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar in Dumbo
    Our Highlight
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    Be sure to check out the 1 Hotel Rooftop and Garden Bar, even if you don’t decide to stay there. You can enjoy a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge. The bar serves great drinks and finger food.

  2. 02

    230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    230 Fifth is arguably the most famous rooftop bar in New York City. It is well known for its stunning views of the Empire State Building great cocktails and large outside seating area. Whether in summer or winter, the 230 Fifth is always a good idea. The sunset is always enchanting and in the winter cuddled under blankets and heated mushrooms has also something to sit.

  3. 03

    B. On Top

    Rooftop Bar in Meatpacking District
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    B. On Top is a small rooftop bar in the Meatpacking District, where you can end the day in a very relaxed way.

  4. 04

    BAR 54 Rooftop

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    One of the most popular rooftop bars in Times Square is Bar 54, located on the roof of the Hyatt Times Square Hotel New York, on the 54th floor (hence the name), where you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. The Bar 54 is also a lounge, so you can go there even if the weather is not so good.

  5. 05

    Cantina Rooftop

    Rooftop Bar in Hell's Kitchen
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    In the Cantina Rooftop Bar you feel like in the Caribbean, surrounded by tropical plants you eat delicious guacamole and drink very well made cocktails with classical Mexican music. Besides tequila in every variation, there is a large selection of other delicious drinks: Try the Cantina Margarita.

  6. 06

    Darling Rooftop

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    Indulge in a taste of paradise at Darling Rooftop, a hidden garden oasis on the 47th floor above Central Park. With its uniquely crafted cocktails and enchanting ambiance, it’s the only rooftop lounge overlooking the park. Designed in collaboration with Bond Hospitality, Darling Rooftop offers breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, making it the perfect spot for an intimate gathering with friends. Experience this one-of-a-kind rooftop lounge and get ready to be charmed by its whimsical charm and picturesque setting.

  7. 07

    Cantor Rooftop at The Met

    Rooftop Bar in Upper East Side
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    The Cantor Rooftop Garden Bar is not only a great spot to round off a visit to the world-famous The Metropolitan Museum of Art – “The Met” for short. From April to October you can enjoy art, coffee, light snacks, cocktails and a clear view over Central Park, Midtown and the Upper East Side. The relaxed and informal atmosphere is especially pleasant here – also a nice & quiet place for families with children.

  8. 08

    Catch Roof

    Rooftop Bar in Meatpacking District
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    The Catch Roof is the destination of many real locals to eat or drink cocktails here. The rooftop bar offers a sensational view of the old new Manhattan and has a great lounge. The restaurant is very stylish and there are areas that are great for a romantic dinner.

  9. 09

    cloudM New York Bowery

    Rooftop Bar in Lower East Side
    Our Highlight
    New York Bowery CloudM Rooftop
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    For me, the cloudM Rooftop Bar is one of the most beautiful rooftop bars not only in the Lower East Side, but in all of New York. It is located on the roof of the citizenM New York Bowery Hotel and offers everything that makes a good rooftop bar: a great view, beautiful design and relaxed atmosphere.

  10. 10

    Dear Irving on Hudson

    Bar in Hell's Kitchen
    Our Highlight
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    The bar Dear Irving on Hudson is a real insider tip. Located very close to Times Square, you can look down on Manhattan’s “urban canyons” from here and be relatively undisturbed. The bar is small and cozy and not yet as crowded as many others in the neighborhood. The cocktail menu is not that big, but the cocktails are really good. 

  11. 11

    Electric Lemon

    Rooftop Bar in Hudson Yards
    Our Highlight
    Electric Lemon Rooftop Bar New York
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    On the 24th floor of the Equinox Hotel in the Hudson Yards you will find the rooftop bar Electric Lemon – I myself have been here several times and am thrilled every time. The atmosphere here is very special and the view over the Hudson River at sunset is amazing.

    The first area of the Electric Lemon Rooftop Bar consists of several lounge furniture and tables, then you will immediately notice the stylish outdoor bar and glass fireplace (and the view of The Vessel), which really comes into its own in the evening. Add to that a huge wire sculpture and a water basin – really nice!

    The larger area with lots of comfy lounge chairs is the part where you probably spend the most time. Especially if you’ve been out on the High Line, the Electric Lemon Rooftop Bar is a really nice spot to relax. They make you pay for it, too: Cocktails cost $19.

  12. 12

    Gallow Green Rooftop Garden

    Rooftop Bar in Chelsea
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    Gallow Green is a unique rooftop bar located above McKittrick Hotel. What makes it so special is its quaint and green atmosphere. The whole bar is overgrown with foliage and certainly does its name justice: It looks like a garden! Not to be forgotten are the delicious drinks that are served there. It’s even listed in our Rooftop Bar Guide as one of the 43 Best Rooftop Bars in New York.

  13. 13

    Royalton Park Avenue

    Hotels & Accommodations in Midtown Manhattan
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    4 stars | One of the best hotels in Midtown is the boutique hotel “Royalton Park Avenue”. Besides a wonderful interior (I really like the style), there is even a rooftop bar and pool. 

    This area spans 2 levels: one is the lounge and the second is just the rooftop terrace. So if you want to stay in style in the heart of Manhattan, there’s no way around the Royalton Park Avenue. 

  14. 14

    Haven Rooftop & Restaurant

    Rooftop Bar in Theatre District
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    In the heart of the Theatre District on Times Square you will find the Haven Rooftop & Restaurant. It is on the 10th floor of the Sanctuary Hotel at 47th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue and offers you a sensational perspective. Although it is in Times Square, it is surprisingly quiet. I love the mix of “being in the middle of the city” and “still having peace and quiet” – and that’s exactly what you can expect there.

  15. 15

    Jimmy at the James Hotel

    Rooftop Bar in SoHo
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    Here you have a 360° view of the skyline of Manhattan. At the pool you can enjoy classically inspired cocktails with herbs from the in-house roof garden.

  16. 16

    Le Bain Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar in Chelsea
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    Le Bain Rooftop Bar ranks high among the best clubs and rooftop bars in NYC. A good cocktail will cost you around 12 dollars and entry is free, meaning that prices are not as outlandish as in some other popular NYC nightclubs. Defintiely worth a visit, especially if you are looking for an awesome view over Manhattan!

  17. 17

    Leaf Bar & Lounge

    Rooftop Bar in Flushing
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    This rooftop bar is located at the Hyatt Place Hotel. There are extraordinary cocktail creations and a small menu.

  18. 18

    Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar in Battery Park City
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    At The Conrad Hotel – one of our favorite hotels in New York – you can find the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar. The bar is named after the art objects that are located in the lobby. What distinguishes the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar? A great view over the Financial District in Lower Manhattan.

  19. 19

    Monarch Rooftop

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    I have a great rooftop bar for you: the Monarch Rooftop Lounge. It is not only beautifully designed, consists of one of the most beautiful lounges in town and an outdoor area, but also offers you a sensational view of the Empire State Building. So if you are looking for a spot where good food, fair prices (!) and relaxed music come together, then the Monarch Rooftop Lounge should be on your myNY list.

  20. 20

    Mr. Purple

    Rooftop Bar in Lower East Side
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    Mr. Purple is a rooftop bar in the Lower East Side, located on the roof of the Hotel Indigo. The view of the city from here is magnificent – and it is one of the most relaxed rooftops in the whole city!

  21. 21

    Our Wicked Lady

    Rooftop Bar in Williamsburg
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    The bar is surrounded by artist studios and music rehearsal rooms. Therefore you will experience live music here more and more often. There is also a fabulous happy hour.

  22. 22


    Rooftop Bar in Long Island City
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    UPDATE: The location is permanently closed.

    Penthouse808 is more than just a Rooftop Bar, the huge lounge area will allow you to come here even when the summer is over, making this the perfect place to come for drinks all year round. The Hawaiian-Asian inspired menu and the cocktails are second to none! Make sure to book a table if you want to eat at the 700 square meters large place, there is often no space if you haven’t reserved a table!

  23. 23

    Plunge Rooftop Bar & Lounge

    Rooftop Bar in Meatpacking District
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    One of the top addresses is the ultra-stylish Hotel Gansevoort in the Meatpacking District. And the highlight is the “Plunge Rooftop Bar & Lounge”, which is located on the roof of the hotel. Lots of glass, typical lounge look, relaxed music and lots of pretty people: the location is easily in New York’s top 3 when it comes to high celebrity density and designer photo shoots.

  24. 24

    Refinery Rooftop

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
    Our Highlight
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    A very small rooftop bar very close to Bryant Park with a nice view of the Empire State Building is the Refinery Rooftop from the Refinery Hotel. This two-story rooftop bar in Midtown isn’t particularly large, but it certainly has its appeal due to the combination of location and quality of the cocktails. 

  25. 25

    Rooftop93 Bar & Lounge

    Rooftop Bar in Chinatown
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    You will find the bar on the 18th and 19th floors of the Wyndham Garden Hotel. On the roof terrace you can have cocktails and enjoy the view of the One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building.

  26. 26

    Salon de Ning im The Peninsula Hotel

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    Especially in the evening a visit to the Rooftopbar is a highlight: the lights of the city shine, the many cars on 5th Avenue are in constant motion and you enjoy the silence in airy heights and you have spectacular views of two of the most famous sights of the Big Apple: the probably most famous shopping mile of the world “5th Avenue” and the green lung of Manhattan – Central Park.

  27. 27

    SixtyFive Rooftop & Lounge

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    Closed for a la carte reservations. Open for private events.

    Due to its great location you can look almost 50 kilometres (!) in good weather – in several directions: north, west and south. By the way, the SixtyFive Bar and Rooftop-Lounge is NOT open on weekends! Attention: there is a dress code: Jeans & Jacket are ok, Sneakers and Basecaps are not.

  28. 28

    Sky Room (CLOSED)

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    One of the hippest lounges in New York is located at over 120 meters (400 feet) on the roof of the Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott Times Square. The name says it all: from here you can enjoy a sensational view of just about anything you want, from Times Square to Hudson to the Empire. Thanks to the 360 degree view!

  29. 29

    Blu 33 Rooftop

    Rooftop Bar in West Village
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    The Blu 33 Rooftop on top of the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott New York hotel is one of the few rooftop bars in the West Village. It’s just one block from Macy’s and two blocks from Hudson Yards, and the view from here is really special!

  30. 30

    Spyglass Rooftop Bar

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    If you’re looking for a rooftop bar with a fantastic view of the Empire State Building, you should not only think of the 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar but also of the Bar Spyglass. You will find it on the 2nd floor of the Archer Hotel in Midtown and it is also perfect for cold days (autumn & winter!) because it has a great indoor area.

  31. 31


    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    Tavern29 is a pub whose roof has been converted into an American beer garden. Here you will surely find something you like: Choose from beer, wine, scotch, whiskey or canapés. By the way, Tavern 29 also offers two Happy Hours!

  32. 32

    The Crown

    Rooftop Bar in Chinatown
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    The Crown Rooftop Bar in Chinatown is one of my newest highlights of the city and made it directly into our list of the best rooftop bars in New York. It offers probably the most beautiful view of Manhattan AND Brooklyn.

  33. 33

    The Empire Rooftop & Lounge

    Rooftop Bar in Upper West Side
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    The Empire Hotel has a great rooftop bar with a view to Lincoln Center and the Upper West Side. Many of you will know the red lettering that is mounted on the hotel roof. We were there last time to test it and take a closer look. Compared to other rooftop bars in New York these cocktails were among the good ones – also the price-performance ratio is really ok.

  34. 34

    The Heights

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    The Heights is a rooftop bar in Midtown in the immediate vicinity of the Empire State Building. The highlight? A glass floor that lets you look down 90 degrees!

  35. 35

    Bar Blondeau

    Rooftop Bar in Williamsburg
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    Right next to the Brooklyn Brewery (our favorite beer) is the Wythe Hotel with its rooftop bar “The Ides”. From there you have a great view on the skyline of Manhattan. And: the bar is totally relaxed: no bottle service (i.e. you don’t have to take off whole bottles of champagne and co.) and no dress code make for a relaxed atmosphere.

  36. 36

    The Lookup Rooftop

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
    The Lookup Rooftop Bar NYC 190815173033003 by Aleksander Michaud of Modonna + Child
    Photo: Aleksander Michaud of Modonna + Child
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    The Lookup is one of the newest rooftop bars in Midtown and a real insider tip! It is wonderfully uncomplicated, not so crowded yet and you have a great view of the Empire State Building.

  37. 37

    The Press Lounge

    Rooftop Bar in Hell's Kitchen
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    When it comes to the best rooftop bars in NYC, The Press Lounge is a place you have to visit to enjoy a drink. On top of the Ink48 Hotel, this gorgeous bar offers stunning views of Manhattan and the Hudson River.

  38. 38

    The Delancey

    Rooftop Bar in Lower East Side
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    The Delancey, situated in Lower East Side, has been a nightlife staple since its May 2004 debut. As a three-level club, it continually redefines the nightlife experience, offering vibrant music, inviting bars, and an all-weather rooftop garden that provides glimpses of the Manhattan skyline near the Williamsburg Bridge. The Delancey embodies authentic New York nightlife, with each floor offering a unique atmosphere reflecting the city’s dynamic pulse. The Main Floor caters to dance enthusiasts, the Rooftop Garden offers a serene escape, and the Downstairs Venue nurtures live music aficionados.

  39. 39

    The Ready Rooftop

    Rooftop Bar in East Village
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    The Ready Rooftop is one of the hottest rooftops in New York for the cold season. The interior will warm your heart with palm trees, bright colors, tacos and an incredibly relaxed atmosphere.

    The rooftop bar is located at the Moxy NYC East Village hotel, which for me is one of the most beautiful hotels in Manhattan. The bar has a roof that can be opened in good weather like the Eataly Flatiron rooftop. So it’s a stylish outdoor terrace in the summer and a covered lounge in the cold season (until March) with the theme “Holiday Palms”. 

  40. 40

    The Skylark

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    In the rooftop bar “The Skylark” in the Garment District you can enjoy fresh air and great views of the New York City canyons in every season!

  41. 41

    The Top of the Standard

    Rooftop Bar in Meatpacking District
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    The Top of the Standard is the rooftop bar of the hotel The Standard High Line – here you can sit relaxed outside and look at the Hudson River and also towards Uptown. If the door keepers don’t let you in: just go to the Boom Boom Room located IN the hotel.

    NOTE: The Top of the Standard bar is currently open for private events only! If you want to book a room for your private event you can visit their website for more information.

  42. 42

    Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    On the 30th floor of the Kimberly Hotel you will find the rooftop bar and lounge “Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel”. Located in midtown, you have a spectacular view of one of the most beautiful buildings in New York: the Chrysler Building. Not all rooftop bars offer a limitless panoramic view, but the “Upstairs” can offer it.

  43. 43

    Versa NYC

    Rooftop Bar in Midtown Manhattan
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    Versa NYC is a Rooftop Bar and Restaurant located inside The Renaissance Hotel in Midtown NYC and provides beautiful views of the city and the Empire State Building. The outdoor portion of the bar is relatively small compared to other rooftop bars, but it is quite intimate. If you’re a small group of 2 -4 people, this could be a great place to relax and enjoy the weather.

  44. 44

    YOTEL Times Square

    Hotels & Accommodations in Hell's Kitchen
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    3 Stars | This hotel gives you incredibly good value for your money. Also, it offers a fantastic views over the city, located right in New York’s legendary area Hell’s Kitchen. What else is close to the YOTEL Times Square? Not only Broadway, where you can see the most popular musicals in New York, but also Rockefeller Center with its “Top of the Rock” observation deck, Bryant Park, the Flatiron and much, much more. This hotel really puts you in the middle of New York and you will have so many attractions close by! And it even has a rooftop bar on the roof of the hotel. 


    • Free WiFi
    • Rooftop Bar
    • 24-hour front desk
    • Daily housekeeping
    • Breakfast
    • Family rooms
    • Fitness centre
    • Air conditioning
  45. 45

    Westlight NYC

    Rooftop Bar in Williamsburg
    Our Highlight
    Rooftop Bar Westlight at The William Vale Hotel
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    The Westlight in Brooklyn is considered one of the most beautiful rooftop bars in New York – and rightly so! It belongs to The William Vale Hotel and has a rooftop bar, a lounge area, a bar and a restaurant. What distinguishes the Westlight from many other spots is the unspoilt panoramic view of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

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