Gallow Green Rooftop Bar at McKittrick Hotel

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Gallow Green Rooftop Bar and restaurant is located above the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea. Its green overgrown rooftop in combination with wooden furniture makes you feel as close to nature as it gets. This rooftop bar truly resembles a garden, which makes it a cozy and romantic spot.

Gallow Green is the perfect location to spend a fantastic summer evening. If you’re not visiting in the summer, don’t worry: they offer a seasonal menu. Because we are big fans of Gallow Green Rooftop Bar ourselves, you’ll also find it featured in our New York Rooftop Bar Guide 2019.

Steffen’s Tip: Go grab brunch at the Gallow Green Rooftop Garden

On weekends you can enjoy brunch at Gallow Green. The brunch menu is prix fixe and currently costs $35/person. It includes a bread basket, choice of entree and coffee or tea. As the brunch is very popular, we recommend making a reservation before showing up.

Try the Gallow Green Cocktail

Please try Gallow Green Cocktail!

When visiting Gallow Green you have to try the Gallow Green Cocktail. It’s Whiskey, apple, ginger und Blue Curacao!  Don’t be surprised about the pricing. The cocktails range from $15 – $17 but it’s totally worth it.

Experience sunset at Gallow Green Rooftop

Make sure to spend extra time to experience the beautiful sunsets happening at Gallow Green Rooftop. After our long walk on the High Line and the Vessel, we ended up spending 5 hours at this place. The atmosphere is magical and we really enjoyed the casual and relaxing vibes.

Things to Do near Gallow Green Rooftop Bar

The McKittrick Hotel also hosts the popular theatrical experience ‘Sleep No More‘ that tells the story of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in a unique way. Actors perform the play throughout the 5 floors of the Hotel as the audience walks around freely to experience different parts of the story. Every ‘voyeur’ can choose which and how many of the 20 actors they would like to follow and change their mind at any point.

The performance repeats three times for a total of 3 hours, so people have the chance to follow different actors and see parts of the story they may have missed. While watching, the audience is also asked to wear a Venetian mask to maintain an intriguing atmosphere and stay anonymous. ‘Sleep No More’ is an exciting experience that makes you witness the incredible story of MacBeth first-hand.

Gallow Green is located in a lively area. It’s only a short walk from the famous High Line Park as well as the Hudson River, where you can visit Pier 66 and eat at the nearby Frying Pan Restaurant. It is also in walking distance to one of New York’s Best Nightclubs: The Marquee.

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