Our Wicked Lady – A Great NYC Rooftop Bar in Brooklyn

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Our Wicked Lady, a rooftop bar and more, is located in Brooklyn, New York. This establishment leans into an almost tropical look, with bright colors and sunlight streaming in from the canvas overhead. Overhead lights and wooden furniture also give it a casual feel, and overall, it’s the perfect place for a relaxed night out.

There are no breathtaking views to speak of, as Our Wicked Lady stands out in different ways. Such as the fact that in addition to serving alcohol, there’s live entertainment here as well; usually in the form of upbeat music! Their most popular drinks can be found in their selection of beers, but they also serve cocktails and wine.

Although in general, the prices here are fairly cheap in comparison to other rooftop bars in NYC. In fact, with the exception of some of their cocktails, most of their menu is under $10.

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When is Our Wicked Lady open?

Our Wicked Lady can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Where is Our Wicked Lady located?

Our Wicked Lady is located at 153 Morgan Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. The closest subway station is Morgan Av which you can reach with the L trains.

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