Top of the Standard – A Nice Rooftop Bar in the Meatpacking District NYC

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Top of the Standard, as the name hints at, is located atop the Standard Hotel. Sophistication is the goal at Top of the Standard, and they more than reach it. Browns and golds are prevalent in this bar. And everything, from the glossy seating and chairs to the sparkling windows, seems to shimmer in the light. And speaking of the windows, the view from Top of the Standard might be the best part of the whole thing. You can see close up views of the Hudson River, as well as the NYC skyline and beyond.

Currently open for private events only!They start serving during the afternoon, but instead of alcohol, they tend to go for teas and other refreshments. And then, after you’ve watched the spectacular sunset, it turns fully into a bar. One that focuses on specialty cocktails accompanied by small plates.

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When is Top of the Standard open?

You’ll have to contact them personally for pricing details though, as currently, they’re only open for private events. And not the public.

Where is the Top of the Standard located?

The Standard Hotel is located at 848 Washington Street in New York City. The nearest subway station is 14 St / 8 Av which you can reach with the subway lines A, C, E and L.

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