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Make sure to look up while visiting this rooftop bar

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The Lookup is one of the newest rooftop bars in Midtown and a real insider tip! It’s a super casual place to go which is not so crowded yet. On top of that you have a great view of the Empire State Building. That’s by the way where the this rooftop bar got it’s name. In order to see the famous landmark, your have to look up.

The location of the Rooftopbar is perfect, you will find it on the roof of the Hotel Metro (soon to be renamed “Kixby Hotel”). Adjacent to some of the main highlights in Midtown like Macy’s at Herald Square, Keens Steakhouse, the Empire State Building and Bryant Park.

Pictures of the Rooftop Bar

What I particularly like about the Rooftop Bar is the atmosphere. From the location itself to the guests, everything is very relaxed and casual. Many rooftop bars at Meatpacking District for instance have turned into “snobby spots”, which I personally don’t like very much. The Lookup is the exact opposite. Here you can really relax and enjoy your drinks (and the delicious bar food) and be part of the locals.

Now it’s getting delicious!

Beside the cocktails (pitcher size) the Lookup offers also a great variety of different wines and beers. Take advantage of the oversized cocktails when you are heading here with a group of friends.

Check out their Negroni Cocktail!

Like many other rooftop bars, it’s only open in summer, so hurry up and visit it! Also make sure to check out our list of best rooftop bars in NYC.

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  1. You have to check out their Negroni!

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