Blu 33 Rooftop Bar

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The best way to describe Blu 33 Rooftop Bar is to say that it’s both stylish and modern. A lot of the decor is gray, but with pops of color in the form of blue cushions and stunning blue lighting. And the views are equally as beautiful, from this bar you can see Madison Square Garden, Penn Station, and everything from midtown to lower Manhattan! You can even spot the Fairly Building’s well known glass rooftop.

Within the menu, you can find: wines, beers, specialty drinks, and champagne. But their selection of beers is probably the most extensive, ranging from specific brands to local options. There’s quite a bit of variation with the price of the menu items. The range for wines is from $12-20, and beers could cost anywhere between $8-12. But overall, everything seems to be completely priced for the location.

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When is the Blu 33 Rooftop Bar open?

This bar is open daily, all year round!

Where is the Blu 33 Rooftop Bar located?

Blu 33 Rooftop Bar is located at 325 West 33rd Street in New York City. 34 St – Penn Station is the closes subway station which you can reach with the trains A, C, E, 1, 2 and 3.

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