Tavern29 Rooftop Bar in New York City

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The bar Tavern29 resides inside a converted 19th century townhouse, so it’s made up of three separate floors. Each one is decorated with decidedly rustic elegance. There’s lots of wood (including paneled walls in some areas), black furniture, and great lighting throughout the entire building! But, as the building is only three stories, there aren’t many views to speak of.

This bar serves all the usual alcoholic beverages, but their focus is their craft beers which they switch up often in order to keep things fresh. And they pride themselves on sourcing these beers from local breweries, as they state these have a “unique edge”. These beers, as well as the other drinks, are served at a fairly low price as well. Considering the upscale nature of the establishment. For instance, prices for their renowned beers are only around $8-11.

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When is the Tavern29 Rooftop Bar open?

And as you may have guessed, this bar is open all year round, five days a week.

Where is the Tavern29 Rooftop Bar located?

Tavern29’s address is 47 East 29th Street in New York City. You can take the 4 or 6 trains to 28 St and then walk one block to go there.

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