The 5 Absolute Best Brunch Cruises in New York Right Now

Enjoy a brunch on a cruise!

If you don’t have time for a dinner cruise in the evening, a brunch cruise is a wonderful alternative. The selection of good boat tours for brunch in New York City is really good – from large ships to smaller cozy boats in the look of the 1920s your options range.

The routes of the boats are all fairly similar and take you along the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty (Exception are the tours that start at Pier 36). On the way there you can enjoy a great view of the New York skyline with all its highlights. From the new Hudson Yards with the observation deck The Edge to the Empire State Building, the new One Vanderbilt and of course the One World Trade Center, everything is there.The next stop is the famous Brooklyn Bridge. From there, the cruise returns to the starting point.

Are you in a hurry? Here you can 👉 compare all brunch cruises and here you find 👉 all details of the brunch cruises.

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Brunch Cruises are the best way to start your day in NYC!

One thing you can already look forward to: there is hardly a better way to start the day with a brunch in a cruise in New York! Drinking coffee, having a delicious breakfast and always having a stunning view of New York City from the water is just great!

But what are the best brunch cruises in New York? We will now present them to you in detail. As with the Dinner Cruises and Lunch Cruises, tickets are very popular and often book up quickly. Therefore: if there are still tickets available, you should book quickly!

The Best Brunch Cruises in NYC

Here you find my comparison of all brunch cruises in New York. You’ll find everything important including dinner options and routes:

Most Popular
My Favorite

Champagne Brunch Sail

Bateaux Brunch Cruise NYC

Architectural boat cruise in NYC interior shot

Brunch Cruise onboar Spirit of New York

Bottomless Brunch Cruise NYC

Champagne Brunch Cruise new york



2 hours

2.75 hours

2 hours

2 hours

2 hours


Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers

Pier 36

North Cove Marina

What to expect

What to expect

What to expect

What to expect

What to expect

What to expect

Hudson River

New York Harbor

East River

Brooklyn Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge

Roosevelt Island





from $99


Currently not available

Food & Drinks

  • brunch buffet
  • unlimited mimosas
  • buffet menu
  • One complimentary drink (additional drinks available for purchase)
  • Buffet brunch
  • Unlimited coffee, hot tea, and iced tea
  • three-course brunch
  • Bottomless mimosas plus complimentary coffee, tea or juice
  • Brunch buffet
  • Tea and coffee service
  • Champagne open bar


12 pm

10 am

12 pm

12 pm

11 am

Steffen Kneist Loving New York
My recommendations

Which brunch cruise in New York is the best?

As you can see, we love the combination of boat tour, sightseeing and food. Therefore, we have tried many brunch cruises over the years. Some, unfortunately, were disappointing and way too expensive for what you got (so these are not represented in my best list).

We can personally recommend two brunch cruises: the Bateaux Brunch Cruise and the Skyline Brunch Cruise Around Manhattan. We always had a great time on both!

Brunch Cruises NYC in Detail

  1. 01

    Bateaux New York Luxury Brunch Cruise

    Cruise in Chelsea
    Our Highlight
    Bateaux Dinner Cruise
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    The boat tours with Bateaux New York are super-popular, especially the Dinner Cruise (which is also one of our favorites). In addition, there’s a Brunch Cruise that takes you from the Chelsea Piers on the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty in two hours. Along the way, you’ll see many of New York’s famous landmarks; I always find the skyline impressive and beautiful. And because the Bateaux New York is made of a lot of glass, the view from everywhere is really good. 

    If you are looking for an elegant and luxurious brunch cruise, there is no way around the Bateaux Brunch Cruise: you can expect a brunch menu with a huge selection, there is live music, service on board and all non-alcoholic drinks are included in the price. 

    My conclusion: The Bateaux Brunch Cruise is one of the best brunch cruises in New York!

  2. 02

    Skyline Brunch Cruise Around Manhattan

    Cruise in Chelsea
    Our Highlight
    Skyline Brunch Cruise Around Manhattan
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    This brunch cruise is one of the most beautiful boat tours in New York. You sit aboard a 1920s-style ship with lots of wood and even more glass. The provider has several wonderful boat tours in the program, of which we have already tried four (and all were great!).

    Start at Pier 62 at Chelsea Piers – this is where you board. First you start towards the George Washington Bridge, then turn south to the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor and the Brooklyn Bridge. You can enjoy the view of the New York skyline and have a delicious brunch with New York specialties. The first drink (even champagne!) is even included in the price.

  3. 03

    Brunch Cruise onboard Spirit of New York

    Cruise in Chelsea
    Spirit Lunch Cruise NYC
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    Relax on a comfortable boat as it cruises around New York Harbor and Manhattan! On this relaxing 2-hour brunch cruise, you’ll enjoy an open-air brunch buffet and music from a DJ. You’ll see the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building from a different perspective. Just great!

  4. 04

    Bottomless Brunch Cruise in NYC

    Cruise in Lower East Side
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    This 2-hour brunch cruise starts at Pier 36 very close to the Manhattan Bridge in Manhattan and takes you first to the Statue of Liberty. Afterwards you will sail up the Hudson River to the Meatpacking District, so you can also see the new Little Island at Pier 54. From there, the route takes you back to the southern tip of Manhattan.

    There will be a live DJ on board to keep you in a good mood.

  5. 05

    Champagne Brunch Sail Aboard The Classic Schooner Shearwater

    Cruise in Battery Park City
    Our Highlight
    Best Cruises Summer NYC
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    At the Champagne Brunch Sail you will start the day in a very relaxed way with the historic tall ship “Shearwater”. The two-ship is located in the probably most expensive marina in Manhattan in direct proximity of the One World Trade Center. You start directly at the Hudson River, from where you sail towards the harbour. From the Shearwater you can relax and admire the skyline – best with a glass of champagne in your hand!

What is the Best Cruise in New York for you?

There are over 40 boat and sailing tours in New York and it’s not easy to choose the best one. That’s where our Cruise Finder comes in. It will help you find the best boat tour for you!


Which brunch cruise in NYC is the cheapest?

The cheapest brunch cruises start at around $98.

Where do the brunch cruises depart from in New York?

The departure point depends on the operators: the two main ones depart from Chelsea Piers on the Hudson River at Pier 61/62. However, there are also Queens and Jersey City as departure locations.

Are there brunch cruises for special events?

Yes, especially the holiday brunch cruises, christmas day brunch cruise, the fall foliage brunch cruise and the New Year’s Eve brunch cruises are very popular. If you are in New York at this time and plan to have brunch on a boat, you should book quickly. The tickets are very popular and the tours sell out quickly.

Is there a dress code?

No. Only the Bateaux Brunch Cruise requires an elegant or dressy-casual attire (cocktail wear or dressy-casual attire is appropriate and dressy jeans are acceptable although casual jeans, t-shirts, athletic shoes and foam flip flops are discouraged).

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