From JFK to Brooklyn & Back

Getting to Brooklyn from JFK and back

Are you staying and Brooklyn during your New York visit? There are plenty of options for you to transfer from JFK to Brooklyn (or vice versa). Whether you are looking for fast, cheap, or convenient, I have listed them all.


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How to get from JFK to Brooklyn

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1. Use public transportation

subway from jfk to brooklyn

First things first: Before you can ride the subway, you have to take the JFK AirTrain to either Howard Beach Station or Jamaica Station. Between the two stations, you can connect to four different subway lines. All but one line are passing through Brooklyn.

  • Howard Beach A: Should you be heading towards Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO, some of Brooklyn’s popular neighborhoods, subway line A is the way to go.
  • Jamaica EJZ: While lines J and Z will lead you through Bushwick and Williamsburg, Line E runs north through Queens to Manhattan. Accordingly, if Brooklyn is your destination, you don’t want to take Line E.

The best way to figure out whether you should choose Howard Beach or Jamaica is by checking out the subway map to determine which line is closest to your stop. Either way, using public transportation is, by far, the cheapest way to get from LGA to Brooklyn. You pay $10.50 for your entire transfer ($8.25 for the AirTrain and $2.75 for the subway with a Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard). If you have an Unlimited MetroCard already, the transfer can be even cheaper.

NYC Subway Map

As an alternative to the subway, you could also change to the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) at Jamaica Station. The Far Rockaway and Hempstead lines will both get you to Brooklyn. If your destination is not in proximity to that station, however, it may not be a great idea. Apart from that, taking the LIRR is also more expensive.

2. Book a private transfer

Private Transfer from JFK to Brooklyn

Do you prefer door-to-door service? Then you should consider booking a private transfer. You can reserve it online before your trip. Booking in advance means you won’t have to worry about your transfer once you arrive in New York. Especially, if you are traveling with kids, this is the most convenient transfer from JFK to Brooklyn.

The cost of this transfer varies by group size. It doesn’t make economic sense for just one person and gets more affordable the more passengers are riding with you. While it costs $62 for one person, the cost per person can go down to $17 when traveling in a party of six.


3. Take a taxi

taxi from JFK to Brooklyn

Wherever, whenever – you can always hail a taxi. Getting to Brooklyn from JFK by taxi is easy. Head outside the terminal and wait in line at the taxi stand. Someone will assign you to a taxi. Unfortunately, there is no flat rate from John F. Kennedy Airport to Brooklyn. Instead, you will be charged the metered fare. Depending on your destination, your taxi rate is going to be around $75, not including tip.

Get a real taxi!

If you get approached and offered a transfer inside the terminal, better ignore them or say no. Soliciting is illegal and those individuals do not have licenses.

4. Call an Uber or Lyft

Uber from JFK to Brooklyn

Provided you are connected to the internet, you can easily order an Uber (or Lyft). Both services offer. Typically, you can save a few dollars by taking an Uber compared to a conventional taxi. Simply open the app, enter your destination and, once you book a ride, your driver will pick you up within minutes. The payment will be carried out via the app and you can get a fare estimate before you commit. Just know that fares can fluctuate depending on the time of the day. If you check the price at the airport and it’s too expensive you can always go for a taxi instead.

If you don’t have an account yet or want to check the estimated fare for your transfer, have look below. By the way: new users can save $5 on their first ride when signing up using the promo code “selwynt1”.

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JFK to Brooklyn

My personal pick

I am a big fan of public transportation and always use the subway or bus system where available. If this is your first time in New York or you are carrying a lot of luggage, however, I would not recommend taking the subway as you do have to change trains a couple of times. It can be intimidating and tiring.


The best way to get from JFK to Brooklyn:
Traveling alone or as a couple? ➡️ Public transportation
Traveling as a party of 3-5? ➡️ Private transfer
Traveling as a party > 5? ➡️ Multiple private transfers
Traveling with kids? ➡️ Private transfer

Getting from Brooklyn to JFK

Want to get back to JFK from Brooklyn? All transfers offer services both ways and when using public transportation, just reverse the order!

  • subway and AirTrain combo
  • private transfer directly to the airport
  • taxi directly to the airport
  • rideshare directly to the airport

Don’t forget to allow some extra time to get to the airport to guarantee being on time for your flight. Ideally, you should arrive at the airport two hours before your flight when traveling domestically and three hours early before international flights.


How do I get from JFK to Brooklyn by train?
In order to take the train from JFK to Brooklyn, you first need to board the AirTrain. Once arrived at Jamaica Station, you can change to LIRR. Three stops in Brooklyn: East New York, Nostrand Avenue, and Atlantic Terminal Brooklyn. If your destination is not in proximity to one of those stations, you may be better off taking the subway as you can reach more parts of Brooklyn. Taking the subway to Brooklyn is also cheaper than the LIRR.

How much is a taxi from JFK to Brooklyn?
While there is a flat-rate service between JFK and Manhattan, you will be charged the metered fare between JFK and Brooklyn. A taxi will cost you around $75, not including tip. It’s quite pricey when you are only traveling in a party of one or two. It gets cheaper per person, the more passengers you share the ride with.

How much is an Uber from JFK to Brooklyn?
The exact fare depends on your destination in Brooklyn, the time of your trip and your choice of vehicle. Generally speaking, however, you can expect to pay somewhere between $55 to 70 for an UBER from JFK to Brooklyn. To get an estimate to your destination, try out Uber’s fare estimate tool.

How do I get to Brooklyn from JFK by subway?
In order to get from JFK to Brooklyn by subway, you first need to take a ride on the AirTrain. The AirTrain connects you to Howard Beach and Jamaica Station where you can access public transportation, including the subway system. Between Howard Beach and Jamaica Stations, you can transfer to subway lines A, E, J, and Z to continue your journey.

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