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They shut down streets and turn crosswalks into runways – but what is New York Fashion Week? For one week, twice a year; influencers, celebrities, editors, photographers and fashionistas from all over the world come to New York City to see upcoming collections from their favorite designers and brands. New York Fashion Week is part of a “fashion week tour” known as “The Big Four” which include New York City, London, Milan and Paris. Here at Loving New York, we’ll provide you a quick breakdown of the fashion week experience, from the street style scene to being backstage for shows.

The Street Style Scene

There are “two” types of “shows” during New York Fashion Week. One of them are obviously the official shows which happens within the venues and the other happens on the street. Ninety percent of the people get dressed up hoping to get photographed by a popular publication such as Vogue or WWD. Street style happens as guests make their way in and out of a brand’s/designer’s show. We decided to check out Coach’s, Michael Kors’ and Marc Jacobs’ street style scenes because these brands generate a lot of action. There were easily at least 50 photographers and a bunch of influencers and celebrities. It can get pretty hectic since everyone wants to get the perfect shot. It’s part of the atmosphere we had to deal with. Please, see below for some of the shots we took.

Backstage Experience

We received a few backstage passes during New York Fashion Week. Backstage during fashion week is very stressful! The room is packed with media, models, hair stylists, stylists and make-up artists and they are all pressed on time. There is definitely an art to getting prepared for a fashion show. There are cameras in the models’ faces and interviews are going on all at that same time. The craziness keeps going until the show starts. It’s actually pretty amazing to watch how everyone gets their job done with all of the distractions and pressure. Having said all of that, once the models get their hair and make-up done, they are then fitted into their respective outfits and are lined up for the show. Backstage isn’t a joke and we needed to be aware of our surroundings at all times.

Overall Experience of New York Fashion Week

There was a rush of adrenaline during New York Fashion Week. The best part is, anyone can go for street style and people say it’s actually better than the shows themselves. For backstage, you either need to receive some type of media credential to get in, but once you experience it you don’t need to experience it again. So, whenever you’re in New York during fashion week either in September or February, we recommend checking it out.  It’s a unique atmosphere and you definitely feel the “New York hustle”.

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