The Ultimate NYC Valentine’s Day Guide

Celebrate the most romantic day of the year!

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Valentine’s Day is a special day for every couple. What can make Valentine’s Day even more special is celebrating it in New York City! Why? Because the city offers you plenty of romantic places and unique activities.

Attention, Lovebirds! February is coming closer and you’re planning your perfect Valentine’s Day in New York? I have good news for you! In this article, you find things to do on Valentine’s Day in NYC, a list of amazing Valentine’s Day restaurants in NYC, a full romantic NYC itinerary, and helpful tips for where to propose in New York.

The Best Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in NYC

Let us present to you the 11 best activities that will make your day unforgettable – from participating in special Valentine’s Day activities to activities that are also suited for any romantic date in New York. There’s surely something for every couple:

Preparing for the perfect Valentine’s Day

Some things require planning in advance! That would be the case if you are planning an entire trip, a day, or your proposal. When planning a romantic trip to New York, you should check out the NYC hotels that offer the best views of the city. Waking up in the morning overlooking the city is just a perfect start on a special trip! To continue the day, you can seek some inspiration from our romantic itinerary. Most importantly, however, you need to prepare if you want to get engaged! You can find all our tips down below:

Where to eat and drink on Valentine’s Day

No romantic day, particularly not Valentine’s Day in New York, can be celebrated without enjoying a nice meal and beautiful views! So whether you are looking for a great restaurant to take your partner out for dinner, a rooftop bar for a romantic drink, or maybe even a combination of the two – we’ve got you covered with our best list:

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