American Dream Mall Water Park: The COMPLETE Guide + Tickets 2024

Welcome to the largest Indoor Water Park in North America!

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If you’re looking to spend a day splishing and splashing with the whole family, there’s no better place to do it than the American Dream Mall Water Park. As North America’s largest indoor water park, there’s an incredible amount of variety and fun for riders of all ages – even for the youngest and smallest guests!

With all of those water rides – American Dream says the Water Park has 40 water slides and 15 rides – it’s worth taking a minute to plan your trip to American Dream Mall Water Park beforehand. That includes knowing which American Dream Mall water park tickets to go for to get the most out of your day (or multiple days) and when to buy those tickets online (we’ll let you know how you can save up to $10 per ticket!).

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We’re guessing you’re tired of being dry, so we’ll dive right into the good stuff – including all the rides and slides, tips on what to bring, and where to eat – so you can get ready for your wet and wonderful time at the American Dream Mall Water Park.

So let’s dive into my 2023 Guide to the American Dream Mall Water Park!

What To Expect at the American Dream Mall Water Park

The American Dream Mall Water Park, known officially as the DreamWorks Water Park, is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey, at the Meadowlands Sports Complex.

There’s certainly no shortage of great rides and slides there. Many people have asked us how many slides there are at the American Dream Mall Water Park. While the company says there are 40 water slides, it’s worth noting that certain rides, like Dragon Racers, have 6 lanes that are all counted in the 40-slide total.

Still, that doesn’t take away from how fun the rides are — and how varied they are for visitors of all ages. Your smallest kids will love romping around The Penguins Frozen Fun Zone and the Kung Fu Panda Temple of Awesomeness Play Structure. There’s also a jungle gym with tons of fun features, including slides, geysers, and a tipping bucket to splash unsuspecting family members! Plus, the Bubbly Lazy River is always a hit.

Curious about what other kinds of fun you’ll get up to? The American Dream Mall Water Park features a number of slides and rides, including:

  • Bubbly Lazy River
  • Dragon & Donkey’s Flight
  • DreamWorks Dream Racer
  • Far Far A Bay Wave Pool
  • Forbidden Waters Hot Tub
  • Jungle Jammer
  • Kung Fu Panda Temple of Awesomeness
  • Lemur Leap
  • Mad Flush
  • Majunga Jump
  • Penguins Frozen Fun Zone*
  • Penguin’s Plummet
  • Shrek’s Sinkhole Slammer
  • Soakin’ Surfari
  • Speeding Frenzy
  • Swamp ‘N Splash
  • The Carnivortex
  • Thrillagascar
  • Trolls Rainbow Racers
  • Tube It!
  • Zanier Zigzag
  • Zany Zigzag

Guests 48” (128 cm) or taller can enjoy any of the rides at American Dream Mall Water Park except for Penguins Frozen Fun Zone, which is reserved for guests between 36” (91 cm) and 48” (128 cm). Guests in that range may also need a lifejacket and/or a supervising companion to safely enjoy the other rides on the list.

American Dream Mall Water Park Tickets

Best ticket options at the American Dream Mall Water Park: the All Access Pass

For a single visit, buy the All Access Pass online. For non-peak prices, which are generally on weekdays, the prices start at $79 during the winter months. Prices range from $89 to $99 during the warmer months. And the best? Right now you can save up to 25%!

By buying it online, you’ll avoid the $10 charge at the ticketing counter.

Best single-ticket value: the Twilight Ticket.

Twilight Tickets are available for the last two hours of park operations for $40 to $59. If you and your little ones are trying to get as many rides in as possible, this is an action-packed, fun-filled couple of hours at the American Dream Mall Water Park.

Best seasonal value: the Winter Season Splash Pass

Escape the winter cold and take advantage of the always 81°F temps at the American Dream Mall Water Park with the 2023 Winter Season Splash Pass. This ticket is priced at $179, and is good for unlimited visits to theDreamWorks Water Park from January 1 through March 31, 2023.

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My tip

If you are planning on going to the park more than two times over this three month period, these American Dream Mall water park tickets will end up saving you money. I also love the Winter Season Splash Pass because you can also pop into the water park for just a few hours. Since you know you’ll be able to come multiple times, there’s no pressure to stay for six hours every time.

If you’re only planning on spending one day at DreamWorks Water Park, it’s best to pre-book this Water Park ticket (currently on sale) online!

American Dream Mall Water Park Facilities Overview

Any ticket to the American Dream Mall Water Park has just about everything you need to enjoy your experience. For guests looking for a more luxurious splish-splashing experience, American Dream Mall Water Park offers Skybox Suites and Poolside Cabanas. These include themed designs based on the Italian Capri coast, the tropics of Bali, and Tulum, Mexico.

Where To Eat At The American Dream Mall Water Park

Since you are not allowed to bring outside food into the American Dream Mall Water Park, you’ll have two options for eating once you arrive: eating inside the water park and exiting.

For eating inside the water park, you’ll find a quick-service counter with pizza, pretzels, salads, wraps, and other snacks, as well as bottled beverages. While this is your most convenient option, know that on busy days the line can last up to an hour.

You can also eat at the American Dream Mall, which has dozens of cafes, restaurants, and other eateries. Since all tickets to the American Dream Mall Water Park are multiple-entry, you can always leave the park and re-enter after your meal. The one exception to food inside the park is baby formula, so you are welcome to bring what you need to care for your little one.

Facilities At The American Dream Mall Water Park

Your first stop at the American Mall Water Park will be at the changing rooms and showers. Your best bet is to arrive in your bathing suit. There are changing rooms for women with children and men with children, as well as a women’s only and men’s only changing room.

There are two types of lockers, including bigger lockers in the changing rooms and smaller ones – perfect for your cellphone and/or wallet – near the stairs.

Around the various pools are white lounge chairs with side tables. These are limited, so you’ll want to stake your claim early.

Tips For Making The Most Of Your Visit To The American Dream Mall Water Park

If you are looking to save a little bit of money on your American Dream Mall Water Park, the best time to visit will be Monday through Friday. This tends to be the non-peak prices, which are $79 during the cooler months and $89 during the warmer months.

If you are looking for more flexibility, the water park is open longer hours on the weekend. The American Dream Mall Water Park is open from 11 am to 8pm on most Saturdays and Sundays, and 12 pm to 6pm to 7pm during the week. Of course, you’ll want to double-check the hours.

What To Bring To The American Dream Mall Water Park

To make your day as easy as possible, here’s what you should bring with you:

  • A proper swimsuit – American Dream Mall Water Park’s swim dress code permits one or two-piece swimsuits, including swim shirts and sun protective clothing. You will not be allowed to ride or slide in pants, denim, wetsuits, thong swimsuits, or transparent clothing.
  • Sunscreen – Even though it’s an indoor park, there’s still plenty of sunshine so be sure to apply sunscreen!
  • Sunglasses
  • A towel – Towels are available for purchase in case you forget yours at home.
  • Proper footwear – You’re welcome to wear flip flops, sandals, water socks, and other water-appropriate footwear in the park. Note that you may be asked to take it off before sliding or riding.
  • A non-glass water bottle
  • A bag or backpack

Also, make sure to arrive on the earlier side.

This will allow you to grab some lounger chairs and possibly a table, giving you a home base to enjoy some downtime in between rides.

Getting Ready For The American Dream Mall Water Park Experience

There’s a lot of fun to be had at the American Dream Mall Water Park, and we hope it’s at the top of your Must Visit List when you’re in town.

Before you go, we want to remind you of the five most important takeaways:

  1. Book your ticket in advance – You’ll save $10 on the ticket, plus you’ll be able to check out the calendar to see which days are peak and non-peak so you can get all the fun at a price that meets your budget.
  2. Consider a pass – If you live in the area or think you might visit a few times during your vacation, one of the seasonal passes can end up being a great deal.
  3. Dress for success – Make sure you’ve got your swimsuit, appropriate footwear, and towel packed. Though you have the American Dream Mall right next door in case you forget anything, having everything ready will make sure you get right into the fun.
  4. Arrive early – If you’re planning to spend a few hours at the water park (and you should!) see if you can get there on the earlier end so you can get your own lounge chairs and table. Having a central meeting point makes the whole day a lot smoother!
  5. Get ready to get wet – With so many types of rides, slides, and splash zones, you’re sure to have a great splash-splashing time!

Whether you’re looking to go to the American Dream Mall Water Park this weekend or you’re planning a trip, this is one water park worth putting on your list.

Besides the impressive size of it (remember, it’s the biggest indoor water park in North America!), it’s the delightful combination of charming characters from Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and more that add a level of fun and make this experience worth having for guests of all ages.


These are the most frequently asked questions about the American Dream Mall Water Park – and my answers:

How much is the waterpark at the American Dream Mall?

The All Access Pass costs $79, and is valid for one day with unlimited rides and slide access. The American Dream Mall Water Park also offers seasonal promotions that offer multiple entries and bundles of the DreamWorks Water Park and Nickelodeon Universe.

How deep is the water in the waterpark in the American Dream Mall?

The water depth at the American Dream Mall water park ranges from three feet deep in the Bubbly Lazy River to eight feet deep – with 6-feet-tall waves – at the Far Far A Bay Waterpool.

Can you bring food into the American Dream waterpark?

Unfortunately, you are not permitted to bring outside food, drinks, or alcohol to the American Dream Water Park.

Which waterpark is bigger, Kalahari or American Dream?

American Dream Mall Water Park is the largest indoor waterpark in North America, and covers 8.5 acres, or 370,260 square feet. Kalahari is in second place, with grounds that cover 220,000 square feet.

Is parking still free at American Dream Mall?

Parking is free at the American Dream for the first 30 minutes. For full-day stays, guests can have their parking validated for a $5 daily rate.

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