The 12 Best Places to Propose in NYC

Where and how to propose in New York

Okay – you’re ready to pop the question and want to get it all right. Where do you go? As you can probably imagine, there are a ton of unique, romantic places for your proposal in NYC. In this article, we’re sharing the best places to propose in NYC, so that you can easily find the perfect location to take your relationship to the next level.

Best outdoor places to propose in NYC

Even though there are plenty of romantic places in New York, only a few of them offer you the ideal conditions for your proposal. Despite being romantic, a special place should provide a certain level of intimacy. If you plan to propose outside, you may find it easier to find that privacy, compared to indoor locations.

1. Gantry Plaza State Park

Gantry Plaza State Park and Pepsi Cola Sign

Gantry Plaza State Park is undoubtedly one of our favorite places in New York. It’s super romantic and usually not as crowded as other parks that offer great views of the NYC skyline. Therefore, our suggestion is to take your beloved one to a more unique place in New York: Long Island City in Queens. When enjoying the fresh breeze here, a proposal may come as more of a surprise, as it’s not your typical proposal location in New York.

Address 7 Vernon Blvd

2. Governors Island (open 5/1 – 10/31)

Governors Island with View of Manhattan

This island is only open to the public during the warmer months of the year. If you happen to be there however, it’ll be a unique location for your proposal in New York. Its many paths across the green island are perfect for a romantic walk or bicycle ride with amazing views of the Downtown skyline and the Statue of Liberty. The ideal proposal for us would be at a cozy picnic after exploring the island. You could also hide the ring inside a dessert (see unique ideas below)!

Be aware: Governors Island hosts a number of events and festivals throughout the summer. You should pay attention to the event schedule and try to choose a day without large events taking place, otherwise, you’ll end up on a somewhat crowded island that changes the atmosphere of your proposal in NYC.

The ferry runs regularly throughout the day and gets you to Governors Island in less than 10 minutes. You have to options for your departure: The Battery Maritime Building in Lower Manhattan and Pier 6 in Brooklyn. A roundtrip from any of those departure points will normally cost you $3.

You can ride for free on Saturdays and Sundays before noon!

Manhattan Departure: 10 South Street 1 to South Ferry
Brooklyn Departure: Atlantic Avenue / Brooklyn Bridge Park Greenway to 2 3 4 5 to Borough Hall

3. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park Proposal

Brooklyn Bridge Park still offers one of the most beautiful views you can have of New York’s skyline. The park is very large, so you’ll definitely find a private spot at any time of the day. However, you will never really be alone in the park. If you are hoping for time alone, our recommendation is to head to the East River Esplanade Pier 5 in Brooklyn Heights.

At the foot of Brooklyn Bridge, you’ll also find the Ample Hills Creamery, one of the most famous ice cream shops in New York. Make a stop here and get a scoop to make your special moment even sweeter!

Address: 334 Furman St  A C High Street – Brooklyn Bridge Station

4. High Line Park

High Line Park Benches

High Line Park is the most unique park you can find in New York. It’s an elevated park that was built over old train tracks. Because it is elevated, you’ll get a very different perspective of New York. There is a set of stairs towards the middle, where you can sit down and watch cars pass by from above. If you like some tranquility, you should not head to the park around noon, but rather wait until dusk.

Address: 91 Gansevoort St  A C E L 14 St

5. Central Park

Central Park is a classic that never, ever fails. Because the park is massive, our recommendation is to just wander around and see where it takes you. Central Park has so many unique spots that it’s guaranteed to find a quiet, beautiful spot. Finding your own little spot would make your proposal even more unique. However, we also do understand if you’d rather like to plan every little detail of your proposal and thus prefer to select the exact location beforehand. For those of you, we recommend these two spots:

Belvedere Castle in Central ParkBelvedere Castle is located pretty much in the center of the park. The castle is very unique to New York and lets you think that it came straight out of a fairytale. Many people choose the castle as the backdrop for their wedding pictures during the day, so we recommend you get here later in the evening to avoid crowds.

Address: 79th St, New York A C B 81 Street-Museum of Natural History Station

Bow Bridge Central ParkBow Bridge is the second proposal location in Central Park that we recommend. The iconic bridge is known from many romantic movie scenes and has become a symbol of love in New York, making it a popular place to propose in NYC. Especially during the fall, Bow Bridge should be your preferred proposal location! The fall foliage is simply stunning!

Address: Bow Bridge  A C B 72 Street Station

6. Hudson River

Hudson River Pier at Sunset

How does a sunset walk along the Hudson River sound to you? In our opinion, you will find the most stunning sunsets here. Why? Because the sun sets in the West,  so the promenade lets you experience an amazing, unobstructed view of the sunset. Its shimmering reflections on the water make it beyond magical – the perfect condition to pop the question!

  • Address: 353 West St  1 2 Canal Street

7. Pier 15

Pier 15 at the East River

Even though the new Pier 17 has become the major attraction in the area, we recommend Pier 15 for your proposal in New York! Pier 17 is a great place to go have fun with friends and celebrate (which you could do right after!). Nevertheless, it doesn’t offer the privacy you need to propose. Pier 15 is a very small pier, right next to Pier 17. It has different types of chairs to sit down and enjoy mesmerizing views of the East River with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

The two of you could start a romantic walk at Battery Park and then work your way towards  Pier 15. It’ll only take you about 15 minutes to get there.

Address: 78 South St Pier 15  2 3 Wall Street Station

8. Rockefeller Center Ice Rink (seasonal)

Engagement on Ice at Rockefeller Center

Proposing on New York’s most iconic ice rink? You can do that! Should you want to propose to the love of your life during the winter season, take a look at the Rink at Rockefeller Center’s “Engagement on Ice” offer. It’s especially beautiful during the holiday season as you can snap incredible engagement photos with the beautifully lit Rockefeller Center Tree in the background. But even if you plan to propose after the holiday season, this proposal is guaranteed to be memorable.

To make things simple, the Rink at Rockefeller Center offers two packages that you can book online. The rates start at $350 and include admission, exclusive ice time for the two of you, playing your favorite song, and champagne!

Engagement on Ice

  • Address: Rockefeller Plaza BDFM 47 – 50 Sts Rockefeller Center Station

Best indoor places to propose in NYC

Maybe it’s too cold outside or you just simply prefer proposing in a cozier place. Even though New York’s many landscapes can be extremely romantic, there are also indoor places that are perfectly suited for proposals. Here are our favorite ideas:

1. Onboard a Cruise

Jazz Cruise New YorkThere are many types of cruises you can take around Manhattan. Our favorite one has always been the Bateaux Dinner Cruise. However, if you want to step up your game a little more, you even may want to consider a Jazz Cruise – a romantic cruise, where you can marvel at New York’s sparkling skyline while passing some of the city’s famous landmarks. The water will be reflecting the city’s lights and you’ll be accompanied by live jass music while taking in these breathtaking views.


2. On a Rooftop Bar

refinery rooftop view of empire state building

There are many ways to enjoy the view of New York, one of them is overlooking the city’s dazzling lights from high above. A rooftop bar in New York should be on everybody’s bucket list. One of our favorite rooftop bars is Refinery Rooftop in Midtown, but you can also take a look at our best list to find a rooftop bar that appeals to you.

Advice: Let the staff know about your plan to propose. They typically will give you the best table!

new york’s Top 34 Rooftop Bars

3. In a Romantic Restaurant

The View Restaurant NYCMaybe you want to go classy and propose during a candle-light dinner at a romantic restaurant in NYC? No problem! We’ve created a list with The 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in New York to help you with your decision. The River Café in Brooklyn leads the list, but there are more options for any budget. As it’s going to be a special occasion, make sure you reserve a table in advance.

Advice: You should also book in advance and inform the staff about your plan!

the 10 most romantic restaurants in nyc

4. On a Helicopter Ride

Manhattan View from HelicopterA helicopter is probably the most unique place to propose! You and your significant other are flying high above New York’s roofs, enjoying an unparalleled view of the concrete jungle. The helicopter ride itself is an experience you’ll never forget. Most regular helicopter rides cost about $200-300 a person. You can also book a private helicopter ride. It’ll be more costly, but if you would like to surprise your partner with the most spectacular proposal in NYC, it may be worth it.

PRIVATE HELICOPTER RIDE Helicopter Ride Comparison

Unique ideas for your New York proposal

Secret Photo Shoot

Think about it, your proposal will be a big step in both of your lives. Of course, you will never forget the moment he or she asks, nor the moment he or she finally says “yes”, but it would also be nice to capture these special memories in photos that last forever! These are photos you can show to your kids one day when you tell them the exciting story of your proposal in New York.

If a secret photoshoot is something you are interested in, we can recommend wedding & proposal photographer Frerk Hopf. He has found his passion in capturing happy moments between loving people:

By the way, maybe it helps you knowing that Frerk’s success rate is 100% so far! All of his clients ended up being engaged and lived happily ever after. You can visit his website for more information.

Proposing without a Ring

It seems that the number of people carrying a ring to propose is decreasing. We often hear that, while he or she is going down on one knee, they present an empty jewelry box! The reason for that can be very simple. Maybe you are not sure about the perfect ring size, or maybe, you prefer choosing a ring together. We’ve heard of cases, where the box doesn’t carry a ring, but still isn’t completely empty. You could put a note, including a voucher to go ring shopping in New York inside! Tiffany & Co. anyone?

A Surprise Muffin

cupcake from Magnolia Bakery

If you fear your girlfriend or boyfriend may already suspect to be proposed to during your trip, there is one way you will surely surprise her or him! There are several bakeries in New York that will hide a ring inside a cupcake or other pastries, one of them being the famous Magnolia Bakery that you may know from watching Sex and the City. You should obviously still pay attention, making sure your beloved one doesn’t accidentally swallow the precious ring.

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