Brooklyn Bridge Park

Under the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Park starts below Manhattan Bridge and has an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. The area used to be warehouses back in the day has now transformed into a go-to spots for tourists and locals. Here you’ll find lots of green space, activities, a hotel and many restaurants. 

There’s something here for everyone.You can jog under the Manhattan Bridge and make your way up to the Brooklyn Promenade if you want. Brooklyn Bridge Park is also attracts wedding couples, photographers and TV production companies all year round.

Our office is in the immediate vicinity and it is always nice to have lunch there. The most famous and popular lookout point is Fulton Ferry Landing. In 1776, this is where the “Battle of Brooklyn” took place.

Our Top 5 Things To Do at Brooklyn Bridge Park

1. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

It’s one of the most famous and popular ice cream parlors in New York. During hot summer days, The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory can come in clutch. Enjoy your ice cream by sitting by the water, enjoying the view or go for a walk through the park at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

2. Shake Shack

Oh, Shake Shack. If you see one, go into one. There’s a location in DUMBO right on Brooklyn Bridge Park. Shake Shack has opened one of the most popular if not THE most popular burger restaurants of its chain in New York. On the weekends, the line can be long. Come during the week just before lunch time and enjoy your Shake Shack Burger in a more quiet atmosphere.

3. Sunrise at Brooklyn Bridge Park

After many years in New York we’ve witnessed and admired sunrises. By far the most peaceful and beautiful is the one in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Watching how slowly the city awakens is amazing. The park is calm and peaceful as well.

4. Jane’s Carousel

The old carousel is located right next to the Brooklyn Bridge and has a view of the Manhattan skyline. It is the perfect photo opportunity and an attraction for young and old. A ride costs only $2. You can find all information about opening times and tickets here.

5. The Piers at Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is full of attractions. Many of them can be found on Piers 1-6 . There is everything from playgrounds, soccer fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, green areas for picnics and even a small beach.

Restaurants around Brooklyn Bridge Park

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The Brooklyn Bridge Park has grown in the last few years with many restaurants making their home in the area. New ones are constantly being added. These are our favorites in the area.

Cafes around Brooklyn Bridge Park

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Free Movie Nights with an Amazing View

What could be better than watching a movie at the Brooklyn Bridge Park with a view of the NYC skyline? Every summer there is are free movie nights at the park. You can check the schedule here.

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