Belcampo – Restaurant at Hudson Yards

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There are many restaurants in New York that have a specialty, whether it’s a certain dish, product or way of preparing their menu. Belcampo is no different as they are known for their amazing pieces of meat. Belcampo started out on the West Coast with the idea of producing sustainable meat.

Anya Fernald founded the chain and butcher in 2012 in California that features a 20,000 square foot USDA-approved slaughter facility designed by animal welfare expert Temple Grandin as well as a 27,000-acre farm. Belcampo made its debut on the east coast in 2019, opening a restaurant inside the Shops at Hudson Yards. We eventually visited the restaurant in 2020 to experience the hype.

Experiencing Belcampo at Hudson Yards

With so many restaurants inside The Shops at Hudson Yards, we decided to have lunch at Belcampo. The space is split up into two parts. As you approach Belcampo, to the right, you can purchase their products such as packaged meats and bone broth. To the left, is the actual restaurant. There is a full-service bar and a decent amount of seats throughout the restaurant.

Belcampo is known for its meat

When we sat down for lunch at Belcampo, we obviously had to try their tartare and burger. We also had a salad to compliment the meat. The tartare was amazing as it came with bread. You could really taste the quality of the meat. Same thing with the burger. Although the presentation of the burger could have been better, it’s when you bite into it is when you really notice the quality of the food.

Overall, the food was amazing. The star here really is the meat. They don’t season it too much because they really try to emphasize the taste of the food. So, if you’re ever in Hudson Yards, make sure to check out Belcampo after you check out the Highline, The Vessel, and/or Edge NYC.

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