queensyard at Hudson Yards

The Shops at Hudson Yards is home to numerous high-end stores as well as multiple fast casual eateries, and fine dining restaurants. Most of the restaurants are owned by well-known chefs such as David Chang and Thomas Keller. For lunch, we decided to try out queensyard at Hudson Yards which is one of the many restaurants inside the mall.

queensyard – Vibe and Ambiance

The restaurant, queensyard is located inside Hudson Yards mall and offers guests two menus. As a matter of fact, we were offered two different menus. To our understanding, one menu is a little bit cheaper than the other and depending on the menu you choose, you will be seated into a different part of the restaurant. When you enter the restaurant, you’ll notice the elegance and golden tones right away. The design was well thought out as you’ll have a spectacular view of the Vessel. You’ll notice the beautiful bar, which is located right in the middle of queensyard as it’s surrounded by greenery.

Our Lunch at queensyard at Hudson Yards

We sat right next to the window, which offered us beautiful views of the Vessel. Since it was lunch, we didn’t order any appetizers and we went straight to the entrees. We had their Berkshire Pork Chop which had a really nice texture. Their sauce also had toasted peppercorns which gave the dish beautiful flavor and a nice crunch. We also had their Risotto with black truffles which was also delicious. For dessert, we had their Treacle Tart and the Double Cream Parfait.

Overall our experience was great. The price, however, could potentially turn people away, but if your budget allows it, we definitely recommend it. As for a quick tip, if you just want something small, queensyard even has its own cafe right next to the restaurant. It’s called queensyard cafe!

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