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Is Edge at Hudson Yards worth the hype?

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Up until now, Edge in New York could only be admired from afar. However, as of March 11, 2020, Edge has officially opened up to the public in Hudson Yards. We were there to check out the new observation deck during the official opening event. We’ll tell you everything about the opening of Edge and how it feels to stand on the glass platform, 1100 feet above New York City.

There are two different types of tickets for the Edge available. You can purchase a regular admission ticket, where you have to enter Edge at a specific date and time, or you can purchase flex tickets to be able to go at a specific date but are flexible with the time.

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Our visit to the Edge observation deck opening

On the 100th floor of the 30 Hudson Yards skyscraper in New York, visitors to Edge will experience a 360-degree view of NYC. There’s a glass floor that makes you feel like you’re walking on air. Since it’s a new observation deck, it’s a new view of NYC that you’ve never seen before. We have seen a lot and visited all the observation decks in New York, but experiencing the Hudson Yards viewing platform at 1100 feet is still very special.

The state of the art elevator with a special digital show for all visitors takes less than 60 seconds to reach the Edge viewing platform. Also, the observation deck suspends about 78 feet from the 100th floor of 30 Hudson Yards. During the opening event, dancers came down from the roof of 30 Hudson Yards and surprised the media with an amazing performance. 

Edge makes you feel like you’re up in the sky. Almost that you can touch the clouds. It’s a very impressive experience that you shouldn’t miss.

Views from Edge at Hudson Yards

The views from Edge at Hudson Yards are spectacular. You can see NYC attractions like the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, many of the NYC bridges, Central Park, the High Line our neighbors in New Jersey and so much more. Especially from the sky steps, you can get an even more elevated view from the observation deck and the city in the background.

Check out the eastern point for views from the very tip of the Edge with Lower Manhattan and parts of Midtown in the background.

Is the Edge Observation Deck Worth it?

Glass platform on EdgeEdge is the highest outdoor observation deck in the western hemisphere and it convinced us to check it out right away. Five years ago, we were also guests at the opening of the “One World Observatory” on One World Trade Center, which was one of the really big highlights at the time. But Edge in New York surprised and impressed us much more than the One World Observatory back then.

Why? Edge is more spectacular, more extraordinary and the 700 square meter outside area is simply breathtaking. The tapered, glass platform has a distinctive design and is a must for all vertigo-free New York tourists. It is definitely worth visiting Edge, because you do not just walk around in a building, such as the WTC. You can experience the NYC skyline outdoors on a large (glass) terrace.

Is Edge the best observation deck in NYC?

Other observations decks such as the One World Observatory or the Empire State Building offer their visitors multimedia installations, such as video shows in the elevators. There are also special exhibitions/museums and pretty cool activations such as taking a selfie with King Kong. 

We, therefore, had high expectations for Edge in NYC and were not disappointed. Besides the modern elevator with a special digital show when you go up (and down) it feels like you’re floating when walking outside on the sky deck. Edge is more than we expect and amazed us in every way. The adrenaline really kicks in because of the glass floor located in the center of the terrace. I was scared at first but then stepped on it. You can look directly below onto the streets of Manhattan. This view is one of a kind and only possible from the Edge at Hudson Yards. If you’re brave enough, look down from the angled glass walls at Edge Hudson Yards. 

The Edge champagne bar on the 100th floor offers visitors a glass of champagne (for $ 20), cocktails, and small snacks that can also be enjoyed on the open-air terrace and is another highlight at Edge. Sit on the sky steps while enjoying a glass of champagne. Welcome to New York City. 

The Peak Restaurant

Peak Restaurant Hudson Yards

Another big highlight is the Peak restaurant which is accessible through the Edge but also through the mall. Here, you can enjoy lunch and dinner on the 101st floor. There is also a café, a bar and various event rooms for weddings and other events.

Peak Restaurant

Edge New York Tickets

Edge has officially opened in New York on March 11, 2020. Tickets are available online and are now also included by purchasing the Sightseeing Pass. Edge will be open daily from 8 a.m. to midnight throughout the year and it is accessible for visitors in wheelchairs, or those who may need audio assistance. You are always bound to a specific day and time. However, there is no time limit for the visit.

 Edge Tickets

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Budget Tip

The tickets for the Edge observation deck are already included in many of the popular New York sightseeing passes. So you don’t need to buy them separately! You can see which ones are currently included in my New York Pass comparison.

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