The Time Out Market is Not Like Any Other Food Hall

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Another food hall has opened up and this time it’s in DUMBO, Brooklyn. But, this isn’t just any other food hall like Chelsea Market or Mercado Little Spain. The concept of this DUMBO market is what differentiates this from the rest in NYC.  Officially called Time Out Market, it invites the best restaurants in the city under one roof to set up a stand. It’s a big feat and takes the curating game to a whole new level.

The restaurants participating in this food hall is considered the best by Time Out New York. The location is in a premier real estate as well. It’s right next to DUMBO House (SoHo House) and has scenic views of the Manhattan skyline, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and quick access to the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Time Out Market is An Upscale Food Hall

There are many things that differentiate Time Out Market NYC to other food halls in the city. For one, you’ll notice that your food will be served in chinaware, glassware, and silverware. There aren’t any disposables and brand ambassadors will be floating around the DUMBO market to assist you. Also, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, the vendors here are restaurants and eateries ranked by Time Out New York. This puts some of the best eats of NYC in one location making it a powerhouse food court. There will be about 21 vendors to choose from including 3 bars.

Many of our favorite restaurants are represented here at Time Out Market. Below are just some of them.

There’s also a good amount of seats to choose from as well. Time Out Market isn’t just located on one floor. There’s even rooftop access with a bar and other extra food vendors.

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Is Time Out Market NYC Expensive?

With so many restaurants right next to the water overlooking Lower Manhattan, it becomes the perfect place to have lunch or dinner. The only thing is, the current restaurants in the area can hurt your pockets. This brings us to our next topic. No, Time Out Market is not expensive and it is affordable, but, don’t expect some discount pricing. Remember what you’re being offered here. You have perfect views, arguably the best food in NYC has to offer and the experience makes it all worth it.

Where is Time Out Market NYC Located?

Time Out Market in New York is located in the Brooklyn neighborhood, right in between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge. It’s a huge tourist site and a great location for the food hall. The address is 55 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201. You can get here by taking the F train to York Street or the AC trains to High St. From there it’s about a 10-15 minute walk to this NYC food market. Don’t let that long walk deter you though. Along the way, you’ll experience the DUMBO neighborhood which has a cool and edgy vibe to it.

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Are there other Time Out Market Locations?

Currently, there are three Time Out Markets spread across the globe. Lisbon was the first one to open followed by Miami and New York. Future openings will be located in Boston, Chicago, Montreal, London, and Praha.

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