Chelsea Market in the Meatpacking District

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12. September 2018
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It is hard to find another city in the world where you can explore as many different things as in NYC. Known for being a melting pot of many different cultures, New York City offers great food to satisfy all tastes and desires. At the Chelsea Market you will be able to find everything that your heart desires, the variety and quality of food truly makes this to one of our favorite places to go and eat in NYC. 


The old building in which you will find the Chelsea Market, is famous for its history. The delicious Oreo Cookies were invented and produced here in the past, making it a fitting location for one of the most popular food spots in the city. You’ll find everything from bakery’s, winery’s, vegetable, fruit stores, fish restaurants and steak houses here, among many other delicious places to satisfy your hunger.


One of the highlights of the Meatpacking District

Chelsea MarketThe Meatpacking District is one of the fanciest areas in New York City. Beside the High Line and the several great rooftop bars, restaurants and shopping opportunities, the Chelsea Market is the place to be. Inside the old factory building, which spans a whole NYC block, you will find the perfect location to grab some food, even when the weather is not playing along. The upcoming winter season, which could be very cold, won’t bother you from inside the food paradise. The charming old building is perfect for a pleasant afternoon, in which you will discover the beauty of the old granite sculptures, watch the bakers make fresh bread, or just find a seat in one of the little restaurants.

Get lost inside the old cookie factory

The variety of food and stores is huge at Chelsea Market. Everyone who comes to this location will start feeling hungry soon after they walk through the door. You will definitely find multiple things that tickle your fancy, meaning that we recommend taking a look around or at the map before you make a choice on where to eat. Delicious cupcakes, fresh bread, fresh fish (such as lobster, or Sushi), Italian delicatessen, wine, and great coffee are only the tip of the iceberg. If you are looking for a special gift Chelsea Market has a lot to offer as well. The Posman Books Store has a lot of great postcards and little gifts and souvenirs for you loved ones.  The vibe inside the food market is great and attracts people from far and wide, it is definitely worth a visit!

Handmade in New York City

My highlight beside the impressive bookstore is the indoor flea market: Artists & Fleas. This might seem familiar as there is another one in Williamsburg which you may have seen. Artists & Fleas is an “Artists Fashion Design” and “Vintage” Market and a little paradise for all who love creative, authentic, individual clothes and accessories. Mostly young artists and designers sell their products here. You can almost smell the creativity in the air when you are walking around. Our tip: Most of the prices are negotiable.Chelsea Market

Here are some impressions of our last visit to Chelsea Market:

IMG_6005Spices from all over the world


At the winery Chelsea Wine Vault you can try many delicious wines


At Eleni’s cupcakes are amazing, you definitely need to try them. Another great location is Fat Witch Bakery, where you can buy a lot of little gifts and baked cookies with a NYC twist.


Enjoy your afternoon at one of the amazing restaurants


Great postcards and little gifts at: Posman Books


New York art at Artists & Fleas Market


These pictures are a great idea for a special gift.


If you like lobster, you really should eat here: Lobster Place

Overall Chelsea Market is an absolute must-see in Manhattan. The Chelsea Market in Meatpacking District is a special place and a journey into a different, creative world. I recommend you a visit in the early morning, or shortly before lunch time. During the weekends it is always very busy, which might bother you and might keep you from appreciating the charm and flair of the market. These are only our highlights of the market as well, there’s so much more to explore and it will depend on your tastes what you enjoy the most. 


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