Gansevoort Market NYC – A Great Alternative Food Hall in Meatpacking

Not far from The High Line and the popular Chelsea Market, is the relatively new Gansevoort Market NYC. The food hall is relatively small and provides a diverse selection of vendors. The food market opened its doors on 14th Street in the Meatpacking District two years ago. With around 25 different food vendors, you can sample the culinary diversity of New York and find everything from sushi to pizza and lobster rolls.

The Special Thing About the New York Food Markets

The great thing about food markets is that the choices and selections make it so easy to travel with many people and you’re not restricted to just one type of cuisine. It’s perfect for lunch with friends and co-workers as well.

We had three different dishes from three different restaurants at the Gansevoort Market NYC. We ordered the lobster roll with chips from Simply Hooked, pad thai from the vendor Thaimee and we also ordered a rice bowl with chicken and hummus from Baba Wholesome Mediterranean. The food was quick and tasty.

Is Gansevoort Market an Alternative to Chelsea Market?

Gansevoort Market definitely faces major competition in the immediate vicinity of Chelsea Market. As the number one tourist spot in the area, especially in bad weather, the crowds flock to the former halls of the Oreo factory. We recommend the Gansevoort Market as a good alternative for eating when it is too crowded at Chelsea Market. The ambience is definitely more beautiful at Chelsea Market, and of course it wins by its spaciousness. But if you only want to eat something for a short while, you can definitely visit Gansevoort Market. The waiting time is much lower here.

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