The Absolute Best Public Restrooms in NYC

When you visit New York City, you’re most likely going to be commuting and walking around all day. Finding some of the best public restrooms in NYC can be a daunting task. Obviously, you’re going to need to use the restroom at least once during the day. Now, there are public restrooms in NYC, but a lot of them aren’t very clean. Finding an ideal one is actually very stressful and can be very difficult.

Sure, you can go to a Starbucks, but there will definitely be a line, it definitely won’t be clean or there will be a sign that says “restroom is out of order.” It’s a necessity that’s pretty difficult to find without buying something at a restaurant or cafe. With that being said, this article will explain where you can find public bathrooms in New York City and on tips where to look.

Public Restrooms in NYC: Hotels are the Best

If you want to use a clean restroom, go to a hotel. 90 percent of the time you’ll find one here and they’re usually very clean. The only problem you might have is if the restroom either needs a code or a key card to access it. Don’t worry, they won’t question you (and if they do, the worst thing they can do is say no). Just go up to any of the staff and politely ask where the restroom is located and they will gladly let you know where it is. If you’re looking for the best public restrooms in NYC, a hotel is our number one advice.

Quick In-and-Out Food Establishments

Another great spot to find a tolerable public restroom in NYC are grab and go food establishments. There is a catch to this though. You’ll need to buy something, whether it’s a piece of candy or even a bottled water. Their restrooms usually have a code or a key and the only way to obtain access is to buy something. A three dollar bottled water is worth it if you really have to use a restroom. Examples for these types of restaurants are Pretty-A-Manger, Chipotle or something like that.

Other Notable Spots for the Best Public Restrooms in NYC

If you’re not comfortable doing the above, here are some notable spots for the best public restrooms in NYC. It has easy access and is convenient.

  • Inside the Oculus in Lower Manhattan
  • Inside Fulton Center In Lower Manhattan
  • Inside Brookfield Place in Lower Manhattan
  • Brookfield Place Ferry Terminal
  • Pier 17
  • Inside Rockefeller Center
  • Bryant Park (it’s very clean especially for a park in the city)
  • Macys (basement floor and the shoe department)
  • Inside H&M Times Square (first floor)
  • Any Barnes and Nobles Book Store
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Time Warner Center which is close to Central Park
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park (Shake Shack, inside West Elm)

We hope this article makes your trip to NYC a little bit more convenient.

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