The 28 Best Places to Shop in NYC on a Budget – The Ultimate Guide for 2024

The cost of visiting New York City is high; as you are probably already aware, the Big Apple is one of the most expensive cities in the world. You may also be aware that one of the things visitors to NYC enjoy doing the most is shopping. However, you shouldn’t just shop wherever you happen to be because you could end up paying way too much!

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any good places to shop that are reasonably priced though. There are numerous options for inexpensive shopping in New York City, and that is what this post is all about.
Here, we’ll go over some of the best locations in New York for finding affordable designer clothing, cheap clothing, accessories, and cheap souvenirs, as well as the top thrift shops and outlet malls. So let’s begin right away!

These are the TOP 28 Places to Shop on a Budget in NYC

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    Primark (Staten Island Mall)

    Other Shopping in Staten Island
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    You’re about to overfill your closet with casual-cool clothes from this store, so get your plastic ready. But don’t worry, this indulgence won’t hurt your finances. Why? because the UK’s trendy, incredibly affordable fashion chain Primark now has a location in New York… The Staten Island Mall!

    All of your wardrobe necessities, including clothing, shoes, and accessories for men and women, are available at the enormous outlet (55,100 square feet, with 41 changing rooms). You can also purchase items for your home and beauty products. The very best? Without having any regret over your purchases, you can leave the store with several bags packed to the gills with brand-new clothing.

    What You Should Know About Primark:

    • They have high-quality, reasonably-priced beauty products
    • Their goods and services are among the cheapest in New York
    • They have several famous customers who adore and support their products.
    • Primark keeps their social media accounts updated so you’ll never miss out on their products.
    • You can purchase their clothing items online.
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    INA Chelsea

    Other Shopping in Chelsea
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    The INA is an affordable clothing store in New York City, which is based in Chelsea (and all over the city), opened in 1993, and has already established a solid reputation as one of the city’s top consignment shops.

    Why, you might ask? The fact that this store only accepts the highest quality goods for resale and has a wide selection of fashion-forward items, at discounted prices, from legendary designers like Chanel, Pucci, BALLY, etc. is the reason for its epic reputation for selling high quality at insane discount prices.

    What You Should Know About INA:

    • They sell quality items at discount prices
    • They have a reputation for selling quality items and accessories
    • The INA shopping mall has different branches in New York.
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    DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse

    Shoe Store in Garment District
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    One could argue that DSW is the best retailer for finding good shoes at reasonable prices. Many shoppers adore going there to find the best designer shoes at discount prices.

    However, this store is the best option for you if you enjoy browsing a variety of shoes. As loyal customers, they will give you a gift card if you consistently make purchases from them.

    What you should Know About DSW:

    • They sell quality athletic footwear and accessories at very affordable prices
    • DSW gives gift cards to their good customers
    • They also sell branded and designer wears
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    Other Shopping in Midtown Manhattan
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    With its flagship location in New York City, Bloomingdale’s (also known as “Bloomies”) is widely regarded as Manhattan’s most fashionable department store. A 2,100-square-foot Visitors Center at Bloomingdale’s makes it possible for tourists to feel at home in the middle of New York City.
    Designer handbags, timeless men’s and women’s collections, elegant housewares, and other items are examples of popular shopping items. Receptionists who speak multiple languages are also available and happy to assist with any information, in-store services, and package delivery to your hotel.

    What you should know about Bloomingdale’s:

    • They sell all their accessories at a very affordable rate
    • They offer a 25% discount multiple times a year
    • When you become a Loyalist, (that is you become a Bloomingdale card holder) you enjoy several benefits and offers from them
    • They offer free shipping, free delivery, and free returns if you’re Loyalist
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    Century 21

    Mall in Financial District
    Century 21 Store NYC
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    Century 21 used to be one of New York’s best-kept secrets. Century 21 still merits a mention in this list of affordable stores in New York City, even though a lot more people are aware of it now and prices are a little bit higher than they once were.
    From shoes to hats, practically everything is discounted here by up to 70%. Century 21 covering seven floors just reopened in the Financial District.

    What you should know about Century 21:

    • You can shop Century 21 online using their website
    • They offer discounts of up to 70% on lots of their items
    • All of their items are quality even when inexpensive
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    Other Shopping in East Village
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    One of the best places to shop in NYC on a budget is a secondhand, vintage, and upcycled clothing store that was established in 2006 and is situated in Manhattan’s always awesome East Village.

    Since then, this once-hippie-looking clothing shop has grown into a $120,000-a-year enterprise that offers a meticulously curated collection of exquisite vintage clothing with prices ranging from $5 to $25.

    Additional benefit? This is one of those inexpensive clothing stores in NYC that also offers a wide variety of accessories for between $3 and $30, which is a price range I can wholeheartedly support.

    What you should know about AuH2O:

    • $10-$30 curated thrift shop finds, with shirts and dresses in silk, rayon, and linen
    • Reasonably priced! The jewelry selection is nice
    • Extra 15% off of everything on Thursdays with a student ID!
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    Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn

    Second Hand Store in Boerum Hill
    Buffalo Exchange Store NYC
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    The Buffalo Exchange is the place to go if you want designer clothes but have a budget fit for a diva from a thrift store. One of the best places in NYC for cheap vintage and designer clothing shopping is this well-known thrift store in Brooklyn.

    Although this is a thrift shop, many of the items on display still have their tags attached, indicating that some of the clothing being sold here has never been worn (or has only been worn a few times).

    What you should know about Buffalo Exchange:

    • These items are inexpensive
    • It is one of the best thrift stores in New York City
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    Beacon’s Closet

    Second Hand Store in Midtown Manhattan
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    A great place to look for a specific item is Beacon’s Closet. This thrift shop buys and sells pre-owned and (rarely) brand-new clothing. They arrange their clothing according to color, which makes it simple to shop if you’re like me and typically stick to a certain color scheme.

    They are very picky about what they accept, so for a wider selection, visit the location in Union Square or Greenpoint.

    What you should know about Beacon’s Closet:

    • They have great cheap clothes
    • Their women’s clothes and wears are great
    • They offer discounts multiple times a year
    • You can buy your item on their online website
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    L Train Vintage

    Second Hand Store in Williamsburg
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    Throughout the city, this chain of thrift stores is known by various names—No Relation Vintage, Village Style, and Vice Versa Vintage, to name a few—but each one sells reasonably priced pre-owned items for people of both sexes. Don’t look for expensive brands; consider the $5 denim jackets at Gap.

    What you should know about L Train Vintage:

    • They have a variety of affordable vintage wears
    • The majority of their item is $5-$20
    • They have multiple collections and categories where you can select your best items from
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    Nordstrom Rack

    Other Shopping in Midtown Manhattan
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    This is the place to go if you’re looking for some affordable, authentic Nordstrom merchandise. Numerous overstock or out-of-season items that were previously displayed at the original Nordstrom stores (but regrettably never sold) are available here. Branded clothing for men and women, shoes, accessories, and other goods are available for close to (or even less than) half of their original cost.

    What you should know about Nordstrom Rack:

    • There are one of the leading fashion retailer offering inexpensive clothing in NYC
    • They have great customer service
    • Their wears are unique, compelling, and quality for both men and women
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    Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

    Day Trip in Outside of New York City
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    One of the few Chanel outlets in the world is among the 220 outlet stores that make up the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. The layout of the stores, which resembles a village, creates a pleasant atmosphere. Famous brands from The Outlets are discounted by 25% to 65% (talk about some great deals! ), including Burberry, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Adidas, Arc’teryx, Barney’s New York Warehouse, etc.

    What you should know about the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets:

    • They sell inexpensive quality clothing
    • They also sell branded items
    • Woodbury gives discounts multiple times a year
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    Macy's Herald Square

    Other Shopping in Midtown Manhattan
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    Macy’s is not just a fashion institution; it is also a symbol of America. Visit the world’s largest department store, Macy’s Herald Square, which is renowned. You can count on Macy’s to have the newest fashions, whether you need them for yourself or your home. A multilingual staff is waiting to greet you when you enter the visitor center on the 34th Street balcony.

    What you should know about Macy’s Herald Space:

    • It’s one of the best stores to get your fashion wear and apparel for a little price
    • They offer discount
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    Fishs Eddy

    Other Shopping in Gramercy
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    The best flatware and kitchenware are available at Fishs Eddy for affordable prices. Fishs Eddy is a unique place to shop, regardless of whether you’re a culinary expert or just thinking about adding some flair to your kitchen.

    They have everything you could want, and their designs range from vintage to modern. Additionally, they seasonally alter their inventory. To save even more money, look for weekly sales or clearance items. Just be aware that it’s a small area and not ideal for strollers and other large items.

    What you should know about Fishs Eddy:

    • Their item is affordable
    • It’s one of the best places to shop for kitchenware utensils
    • They offer weekly sales and discounts
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    Leekans Designs

    Other Shopping in Lower East Side
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    A diverse selection of ethnic arts from China, Indonesia, India, Morocco, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, and other Asian nations are available in this one-of-a-kind Lower East Side showroom.

    They sell ready-made jewelry, inexpensive home decor, and furnishings, as well as African trading beads that can be instantly transformed into a necklace or bracelet. You simply cannot miss this store if you prefer unique goods or have a penchant for exotic accessories.

    What you should know about Leekans Design:

    • Their art collections are not only inexpensive but very classic as well
    • Their decors carry the impression of modern and traditional decoration
    • They offer discounts
  15. 15

    Line and Label

    Other Shopping in Greenpoint
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    This quaint neighborhood shop sells mostly locally produced clothing, making it a satisfying place to shop regardless of your budget. Although there are some more expensive items, there is a wide variety of tops, tees, and accessories for $100 or less.

    What you should know about Line and Label:

    • Locally crafted wears are available in this store
    • They are inexpensive compared to others in the market
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    City Opera Thrift Shop

    Other Shopping in Chelsea
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    Another vintage thrift store, City Opera carries only women’s clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. Additionally, there is an upper floor with some intriguing works of art, home accents, and even some furniture. The fact that the New York City Opera receives 100% of the store’s sales is its best feature.

    What you should know about City Opera Thrift:

    • There is one of the best thrift stores in New York
    • Their vintage wear is not only topnotch but also affordable
    • They offer discounts
  17. 17

    Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

    Other Shopping in SoHo
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    While browsing the nearby bookstore, I stumbled upon this thrift shop by accident, but it’s a real find. Even if you have no plans to purchase anything, they frequently have some excellent deals that are alluring.

    However, all of the store’s profits are given to NGOs that are connected to HIV/AIDS in addition to their alluring prices.

    As a result, in addition to getting absurd discounts, you’ll also feel good about yourself because all of the proceeds from your most recent purchase go to charity.

    What you should know about Housing Works Bookstore Café:

    • They offer discounts
    • Their literal items are amazing
  18. 18

    Empire Outlets Staten Island

    Outlet in Staten Island
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    Empire Outlets, which opened in 2019, was the only outlet center in New York City. Today, the Empire Outlets are not only among the town’s most exciting places to shop, but their costs are also very reasonable.
    Brands like Nike, Old Navy, Levi’s, Columbia Factory, and many more are discounted here by 30% to 50%. The store is about 20 minutes from Lower Manhattan, but the only free way to get there is by taking the Staten Island Ferry.

    What you should know about Empire Outlets:

    • They offer discounts of up to 50% on brand and designer items
    • They’ve gained the trust of the majority of shoppers even though they just started in 2019
    • The price tag on all their items is very affordable
  19. 19

    10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas

    Second Hand Store in Williamsburg
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    Most locals frequent this chic store as their go-to vintage secondhand shop. The 10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas is a vintage clothing and trinket shop in Brooklyn’s hip Williamsburg neighborhood. Retro clothing from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s is available inside the store, as well as some vintage western wear.

    Sincerely, we doubt that anyone would still wear these items, but they make fantastic collectibles.

    But you can find more than that here. A lot of everyday clothing is available, and there are of course some fantastic discounts. The fact that the merchandise is organized into sections that correspond to the store’s layout and that prices increase as you move deeper into the store is my favorite part about it.

    What Should you know about 10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas:

    • They have lots and lots of stylish items for fashionistas
    • Their vintage wears are topnotch
    • Their items are affordable
  20. 20

    Goodwill Thrifting Store

    Second Hand Store in Long Island City
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    If you haven’t been to a Goodwill thrift store, you haven’t truly experienced New York’s shopping frenzy. Visit their main store in Long Island City to see the long lines of people waiting to enter if you want to experience culture shock. Inside, it’s even worse; people are pushing and rushing around frequently, but that’s okay if you have deals in mind to be struck. It is still the only store I’ve come across that charges by the pound for weighted items.

    Although not all of their stores are this chaotic, I didn’t mean to scare you. In the store on the Upper East Side and the one on East 23rd Street, I’ve had a lot more pleasant shopping experiences.

    What should you know about Goodwill Thrifting Stores:

    • They’re one of the best thrift stores in the whole of NYC
    • They are affordable
    • They offer discounts
  21. 21

    Canal Street Market in Chinatown

    Food Market in Chinatown
    Food Market
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    Chinatown’s Canal Street is dotted with infamous discount stores where fake goods are sold. The majority of items you’ll find here are knockoffs, though some are better than others. The aggressive sellers who shove you in the face and expect you to bargain make the atmosphere very different from anywhere else in New York.
    Cash is king in this place, and the region as a whole is a massive center for the gray economy. Remember to always bargain (the starting asking price will typically be very high) and bring a lot of small bills if you intend to purchase anything from here. You don’t want to offer $10 in exchange for $50 in change.

    What you should know about Canal Street Market in Chinatown:

    • Their items are very affordable
    • You can buy at wholesale price
    • They offer discounts
  22. 22

    Monk Vintage

    Second Hand Store in Williamsburg
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    The Monk Vintage Thrift Store is one of Williamsburg’s most vibrant and eclectic stores which serves as the capstone to this list of places to shop cheap in NYC.

    The shop is packed to the gills with name-brand, pre-owned clothing, and shoes that come in a rainbow of vivid colors.

    Like in every other thrift shop, you must snoop around to find the true gems, but the wonderful interior of the shop will make the entire experience very enjoyable.

    What you should know about Monk Vintage:

    • There are amongst the top thrift shops in NYC
    • They are affordable
    • Their wears are topnotch and 100% quality
  23. 23

    Necessary Clothing

    Other Shopping in Little Italy
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    Going to Lombardi’s in Little Italy for some mouthwatering pizza? In that case, while you’re here, make sure to stop by the one and only “Necessary Clothing.”

    After all, it’s unquestionably one of the best places in NYC to shop on a tight budget and is renowned for offering fashionable clothing at competitive prices.

    So while you’re here, enjoy a wide selection of clothing items for less than $50 each. Use their comprehensive online store instead if you don’t have any immediate plans to visit NYC.

    What you should know about Necessary Clothing:

    • Their women’s clothing is not only quality but stylish and classy
    • They offer discounts on their items
    • It’s the top choice for fashionistas looking to spend less in NYC
  24. 24

    260 Sample Sale, Final Sale

    Other Shopping in Upper West Side
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    Now that you’re here, you can delight in sample sale awesomeness every single day!

    Yup! Imagine being able to purchase a variety of high-quality items at sample sale prices without having to scurry around the city looking for the newest and best impromptu sample sale.

    As a result, you can anticipate that each item here will cost somewhere between $30.00 and $300.00. Additionally, you’ll always be able to find something new to buy because the stock is constantly changing (sorry, meant to say wallet).

    What you should know about 260 Sample Sale, Final Sale:

    • They offer sales discount
    • Their wears and apparels are of quality
  25. 25

    Hester Street Fair

    Other Shopping in Financial District
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    At your favorite NYC flea market, do you enjoy looking for hidden treasures? If so, one of the best places to shop in New York City on a budget is the Hester Street Fair.

    As you can see, this renowned street fair and flea market has existed since 2010. It lost the lease for its original location on Hester Street, which was very upsetting for everyone in the world of discount shopping.

    They did, however, move to a temporary location in the Seaport region only recently. So make sure to go and browse the goods and clothing offered by their various vendors. Keep an eye out for their move to a new location later this year.

    What you should know about Hester Street:

    • There are on the radar of shoppers list in NYC
    • They are very affordable
  26. 26

    Crossroads Trading Company

    Other Shopping in Greenwich Village
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    Do you feel as though you are at a crossroads in your life regarding your finances? Excuse the corny pun. If so, you might want to visit Crossroads Trading Company, a famous US consignment shop that was founded in California and now has several locations in New York City.

    So even though this location for the best shopping in NYC isn’t specific to the city, it’s still worthwhile visiting because they stock a huge selection of stylish clothing. Consequently, you won’t have to dig through bins of repulsive clothing in this location.

    Because even though they do get used merchandise, their standards are very high. Everything offered for sale, as a result, is incredibly fashionable and in brand-new condition. Therefore, this is the place to be if you want a stylish pair of YSL sneakers for $55.00 or a quilted Chanel handbag for $800.00. Meanwhile,  the majority of items will probably range in price from $5 to $50.

    What you should know about Crossroads Trading Company:

    • They offer sales discount
    • They sell quality and classy wear
  27. 27

    TJ Maxx

    Other Shopping in Midtown Manhattan
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    At TJ Maxx (known as TK Maxx in Europe) you can buy discounted branded products – no matter if clothes, shoes, cosmetics, decoration, or other knick-knacks. There are five locations in Manhattan. TJ Maxx is also the sister company of Marshalls, where you can also go shopping for bargains.

  28. 28

    Rainbow Shop

    Other Shopping in Garment District
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    Experience fashion excellence firsthand at the conveniently located store at 8th Ave, where quality meets affordability and style meets diversity. Explore a wide array of fashionable clothing and accessories at Rainbow Shops in New York, ensuring everyone enjoys top-tier style without breaking the bank. 

    With options for women, plus sizes, and shoes, their curated collections offer exceptional value and size inclusivity. Dive into a refreshing fashion experience with new and trendy styles added daily, keeping their wardrobe vibrant and up-to-date.

Tips to Consider when Looking for the Best Places to Shop on a Budget in NYC

The following are some of the top advice that will help you choose your next item and the best stores in New York City:

  • Pay attention to retail sales
    Retail sales typically occur up to four times a year in most stores, just like they do in most other places in the world. In NYC, charming boutiques hold sales twice a year, and some small businesses hold periodic, shorter retail sales throughout the year.
    Moreover, bear in mind that larger stores tend to have higher retail sales. For instance, Macy’s (the location in Herald Square) offers retail sales on a variety of goods almost every day.
  • Pack some recyclable bags
    Although it’s not directly related to finding bargains in NYC, you should always try to shop ethically and use a reusable tote bag.
    If you don’t have any, you can purchase inexpensive tote bags for less than $1 at stores like Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, etc. This is not only more environmentally friendly than using plastic bags, but it also makes shopping easier for you because you won’t have to carry around multiple plastic bags.
  • Locate sample sales
    Design houses in New York lease locations in Manhattan (or other hotspots) to sell their samples, flawed products, or overruns. Shoppers can save anywhere between 60% and 90% off the retail price during these sample sales! The only disadvantage of sample sales is that they typically come in smaller sizes and don’t usually allow try-on, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still keep an eye on them. Some selected websites, including Chicmi and The Stylish City, can alert you to upcoming designer sales.


Final Thoughts

There are a few places to check out, including well-known cheap options, outlet malls, and other hotspots, if you’re looking for some of the best shopping in New York. Keep in mind that a New York City Explorer Pass frequently entitles you to additional discounts at shopping malls, outlet stores, and other establishments. Consider adding some of these options to your travel itinerary as you plan your trip.

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