Empire Outlets in Staten Island

NYC's First Shopping Outlet Center

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There are so many shopping experiences in NYC, but when it comes to outlets, one must travel pretty far just to find one. This is where Empire Outlets in Staten Island comes in. The outlets become NYC’s first, which is pretty surprising when the city is filled with so many shops. It’s been about 7 years since the planning began and now it’s finally open.

This also benefits Staten Island as well. Some will argue that the borough has been “forgotten”, but Empire Outlets will effectively bring in more foot traffic and puts Staten Island “back on the radar”. On its inaugural weekend, Empire Outlets had over 165,000 visitors. Getting there is a breeze also. Just take the Staten Island Ferry and you’re there.

What stores are at Empire Outlets in Staten Island?

Empire outlets will have an array of stores including mainstream favorites such as H&M, True Religion, and many more. Since the outlets are relatively new, the majority of the stores is not open yet. But for now, here is some a list of the stores making its way to Staten Island. Please find the complete list of stores at the Empire Outlets here.

  • Nordstrom Rack
  • Nike Factory Store
  • Levis
  • Guess Factory Store
  • GAP Factory Store
  • Converse
  • Columbia Factory Store
  • Banana Republic Factory Store

This list is just an example of some of the many stores that will open at Empire Outlets in Staten Island. So, what’s so special about outlet stores? People love outlets because of the great deals customers can get. What would typically run for retail at a regular store, would run for a much lower cost at outlets, sometimes more than 50 percent less.

That’s why people will flock to Staten Island. The buying opportunity is great and your favorite brands usually have a store there. Once fully completed, the shopping center will have about 100 stores and a parking garage as well. There will also be a hotel which will help make Staten Island a go-to destination. You can now add Staten Island as a shopping destination along with SoHo, 5th Avenue, and the Meatpacking District.

What Restaurants are at Empire Outlets?

Food selections at Empire Outlets will be vast and diverse. Some of the vendors will be:

We’re pretty sure more restaurants and dining options will open and be revealed later on in the summer.

Why is it cheaper to shop at Outlets?

Outlets are generally cheaper primarily because of two things. Stores usually carry styles that are in excess inventory and didn’t sell in their main stores. Another reason is that the brands specifically make products for their outlet stores. This doesn’t mean the quality is of the products have decreased, but some small details such as extra zippers or certain buttons would be left out, to cut cost. Either way, it’s definitely a great way to buy a product from high-end brands.

How Do You Get To Staten Island?

Empire Outlets in Staten Island

Getting to Staten Island is very easy and cost effective. It’s free and there’s always plenty of room. You can catch the boat near the South Ferry Station located in downtown Manhattan. While riding the ferry, make sure to take in the scenery. You’ll be able to get amazing views of Lower Manhattan with the One World Trade and the ferry passes by The Statue of Liberty as well. Once you get off the ferry, the Empire Outlets will meet you right at the exit. It’s actually the first thing you’ll notice once you get to the island.

Loving Travel Insider Tip

  1. To get to Staten Island, take the Staten Island Ferry.

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