Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Loved by musicians, artists, and the creatives of NYC, Williamsburg has become increasingly popular in recent years. The vibe here is incredible and attracts people from across the globe. From street art, unique shopping opportunities and coffee shops to restaurants and food trucks, the area is bustling with creativity and unique individuals. Below you will find our detailed guide to the area filled with insider tips on things to do, places to eat, bars to visit and shops to explore.

The rise of Williamsburg

Williamsburg is another tale of a NYC working class neighborhood turning into one of the city’s most trendy and desirable locations. Especially for the younger crowd Williamsburg, located on the north side of Brooklyn south of Greenpoint, has skyrocketed in popularity. The neighborhood has come a long way from its reputation of danger and widespread crime in the 1970’s. The area has drastically changed since the mid 1990’s when low rents attracted young artists from around the world. It is hard to imagine that this trendy, hipster, district was once unsafe and undesirable. Today when you visit Williamsburg you will find a very special place with a great atmosphere, a place which which is loved by the people and is not short of individuals invested in making it a better place. Populated by young individuals, Williamsburg is more than a huge contrast to the busy, noisy, and sometimes strict life in Manhattan. In Williamsburg you feel a refreshing breeze of carefree blowing through the streets and you cant help but feel infected by the relaxd and easygoing vibe.

Creative scene

Meanwhile well over 6500 artists are living their creative life in Williamsburg. Actors, musicians, photographers and the likes, enjoy and have helped foster an environment for great restaurants, clubs, galleries and unique shops. Inhabitants of Williamsburg live in urban lofts in old factories, or rent a luxury apartment at the waterfront giving them sensational views of the city. Most of the old factory buildings are full of graffiti giving the whole are an artistic flair. Walking around you will see an overwhelming amount of bikes and skateboards compared to Manhattan. There’s no stress or hurry in Williamsburg and this feeling is even apparent to its many short term visitors.

Shopping in Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a great destination for shopping, if you like flea markets, second hand stores, vintage items or antiquities. What you wont find here is big retailers like ZARA and H&M. Small unique shops selling unique products dominate the shopping experience in this part of town. A famous example of the type of stores that thrive in Williamsburg is the second hand and exchange store Buffalo Exchange. Other shops & flea markets are run by artists themselves and offer a variety of handcrafted products made by locals. Bedford Avenue is a great spot to find clothes or a special gift for someone. Shopping in Williamsburg is in complete contrast to Manhattan and the glamorous shops of Fifth Avenue. 

Staying in Williamsburg

Many young people love staying in Williamsburg during their trip to New York City.  Due to its reputation and relaxd atmosphere Williamsburg has become an increasingly popular spot to stay. It promises a different experience than Manhattan and shows people the less commercial side of New York City. The Wythe Hotel at the Williamsburg Waterfront is a good choice for those wishing to experience the atmosphere of the district as well as get some amaxing views of the city. This trendy location has 72 stylish rooms in different sizes, a fancy rooftop bar and is close to the city making it perfect as a hub for exploration. Hotel Le Jolie is a small Boutique Hotel and a cheaper opportunity to stay in Williamsburg. Located on famous Meeker Avenue you’ll find cozy and comfortable rooms in the heart of the unique district. My personal recommendation for those who like to live in an apartment, would be to try to find a place with airbnb. This way you will get the chance to experience and live in a Williamsburg apartment and get the most value for your money.

Top 5 restaurants/bars

There are a lot of amazing restaurants and bars in Williamsburg. This is our list of the top 5 to help you narrow down your choice:

1. Allswells

(Address: 124 Bedford Avenue   |   http://allswellnyc.com)

Great American kitchen with an amazing atmosphere on the famous Bedford Avenue.


2. Fette Sau

(Address: 354 Metropolitan Avenue   |   http://www.fettesaubbq.com)

New York City’s best BBQ.


3. The Elm

(Address: 160 North, 12th Street   |   http://theelmnyc.com)

French food at the King & Grove Hotel!


4. Peter Luger

(Address: 178 Broadway   |   http://peterluger.com)

The best steak in Williamsburg


5. Roberta’s

(Address: 261 Moore Street   |   http://www.robertaspizza.com)

Classic Italian cuisine. My favorite

Other things to do

If beer is your thing, you should most definitely pay the Brooklyn Brewery a visit. You can book a great tour about how the classic beer is made. With its amber color and a subtle flowery fragrance the beer is making headway internationally and becoming a well known brew among beer lovers. Take a closer look on their website as they offer a many tours of the brewery. On special days they also provide beer tastings, with beer made especially for these events. A single ticket costs around $10 however the tour is also included in the New York Pass which is particularly relevant if you plan on visiting over 3 attractions per day!

Furthermore you can also take a walk over the Williamsburg Bridge towards Manhattan. The beautiful walk across the bridge will give you breathtaking views of Manhattan Skyline from a truly unique vantage point.

Music fans should also visit one Williamsburg’s famous record shops. One of the best is Rough Trade which is located in an old factory building. You can spend hours here browsing through the records and soaking in the atmosphere. Williamsburg has so much to offer and it’s never getting boring, walk the streets for just a short amount of time and you will find an overwhelming amount of interesting spots, cafes, bars and shops. If you want some contrast the the tourist attractions Manhattan Williamsburg is definitely the spot for you.

How to get to Williamsburg

You can get to Williamsburg with a walk over the Williamsburg Bridge or you can take the Subway

Take one of the following lines:

  • G to Lorimer St, Metropolitan Ave, Broadway
  • J, M, Z to Marcy Ave, Hewes St, Lorimer St
  • L to Bedford Ave, Lorimer St, Graham Ave, Grand St.
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