Park Slope Brooklyn: The Ultimate Insider Guide for 2024

The best Attractions, Restaurants, Bars & Things to do in Park Slope

Believe the hype. Park Slope in Brooklyn is one of the neighborhoods that are currently prospering in New York City. There are many things to do in Park Slope Brooklyn. It is great for families and is one of the best places to raise kids in a big city like this one. There’s a joke in regards to the neighborhood stating that more strollers and families move around the streets than cars. Also, The Grade II listed Brownstone homes you see in Park Slope today are well worth between $ 2 million and $ 6 million.

In Park Slope, you can go for a walk and admire the Brownstone Houses over a coffee next to the beautiful Prospect Park. But who is living here? People who make big money on Wall Street, which is only 15 minutes away, housewives and mothers, but also retirees appreciate the charm of Park Slope Brooklyn. More and more young people are also moving to Park Slope. It is a paradise for everything your heart desires. But is it just the romantic suburban character that makes Park Slope Brooklyn so popular? Read all about the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood in this guide and find out first-hand which insider spots you shouldn’t miss on your discovery tour.

By the way: Did you know that Barack Obama once lived here? Even most locals don’t know that the former president used to live here in the heart of Park Slope. If you want to take a picture of the house he once lived in, it’s number 640 on 2nd Street.

Where is Park Slope Brooklyn?

The Park Slope neighborhood is located in the northwest of Brooklyn and is directly adjacent to the beautiful Prospect Park. The surrounding neighborhoods include Prospect Heights, Boerum Hill, and Gowanus. Park Slope is very easy to reach by subway.

What train goes to Park Slope Brooklyn?

  • take the D N R W train to Union St
  • take the F G F Q train to 7 Av
  • take the 2 3 4 train to Grand Army Plaza
  • take the F G train to 15 St – Prospect Park
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Is it safe in Park Slope Brooklyn?

Yes, if you compare various lists of the safest neighborhoods in New York City, it quickly becomes clear that Park Slope is not only one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, but in all of New York City. This is one of the reasons why this area is so popular with families.

Our TOP 5 Highlights in Park Slope Brooklyn

Park Slope Brooklyn: The Ultimate Insider Guide for 2024


  1. 5th Avenue (Brooklyn)
    5th Avenue in Brooklyn is the heart of Park Slope with many great restaurants, cafes, bars and shops.
  2. Prospect Park
    Brooklyn has its own version of Central Park. The only difference is that it is less busy. However, it is just as beautiful as it’s “big brother”.
  3. The Brownstone Houses
    The “typical” New York City Brownstone Houses are an absolute highlight in Park Slope.
  4. Barclays Center
    Whether you’re a sports fan or not, you should definitely check out a sporting event or a concert if you can. It’s located in the heart of Brooklyn.
  5. Green-Wood Cemetery
    Although it is unusual to recommend a cemetery, this ancient resting place of many celebrities is well worth a visit.

Things to Do in Park Slope Brooklyn

  1. 01

    5th Avenue in Brooklyn

    Other Attraction in Park Slope
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    One of the most famous streets in Manhattan is probably 5th Avenue, but there’s also a 5th Avenue in Brooklyn! This street is basically the heart of Park Slope and is home to numerous great restaurants, bars, and cafés. 5th Avenue in Brooklyn is also a popular destination for shopping fans.

  2. 02

    Visit the Barclay's Center and the Brooklyn Nets

    Other Attraction in Park Slope
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    The arena hosts all kinds of sporting events as well as concerts by major artists such as Janet Jackson, Usher, and Nicki Minaj. It is also home to the Brooklyn Nets. This is the Brooklyn Nets’ fourth club name – always due to relocations to other boroughs: first they were called the New Jersey Americans, then the New York Nets, followed by the New Jersey Nets, and since 2012 the basketball team has been known as the Brooklyn Nets.

    The Barclays Center was opened by none other than Jay-Z. He was the investor in the Barclays Center and is a big fan of the Nets himself – it’s not unusual for him to sit in the front row and cheer on his team.

  3. 03

    Come to the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden

    Park in Park Slope
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    The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the natural wonder of New York City and is especially popular during the cherry blossom season. Many people come to the botanic garden in Brooklyn just to see this natural spectacle. This place always has a special aura to it, as there is something wonderful blossoming here in any season. It’s located right inside Prospect Park in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

  4. 04

    Brooklyn Museum

    Museum in Park Slope
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    The Brooklyn Museum is the answer to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. In the building designed by MCKim and Mead & White in 1897, Brooklyn is home to the seventh largest art collection in the USA with more than 2 million objects. Particular highlights are the Egyptian collection on the fourth floor and the pre-Columbian collection on the second floor. In the so-called Period Rooms, also on the fifth floor, more than 20 living and dining rooms from New England houses dating from 1675 to 1830 are on display.

    Visitors are also given a very good overview of US art with highlights such as the work by Albert Bierstadt “A Storm in the Rocky Mountains”. It is definitely worth checking the museum’s exhibition calendar in advance, as there are always shows, controversial presentations, and other events taking place.

  5. 05

    Marvel at the famous Brownstone Houses in Park Slope

    Other Attraction in Park Slope
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    They are typical in New York and can also be found in other areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan, but the brownstone houses in Park Slope are truly impressive. Red-brown sandstone houses are lined up along idyllic side streets, one house more beautiful than the next. Anyone who has made it to New York either has a penthouse with a view or a brownstone house.

    Many impressive brownstones can be found in the historic district, adjacent to Prospect Park south of Grand Army Plaza. The houses here were built between around 1862 and 1920. For great photo opportunities, we recommend the quiet side streets between 7th Avenue and Prospect Park West. For example, you can start on Union Street and then head south with all the picturesque streets in between, such as President Street, Carroll Street, Garfield Place, and 1st and 2nd Street.

  6. 06

    Grand Army Plaza

    Building in Park Slope
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    New Years Eve, there will be a big open-air party at the Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn with free admission. Right next to the Prospect Parc, a great party with food, drinks, great entertainment and a great view of the fireworks will make for an unforgettable night. For about a quarter of an hour the sky sparkles over Long Meadow, the large clearing in Prospect Park.

  7. 07

    Greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza

    Food Market in Park Slope
    Food Market
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    Experience the vibrant Greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, NYC, held year-round on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Since 1989, this flagship market has been a popular destination for the community, offering farm fresh products and interesting programming. Located at the northwest entrance to Prospect Park, it draws a variety of shoppers from Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Crown Heights and beyond. 

    Between Greek-style columns, you’ll find fresh bread, fruit, vegetables, herbs, bags, honey and more. Locals come here for a relaxed chat with neighbors and vendors. With its wide range of products and sustainability initiatives such as composting and clothing collection, the market promotes environmental protection. 

    Payment can be made with cash, SNAP/EBT and debit/credit cards, making the market accessible to all. Join the celebration of local agriculture and community spirit at the Greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza.

  8. 08

    Green-Wood Cemetery

    Other Attraction in Park Slope
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    A rather unusual sightseeing location, but still really worth a visit, is the Green-Wood Cemetery. Close to Prospect Park (about a 10-minute walk) you will find New York’s most famous cemetery, which is home to around 600,000 graves over an area of 1.9 km². The admirable site is located on Battle Hill and offers great views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Brooklyn.

    The entrance gate in neo-Gothic style was designed by architect Richard Upjohn in the 1860s – many other buildings in the cemetery were also designed by him. The cemetery chapel, designed by Warren and Wetmore, was completed in 1911. The cemetery consists of valleys, mountains, countless small ponds and paths, and is a special collection of statues and mausoleums from the 19th and 20th centuries.

  9. 09

    Nitehawk Cinema

    Other Art & Culture in Park Slope
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    The Nitehawk Cinema is one of the few independent cinemas – and the first in New York City – to serve dinner directly in the movie theater. Sit back and enjoy food and drinks in a movie theater seat at your own little table. There is also a bar on the second floor for a relaxed evening. Like so many things in Park Slope, the Nitehawk has a rather retro appearance. It’s what you’d imagine a movie theater to have looked like in your grandmother’s day, with a cocktail hat on your head and a champagne glass in your hand.

  10. 10

    Stroll through Prospect Park

    Park in Park Slope
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    Prospect Park, which makes Park Slope such a desirable neighborhood in Brooklyn, is the counterpart to Central Park in Manhattan. It was designed by the same architects. It’s just a little more overgrown, has more areas for barbecues and fewer tourists. All year round, locals go for walks, walk dogs, feed ducks, sunbathe, barbecue, go for a bike ride, and enjoy what the park has to offer – including the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the stylish Prospect Park Boathouse. In winter, you can go ice skating, while pedal boating is popular in summer.

    As soon as it gets warm, the park comes alive. Friends and family meet up for picnics and concerts or go to the Smorgasburg food festival. Foodies should not miss this. From April, there will be weekly food stalls and food trucks in a relaxed atmosphere. The New York Times even called the open-air market “The Woodstock of Eating”.

Pictures of Park Slope

Shopping in Park Slope Brooklyn

Take a stroll through the beautiful neighborhood in Park Slope and you’ll find that it’s a great place to do some shopping. The main shopping streets of 5th Avenue and 7th Avenue are more popular than ever, with one great store after another. However, you won’t find H&M and other large shopping chains here. Instead, you will find small boutiques, second-hand stores, and local designers who have established themselves here. The Summer Garage Sales are also really cool, that is, private individuals selling their clothes on their doorsteps. Yes, that’s what they do here in Brooklyn.

Check out these stores in Park Slope Brooklyn

  1. 240215085406002_Annies_Blue_Ribbon

    01 Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store

    A good old general store, but modern and hip – for everything that makes life a little more beautiful and colorful: that’s Annie’s Blue Ribbon. From the outside, the store with its blue-framed shop window looks like a pretty corner store. Inside is a sweet store (which also smells like one when you enter) where you can find all sorts of things: Candles, cards, bags, puzzles, games, baskets, snacks, and a corner with pretty New York and Brooklyn goods.

  2. Shopping

    02 Gift Man

    A cute little store that’s been in the neighborhood for decades, and in its current location for 12 years. Those who come to shop at Gift Man will find a colorful mix of gifts and souvenirs for all occasions: birthday cards and postcards, books, puzzles, tea towels, mugs, magnets, T-shirts – many with a New York connection. At the back of the store, tucked away in a corner, there is an embroidery machine that decorates caps and hats with “Brooklyn” lettering, for example. You have a good chance of meeting the owner herself and maybe even hearing an anecdote or two. For example, the time Pete Davidson shopped in her little store in Park Slope for 300 dollars.

  3. Shopping

    03 Leroy's Place

    Don’t miss this! This colorful store is really fun. There’s lots to discover: Leroy’s Place is both a gift store and an interactive art gallery with sculptures, paintings, and crazy dolls by independent artists. While the kids discover funny monsters, adults can browse for creative gifts – on our visit, for example, there were unique stuffed animals, paintings, cool clothes, and candles that look like sneakers. There are also a few New York souvenirs. A magical feel-good store in the middle of Park Slope.

  4. Shopping

    04 Something Else on Fifth

    This is quite simply a cool store, for locals and tourists alike. Something Else on Fifth is a family business; a store that has been in Park Slope for many decades and has charmingly made the leap into modernity: There are big-brand clothes, books, mugs, games, candles, and space for local artists and brands (e.g. gummy bears from Brooklyn). Anyone browsing here will receive friendly advice and is guaranteed to find something for themselves and the perfect gift for friends who already have everything. Good vibe, good music, and good products. Be sure to stop by!

  5. Shopping

    05 Life Boutique Thrift

    Efforts to promote sustainability and charity and a love of vintage can be found in many corners of Brooklyn. The Life Boutique Thrift in Park Slope is no exception: a popular second-hand store with clothes, shoes, dishes, books, cameras, paintings, etc. There is so much to discover in every corner that you won’t know where to look first. If you like to browse and rummage, with a bit of luck you’ll find great individual items and second-hand clothes at good prices.

  6. Shopping

    06 Brooklyn Superhero Supply

    Superheroes and anyone who is curious and likes to be amazed can find supplies here. What does a superhero stash look like? Capes, masks, experiment kits, tins filled with immortality and invincibility, and more. A little store in Park Slope that makes adults feel like kids again and kids feel like they’re in paradise. There’s even a wind tunnel to try out how well the capes fly. Behind the Brooklyn Superhero Supply store is a non-profit organization that promotes the writing skills of New York schoolchildren and offers workshops in a separate room. The door to the room is – of course – disguised as a store shelf.

  7. manhattan_04

    07 Beacon’s Closet

    A well-known Brooklyn address for anyone who likes to store vintage and second-hand clothing. The selection of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories is impressive. Beacon’s Closet was founded by women, focuses on sustainability, and has stores in Greenpoint, Bushwick, and Manhattan in addition to its Park Slope location. The selection for women is larger than that for men. If you have the patience to browse, you can discover some real treasures here.

  8. Shopping

    08 Atlantic Center Mall

    Atlantic Center Mall, situated in the heart of Brooklyn, offers a diverse shopping and dining experience for visitors. Anchored by popular stores like Target and Burlington, the mall provides a range of options for fashion, electronics, home goods, and more. With a food court featuring eateries such as Applebee’s, Wetzel’s Pretzels, and Subway, visitors can enjoy a variety of cuisines while taking a break from shopping. Additionally, the mall houses other well-known brands like Marshalls, Uniqlo, DSW, and Victoria’s Secret, ensuring there’s something for everyone at Atlantic Center Mall.

  9. Books

    09 POWERHOUSE on 8th

    POWERHOUSE on 8th is an indie bookstore in Park Slope where you’ll find the best in nonfiction, fiction, children’s and young adult books, new releases, and more! POWERHOUSE on 8th, as well as the other two POWERHOUSE locations in Dumbo and Sunset Park, are open seven days a week. Stop by and find your next favorite book!

The Best Restaurants in Park Slope Brooklyn

Like everywhere else in New York City, there are countless restaurants in Park Slope. Here are some of my top spots that you should visit:

  1. best Restaurant Little Italy NYC

    01 al di la Trattoria

    A classic among the restaurants in Park Slope with authentic northern Italian cuisine: Al Di La, run by husband and wife Emiliano Coppa and chef Anna Klinger since 1998. The rustic-style interior with wooden chairs, chandeliers on the ceiling, and heavy curtains makes you feel like you’re in a restaurant in Italy. Time has stood still here and it’s easy to forget that you’re in Park Slope Brooklyn. The tagliatelle al ragú, mussels, and dishes with polenta are particularly popular. As the hype surrounding the restaurant grew, the couple also expanded their premises to include a cozy wine bar next door, Al Di La Vino. A clear recommendation!

  2. Bar

    02 American Cheez

    If you’re looking for a solid neighborhood pub in Park Slope with an unbeatable combo of delicious pizza and local beer, you’ll find it at American Cheez. The rock music in the background goes well with this, but you can still have a really good conversation. There are lots of young guests from the neighborhood, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and the decor and the many posters on the wall make the room feel cozy. It feels a bit like a rock pub from the 80s. And the garlic knots (garlic rolls) are a hit!

  3. Burger_170423115755007_1600x800

    03 Black Iron Burger

    Black Iron Burger is a well-known burger restaurant with several locations in New York. They serve really tasty burgers here – in addition to the classics, you can expect super-creative variations. Very tasty and very popular!


This is not what you’re in the mood for? Check out my article with the best restaurants in Park Slope here.

The Best Cafés in Park Slope

In the mood for a nice coffee? Check out some of the cafés in Park Slope:

  1. Cafe

    01 Brew Memories

    Although unassuming from the outside, the interior is warm and modern with a seating area where people open their laptops and friends meet up for a coffee. Brew Memories has a large selection of drinks: hot coffee, iced coffee, various lattes, fruit teas, and more. The bubble teas are popular with the locals. Served with a fried buttermilk chicken burger or a banh mi sandwich – delicious! You would never guess that the cuisine has an Asian touch. But there are also cookies and muffins. For us, this is one of the best cafés in Park Slope.

  2. Cafe

    02 Cafè Grumpy (Park Slope)

    Established in 2005, Café Grumpy came with a vision of serving exceptional specialty coffee in a warm atmosphere. From their first location in Greenpoint to their current eleven outlets, they’ve remained hands-on and committed to excellence. They aim to spread happiness through coffee and create an inclusive work environment. They value diversity and strive for equality, welcoming applicants from all backgrounds. Locals love getting their coffee here in the morning. It’s a small place but if you’re lucky you can sit at a window table and watch people while sipping your coffee.

  3. Cafe

    03 Café Regular

    Café Regular could also serve as a movie set. For the scene with the morning coffee and a newspaper at a tiny table. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a seat by the window, where you can curl up on red leather cushions and read. Because reading material is free here. Small, colorful, out of time, located in a side street, the café is popular with the locals. As the name suggests, many “regulars” come here. They, in turn, feel reminded of Europe here. One of the best cafés in Park Slope with good pastries that often sell out quickly.


Didn’t find the perfect spot for your coffee? I’m sure you’ll find one in my article about the best cafés in Park Slope.

The Best Bars in Park Slope

You want to end your evening with a nice drink? Then you should go to one of these bars:

  1. Bar

    01 American Cheez

    If you’re looking for a solid neighborhood pub in Park Slope with an unbeatable combo of delicious pizza and local beer, you’ll find it at American Cheez. The rock music in the background goes well with this, but you can still have a really good conversation. There are lots of young guests from the neighborhood, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and the decor and the many posters on the wall make the room feel cozy. It feels a bit like a rock pub from the 80s. And the garlic knots (garlic rolls) are a hit!

  2. Bar

    02 Brookvin

    In our opinion, this is one of the best wine bars in Park Slope. The wine list is extensive and if you need help deciding, you will receive competent and friendly advice. The atmosphere is relaxed and you can have a good conversation, whether as a group, on a date, or alone with a book at the bar. As soon as it gets warmer, there are also places to sit in the pretty back courtyard among the flowers and atmospheric lighting. Be sure to try the homemade mac and cheese. The charcuterie boards are also popular.

  3. Bar_170423115755006-2

    03 Commonwealth

    A really nice location with a large selection of beers. The service is very good and there is a great patio which is open when the weather is good.


Here you can find more great Bars in Park Slope.

Hotels Near Park Slope Brooklyn

In New York City you can find plenty of hotels in every borough. The Park Slope area also has some great accommodations to offer:

  1. Fairfield_Inn___Suites_by_Marriott_NY_Brooklyn

    01 Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott New York Brooklyn

    3 stars | Conveniently situated within walking distance of key subway stations connecting to Manhattan, the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott New York Brooklyn Hotel offers complimentary breakfast to kickstart your day. Relax in rooms equipped with modern amenities like a 50-inch flat-screen TV, coffee maker, and work desk. With a 24-hour front desk, fitness center, and free WiFi, Fairfield Inn & Suites ensures a comfortable stay. Don’t miss the rooftop lounge and easy access to attractions like Barclays Center and Atlantic Terminal Mall, just moments away.

  2. Hotel_le_Bleu_Park_Slope_Brooklyn_Hotel_by_Booking

    02 Hotel Le Bleu

    3 Stars | Le Bleu in Park Slope is a nice hotel very close to the idyllic Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn. You’ll be smack in the middle of the beautiful Brooklyn life. Prospect Park is only a few blocks away and by subway you can be in Lower Manhattan in 20 minutes.

  3. NU_Hotel_Brooklyn

    03 NU Hotel Brooklyn

    3 stars | Discover NU Hotel Brooklyn, nestled close to the Park Slope neighborhood, a stone’s throw away from the subway station. Enjoy complimentary WiFi and access to a 24-hour gym. The air-conditioned rooms feature 32-inch flat-screen TVs and private bathrooms. Start your day with a continental breakfast at NU Bar, and unwind with tapas and drinks in the evenings. With free bike rentals and nearby attractions like Brooklyn Borough Hall and the Barclay Center, NU Hotel offers the ideal blend of convenience and comfort for your Brooklyn stay.

For more great places check out our article with the best hotels near Park Slope.

Similar Neighborhoods

If you like the Park Slope neighborhood you might also like the Greenwich Village in Manhattan.

Fun Fact about Park Slope Brooklyn

The famous gangster Al Capone was born in Brooklyn and moved to Park Slope (38 Garfield Place) with his family at the age of 11.

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