Salt + Charcoal in Brooklyn – A Japanese Steakhouse in Williamsburg

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Williamsburg in Brooklyn is filled with numerous shops and restaurants and has a very diverse selection to choose from. It was pretty awesome to see a Japanese Steakhouse in Williamsburg called Salt + Charcoal. The chef, Tadaaki Ishizaki was formerly at a Michelin 3 Star restaraunt pror to Salt + Charcoal. Obviously, we decided to try it and let’s just say it was a great experience.

The Atmosphere at Salt + Charcoal

A lot of the restaurants and stores in general open a little later than Manhattan. The majority opened at right at 12PM which is right on time for lunch service. Salt + Charcoal was pretty empty during lunch, which makes sense because a lot of residents go to work in Manhattan. We remember walking by this area during a weeknight and it was super packed. So during lunch, don’t let the empty restaurant fool you. The restaurant has a very cool aesthetic which matches perfectly with Williamsburg. When you walk into the restaurant and look to your left, you’ll notice the meat in a refrigerator, that we’re assuming is dry-aging. Salt + Charcoal serves a 50-day dry-aged steak. The interior of the restaurant definitely gives the place a rustic steakhouse look with wooden floors and tables. There’s also outside seating as well for people that went to enjoy the warm weather.

Our Lunch at Salt + Charcoal

First of all, we want to say that lunch prices here is a little pricey. With that being said, it’s completely worth it. The ingredients were fresh and you can tell that the product they use is of very high quality. Their salmon poke was served with salmon sashimi and roe and topped over rice. The salmon was fresh and the roe gave it a nice salty touch (not too much). You can tell the salmon was great quality also. We also had their 10 oz. filet mignon. The steak was super tender and although we did ask for it to be cooked medium, it was a little on the rare side. It was fine for us, because the meat was really good and it didn’t have a chewy bite to it. For dessert, we had the Salted Banana Caramel Ice Cream Monaka. To learn more about this restaurant, please visit their website here.

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