How To Enter The Broadway Lottery in NYC: A Step By Step Guide

🤞 How to Win a Broadway Lottery

Have you ever wanted to experience the sights and sounds of a Broadway show firsthand—without breaking your budget? Entering a lottery for discounted tickets is one way to make it happen. NYC has some of the most renowned plays in the world, but they can also be expensive.

Fortunately, entering a lottery allows you to purchase excellent tickets at a fraction of the cost. With a bit of luck and knowledge of how lotteries work, soon you could be sitting front row center watching some of the best performances on Earth! Keep reading for more information about getting tickets by participating in Broadway Lottery!

My tip: This is my complete guide to Broadway shows in NYC.

What Are Ticket Lotteries?

A Broadway ticket lottery allows theatergoers to purchase tickets at a discounted rate. Most shows have some version of a lottery, and the rules vary from production to production. Generally, you enter your name online or in person before the show and then wait for the drawing results.

If you are chosen as one of the lucky winners, you will be able to purchase tickets for a fraction of the normal cost.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Sign up

In order to get Lottery tickets from participating Broadway shows, you must register for free. Often, each Broadway show has its own website just for the Broadway Lottery.

See my table further down in the article for all the applicable links.

Step 2: Be sure to confirm your registration!

After registration you will receive an email in which you have to confirm the account you created in step 1. This is important, because the confirmation of your winnings will be sent there later.

Step 3: Enter early!

Tickets are usually raffled off the day before the show. This can vary from broadway show to broadway show – you can find the exact dates in my table. Be sure to put a reminder in your calendar so you don’t miss it.

Select the show (sometimes there are several performances per day) and from now on it’s just a matter of waiting.

This is an example of a Broadway Lottery website (

The Broadway Lottery in NYC

Step 4: You are a winner!

If you are one of the winners (usually you have the chance to buy up to 2 tickets for this special price), you will receive an email with all the information. Take it to the Box Office on the day of the performance, including your ID (!). There you will get your lottery tickets.

What Shows Offer Ticket Lotteries In 2023?

Here’s a list of the top shows offering ticket lotteries right now:

Link to Broadway Lottery Tickets 👇
Price (incl. Service Fee)
Availability posted at:
7 PM the day before the show
12 PM the day before the show
12 PM the day before the show
12 PM the day before the show
10 AM each Monday
10 AM each Friday for the following week's shows
12 AM two days before performances
9 AM the day before the show
10 AM on Monday for the week of performances
12 AM the day prior to the performance
12 AM the day prior to the performance
9 AM the day prior to the performance
12 AM the day prior to the performance
9 AM the day prior to the performance
10 AM the day prior to the performance

FAQ About Broadway Lottery Shows

How hard is it to win the Broadway lottery?

Winning a lottery depends on how many people enter and the chances of your name being chosen. Generally, lotteries are very competitive, so it might take multiple attempts to win.

Do I have to show ID when I buy a lottery ticket?

Yes, you must present valid photo identification to pick up your ticket at the box office.

Do you get good seats in the Broadway lottery?

Yes, lottery tickets usually provide good seats. However, seat location varies depending on the production and availability.

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