STATE Grill and Bar at Empire State Building

In 2015 the famous Empire State Building, located in the heart of Manhattan, opened a new restaurant on the ground floor: the STATE Grill and Bar. The restaurant offers American cuisine. With its art deco yet timeless esthetics the STATE Grill & Bar has become a true classic. Serving truly delicious food, this is a great way to end your visit to the Empire State Building.

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Open kitchen and superb service

The carefully crafted menu by Octavio Becerra (a famed chef from LA) includes traditional American elements as well as exclusive items such as lobster. All dishes are prepared in the open kitchen, which Octavio Becerra refers to as the stage of the restaurant. Details are king here, nothing that is less than perfect will leave the kitchen and even the plates bearing the STATE logo are always placed in a way so that the STATE Grill & Bar logo is pointing to exactly 3:00 o’clock.

Service is also first-rate at the STATE Grill and Bar. You will definitely look forward to coming at state grill and bar

STATE Grill and Bar – Warning: Danger of Addiction!

The bar, which primarily serves as a watering hole for people working in the building, makes some delicious drinks and cocktails that you will get hooked on. Be sure to try them.

A sweet finish

Our absolute favorite was the Blackout ’77 chocolate desert, complete with vanilla ice cream and almond slices. Don’t miss out on this slice of deliciouslness!

Dinner menu at STATE Grill and Bar

menu card at state grill and bar

Our bottom line:

STATE Grill and Bar consistently gets positive reviews. The menu has a large variety of items and all of the dishes are delicious. Despite their exclusive location, prices are reasonable. As with most restaurants, lunch prices are lower than dinner prices – for $25, you can enjoy a full meal inside the famous Empire State Building. Who else can say they have eaten at the Empire State Building? Overall the STATE Grill and Bar is definitely worth a visit.

Click here for tickets to the Empire State Building and here for reservations at STATE Grill and Bar following your visit to the building.

Have a wonderful time!

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