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One World Trade Center not only features New York’s latest observation deck, the One World Observatory but also three new opportunities to wine and dine in the sky. You can choose from three different options ONE Café, ONE Mix, and ONE Dine. In our opinion, ONE Café and ONE Mix are worth a visit, while ONE Dine really isn’t. Find out more about why below! 

Cafeteria and Bar at One World Trade Center

The cafeteria and bar are only accessible if you have tickets to the One World Observatory. While the entry tickets are pricey the observation deck offers impressive views of New York and should definitely be included in your list of to do’s (click here for our Insider Report). Once you are at the top you can grab a drink, wrapped sandwiches, or some pastries in the cafeteria-style café. The ONE Café is open anytime and you can grab a table without a reservation. While the prices reflect the location, the café is affordable.

bar at one world trade center restaurant

If you are in the mood for a cocktail or a glass of wine, ONE Mix is where you need to be. At the bar, you can choose from a nice selection of wines, cocktails, and beer. Unfortunately, the bar is set up so you have your back towards the view. The 5 best seats in ONE Mix are right next to one another, along the counter at the window, these are the only bar seats with a view and will usually be taken unless you get very lucky. Sitting there, enjoying the outlook over the city while swirling a wonderful glass of wine in your hand, is tremendous. From here the boats on the Hudson River looked like miniature versions of themselves. ONE Mix also serves typical bar food, which was very tasty – we had the fried calamari for $15.

The entrance to ONE Mix is right next to the ONE Café and can be recognized by the personnel who greet you at the door and take you to your seats. Our wine cost an average of $14 – but was truly outstanding. Combined with the views, I would highly recommend this as an additional experience to the observatory.

Our tip: gratuity is already included in the bill!

I mention this because I think it is pretty brazen to charge “gratuity” automatically, but then still leave the “tip” entry on the bill for you to fill out. If you don’t notice the automatic charge, you end up paying gratuity twice. Once is ok – but twice, no way!

One World Trade Center Observatory View

The Restaurant ONE Dine

There is no restaurant in New York that is at a higher up than ONE Dine. The views of the city are truly stunning – especially if you get there in the evening. You can choose from a 3-course meal for $84 per person (not including drinks), or order items from the a la carte menu. You can choose from a selection of small but delicious appetizers – you can choose your main course from a wide variety of pasta, steak, and fish, dishes. One vegetarian dish was also included on the menu.

Making a reservation is highly recommended

Especially since the observation platform on top of the One World Trade Center is one of the best attractions in New York City, demand for the restaurant is high. You definitely have to make a reservation well in advance if you want to eat at the restaurant (you can do so up to 30 days in advance for parties of up to 8 people).

One World Observatory Cafe & Restaurant

Our bottom line regarding restaurant “ONE Dine”

If you are looking for a nice spot just for dinner then I really would not recommend the restaurant at One World Trade Center. One of the main reasons for this is the high price tag, you can only access the restaurant with a ticket for One World Observatory, meaning you have to pay $32 per person right off the bat. If you want to avoid waiting in line and get a VIP ticket, you have to pay $52 per person.

The prices of the food once you are inside are also quite high. Even though this is to be expected as you are paying a premium for the location, everything still feels slightly overpriced. Of course, this is in the eye of the beholder, if you think it is worth it we can attest to the food is delicious.

One of the restaurant’s main attractions is the view as it is the highest restaurant in New York City. With such spectacular views however we felt that sitting at many of the tables here was a wasted opportunity. Only very few of the many tables offer an unobstructed view of the skyline. Every diner wants to have a seat at the window – so be sure to ask for a table with a view by the window when you are making a reservation.

We recommend eating at ONE Dine only if you are guaranteed a table by the window AND if you can combine your dinner with your visit to One World Observatory.

Our alternative suggestion: the restaurant “The View” with views of Times Square at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel

The View restaurant is on a slowly-revolving platform so that you can get a 360° view of New York without ever leaving your seat and is significantly cheaper as you don’t need to pay entry.

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