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Do you love cheese? Yes? Then we have discovered the perfect place for you to fix your cheese cravings in New York! Even for those who are not crazy about cheese but simply enjoy it, the Swiss restaurant Raclette is a fun food experience in Manhattan.

About Raclette

Raclette is an upscale restaurant that specializes in cheese! Anything you order can be topped with the most delectable melted cheese! It will be scraped right off the wheel onto your plate. That’s also where the term “Raclette” derives from. The French verb “racler” literally translates into “scrape”. Just watching the mouthwatering cheese come onto your plate will make you want to take a bite straight away.


Raclette is also known as the “melted cheese restaurant”. You can already smell the cheese upon entering the restaurant. Luckily, the service here is pretty quick, so you won’t have to be tortured with the great smell for all too long.

The menu includes open sandwiches, chicken, sandwiches, steaks, and burgers. Whatever you order, it can be topped with the melted cheese of your choice! While I personally love more mild cheese, I don’t enjoy strong cheese at all which is why I was happy we were able to choose from nine kinds of cheeses from Switzerland and France. The cheese options at Raclette include black truffle, smoked, peppercorn, and more.

Our opinion on Raclette

What can we say? It was extremely tasty and worth every penny! The meat was succulent and the cheese was a great addition to the burger. You should know that the experience comes at a somewhat high price. A burger costs about $20. We were so full afterward though that we skipped dessert. If you’re still looking for dessert after, I recommend taking a 10-minute walk to Wowfulls.

Without sounding too cheesy (pun intended), I’d say the burger was one of the best I’ve had in New York. So dining at Raclette can be worth it even if you’re not completely crazy for cheese.

Raclette is a quite small restaurant, so try to make reservations before you come here to guarantee your cheese experience.

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How to get to Raclette

Raclette is located in East Village. The fastest way to get there is by taking the L train to 1-Avenue Station. From there, you’ll have to walk about 5 minutes to get to the restaurant.

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