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1. August 2019
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Wowfulls is one of my favorite dessert spots in New York! To any sweet tooth that wants to treat themselves in New York, I recommend stopping by.


About Wowfulls

Wowfulls is an ice cream shop that sells waffles and ice cream! They started off at New York’s famous weekly food market Smorgasburg in 2015. Their Hong Kong-style egg waffles quickly became a social media sensation leading to Wowfulls’ first physical store shortly after. Now, you can indulge in their sweet dessert at all times.

As you can already see, Wowfulls look amazing and truly are candy for both your taste buds and your eyes. I admit that I also discovered them on Instagram a few years ago. After trying them for the first time, I concluded that they don’t just look extremely amazing, they also taste extremely amazing! Since then, I typically return to Wowfulls whenever I’m in the area. They are still represented at Smorgasburg Food Market, so you can also get them there!

What’s so good about Wowfulls?

The waffles are crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside! They are just solid enough to not break while you scoop your ice cream, but not hard enough to give you a tough time breaking it when you want to eat it.

The egg waffles come in many different flavors but that’s not the only thing you can choose from. You can pick from different ice cream flavors, including one that’s rainbow-colored! The waffles and ice cream are finished off by fun toppings of your choice.

Where is Wowfulls?

Wowfulls in NYC

Wowfulls is located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The location is tiny and barely fits more than 10 people. There are a few chairs to sit on, but you typically need to be lucky to secure a spot, especially when you go there as a group.

If I’m looking for a waffle overload, I love coming here after dining at my favorite Southern restaurant Sweet Chick just around the corner. The last time I stopped by, however, was paired with a delicious meal at the Swiss restaurant Raclette – a melted cheese restaurant. The walk from Raclette to Wowfulls is about 10 minutes.

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