Pier 35 in NYC

Swinging into the sunset

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Pier 35 in NYC is a newly developed eco-park located on the often-overlooked section of the East River Esplanade. Designed by SHoP and Ken Smith Workshop, the pier features four wooden swings that were the highlight of my visit. Here’s why Pier 35 is one of the best piers in New York.

About Pier 35

Pier 35 in NYC

While it is Pier 17 that attracts most visitors in the area, there is a new pier that has caught my attention. Not far away from the spectacular event venue at Pier 17, you can find Pier 35. It opened in April 2019 and stands in complete contrast to Pier 17.

Pier 35 in NYC was designed as a recreational space for locals. It offers plenty of seating opportunities with views of the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. There is one feature, however, that makes Pier 35 truly unique: four large wooden swings. Thanks to the swings, you can gently rock back and forth as you enjoy the picture-perfect view of the East River.

If you look closely and the sun doesn’t dazzle you too much, you can also see the Statue of Liberty in the distance. To your right, you’ll see the top of the One World Trade Center poking out of the skyline. All in all, I’d say these are some incredible views! The swings together with the calming sounds waves moving back and forth create a completely relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, making Pier 35 one of the best piers in New York.

Pier 35 is not only one of the most beautiful piers in NYC, but it is also one of our newest insider tips. Why? This retreat is anything but overcrowded as most people don’t even know if its existence. Examining the inconspicuous look of Pier 35 from the distance, it’s not that big of a surprise to me. You can hardly see the swings from afar! When we arrived here, there were so few people that is no problem at all to immediately grab a swing. Pier 35 feels like an authentic local place!

Swing into the sunset!

We explored Pier 35 around 4 pm (in September) and enjoyed the blazing sun for about an hour. In my opinion, you’d have an even nicer view during sunset. Setting in the West, you can admire the sun go down right behind the Brooklyn Bridge, providing you with the most magical view.

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