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Located in the heart of Time Square in Manhattan, The NFL Experience NYC is something for all (American) football fans should go to. This interactive attraction promises the visitor to be incredibly close to their favorite players. You can “accompany” them on the field and witness the journey of a player up to the Super Bowl. With over 20 interactive activities, the visitor plunges into the world of the NFL. The highlight of the attraction is the 4D Cinema called, “The Stadium”, which shows highlights of the NFL history.

  • Important Notice: Unfortunately, NFL Experience will close its doors permanently on September 30th, 2018.

At The NFL Experience NYC, you come as a fan and learn how to train like the pros. You’ll learn game strategies, test your vertical jump and compare your talent with that of the professionals. If you’ve ever wondered what life and training looks like for an NFL player, then this New York attraction is the place to go. Definitely wear comfortable clothing so you can deliver your best performance in all of the challenges. Here is an overview of all the stations that you will experience at the NFL Experience.

The NFL Experience NYC: What Are You Waiting For?

  • The Stadium: Half cinema, half roller coaster. The Stadium is the most intense experience in the entire attraction. Follow a football player and also coaches during the games.
  • The 32: Get to know all the teams in the NFL. Vote for your favorite and learn about all of the 32 teams.
  • Quarterback Challenge:  Here you pick up a football and throw it at your virtual opponent.
  • Vertical Jump: Can you jump as high as Odell Beckham Jr., Larry Fitzgerald, or JJ Watt? This classic NFL Combine Challenge takes place every year to find the best young talents. Are you one of them?
  • Blocking Dummy: You always wanted to play against a quarterback? Test your power in this challenge.
  • Huddle Up: Slip into the helmet of a quarterback and read the defense to toss to your right teammate.
  • Super Bowl Celebration: Feel like a champ and let yourself be sprinkled with confetti. This can be a goose bump moment for hardcore NFL fans.
  • The Champions Stage: Here’s an exhibit of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the target of every NFL professional. You also have the opportunity to take your personal photo right here. Ever wanted to see the Superbowl rings up close? This is where you get the opportunity.

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The NFL Experience is an attraction for all sports fans especially football fans. Because this is very popular we recommend purchasing tickets online in advance. For holders of the New York Pass, there is good news. The NFL Experience is included. So there are no extra costs.

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