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Save money and time: the New York Pass

Purchasing a New York Pass is definitely one of the best ways to save money if you are headed to NYC. If you plan on seeing several attractions per day, and you are mainly visiting the city to do some sightseeing, this pass will save you up to 50% in comparison to regular ticket prices. We’ve got all the details on how to save the most money here.

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New York City has many attractions that are definitely worth seeing, even if you are only there for a short period of time. This is a quick list of our fans’ favorite attractions in NYC:

Each of these attractions, however, comes with a price. This price is not insignificant either, especially if you are traveling with the family and need up to 4 tickets, for example, for each attraction. In order to save money on all of these attractions as well as over 80+ others, you can purchase a New York Pass to gain free access.

NYC’s Best Attractions for Free

 The New York Pass gives you free access to over 80 sights and tours in New York. When you purchase a New York Pass, you pay a single fee (the amount depends on how many days you would like the pass for), which grants you free access to all the included attractions. During the period for which you have purchased the New York Pass, you can visit as many of the included attractions as you want.
All of NYC’s most popular are included within the pass, as well as many cruises and bus tours! In addition to the many famous sights, the New York Pass also includes several museums. This does not only include the big-name museums such as the Museum of Modern Art or The Met for example, but also many smaller specialty museums located throughout New York City.

If you want to figure out how to save the most money, check out our savings calculator!

Does the New York Pass Make Sense for Me?

Whether the New York Pass makes sense for you or not depends on two factors: How many days you wish to spend sightseeing and how many attractions you think you will be visiting each day. Find a quick breakdown of whether the New York Pass could save you money below. As you can see, the more days you purchase the pass for, the fewer attractions you have to visit each day to make the purchase economically viable!

  • Less than 3 attractions in 1 day: Not worth it!
  • 4 attractions in 1 day: Worth it!
  • 6 attractions in 2 days: Worth it!
  • 7 attractions in 3 days: Worth it!

When sightseeing in New York City you definitely don’t want to spend your time queuing. One big advantage of the New York Pass is that it allows you to bypass the queues and use the Fast-track entrances on many attractions instead. This way you can relax a little while sightseeing and enjoy the day instead of watching the time.

What we particularly like about this pass is the great selection of sightseeing tours it offers. Circle Line Cruises or the popular Hop-On-Hop-Off-Bus tours all provide unique angles from which to explore the City! The price of the pass also includes a free guide that offers 200 pages worth of interesting information about New York City and its attractions. With the flat rate of the New York Pass, you save also receive discounts at participating stores such as Macy’s and certain restaurants.

Which New York Pass Should You Buy?

The New York Pass is a day-pass that you can buy for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 consecutive days. The pass is valid only for the selected number of days. It is important to note, however, the clock of the pass starts running when you first use it and every day ends at the stroke of midnight. It would, therefore, be a waste to start using it for the first time at the end of the day, as the first day of the pass will expire just a few hours later. We recommend you start early with your first attraction. This will allow plenty of time to enjoy the sights and attractions of New York City. By not having to worry about budgeting, buying tickets, or queueing (in many cases) during your trip, you will have a much more relaxed stay.

Where to Buy a New York Pass

You can buy a New York Pass once you are in NYC of course, however, it is much more convenient and cheaper to purchase the pass online. Online passes often benefit from further discounts (up to 20%) so we recommend you take advantage of this. Use our discount code “LovingNY20” to get 20% off!!

Sample calculation for visiting 10 NYC attractions


Ticket price

Empire State Building$ 25
Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center$ 27
Museum of Modern Art$ 25
Metropolitan Museum of Art$ 25
Tour to the Statue of Liberty$ 17
Circle Line Tour$ 40
+ 4 others by choice$ 120
Amount per Person:$ 279

Possible Passes for New York



New York Pass for 2 daysapprox. $100$115 (53%)
New York Pass for 3 daysapprox. $140$75  (35%)
New York Pass for 7 daysapprox. $180$35 (16%)

Choosing the Right NYC Pass with our Saving Calculator!

Use our New York Savings Calculator to find out you how much you can save on New York City’s top attractions! In 3 easy steps, you will find the pass that is optimally suited for your trip to New York.

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