The New York Coffee Festival

Catch one of the best Coffee events in the city

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The New York Coffee Festival is New York’s flagship coffee event, celebrating the amazing specialty coffee scene in New York City. All profits are going to charity (Project Waterfall) and visitors get to taste the best coffee in town, meet the artisans and hang out with a bunch of local coffee lovers. 

The New York Coffee Festival 2023 will take place October 6-8.

Why you should go check out the New York Coffee Festival

Come out and hang with local baristas, roasting companies, and business owners. New York City is lucky to present such a wide selection of existing coffees and roasters like Brooklyn Roasting Company, Café Integral, and Joe Coffee Company. As we all know New York City is one of the greatest cities to enjoy a cup of Joe, so why not catch the best ones at the New York Coffee Festival?

You can enjoy endless free coffee tastings, watch demonstrations from world-class baristas, be a part of interactive workshops, eat delicious street food, try the best coffee cocktails, dance to live music and more. It’s the most innovative show in the coffee industry and you really get to appreciate the culture and lifestyle that comes along with it.

Don’t miss the Sensory Experience

Start off with a brief guided meditation to focus your mind and body on the aromatic and tasting encounters ahead of you.  These were simply designed to expand the perception of flavor. It’s an incredible experience that you shouldn’t miss while attending the New York Coffee Festival. In about 30 minutes you can learn how to identify different flavor profiles which is pretty interesting. To learn more about the festival, click the button below!

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