The Most Beautiful Holiday Windows in New York

Where to find most stunning holiday windows in NYC

It’s that time of the year and the Holiday Windows in New York attracts many visitors from all over the world. Right after Thanksgiving, the city is decorated with wreaths, holiday signs, and bright lights. Each year, New York City department stores design their entire window displays and usually has a theme.

You can tell department stores put time and effort into these decorations. There is a lot of detail that goes into the Holiday Windows in New York. Of course, this is not just something special for New York tourists during Christmas in New York.

Where are the window displays in NYC?

Throughout the year, the big department stores prepare for the upcoming Holiday season in New York. We recommend walking from Central Park on Fifth Avenue towards Herald Square to get you in the mood. The city is adorned with wreaths and bright lights everywhere. You’ll be able to admire the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree along the way.

What stores in NYC have Christmas window displays?

Keep heading downtown towards Herald Square and you’ll discover some of the city’s most beautiful window displays in NYC. Incidentally, the most beautiful Holiday Windows in New York are available from Tiffany & Co, Saks Fifth Avenue and of course Macy’s. The mega-store is also decorated inside. Here are a few more stores with beautiful holiday windows in NYC:

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    Saks Fifth Avenue Light Show

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    Saks Fifth Avenue does not only boast festive holiday windows but also an annual theatrical light show. Seeing the holiday light show at Saks has become a tradition for many locals and visitors. The light show is accompanied by music and repeats itself every 10 minutes from 5 pm to 11 pm.

    As some of the most spectacular Christmas Lights in NYC, you may imagine that the sidewalks are extremely crowded. Though that is completely true, it’s totally worth seeing the spectacle at least once.

    Besides the Light Show, Saks also decorated its windows!

    You can see the Saks Holiday Windows from November 22, 2022 on. The 3 minutes and 23 seconds long light show can be seen daily every 10 minutes from 4:30 pm to 11:35 pm.

    • When? From November 22, 2022 on


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    Shine Bright Only at Hudson Yards

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    Shine Bright Only at Hudson Yards
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    Starting at the end of November, you can enjoy a spectacular light show at Hudson Yards titled “Shine On”. It’s one of the newest Christmas light displays in New York City. Shine On is an indoor-outdoor light and music installation. Every day at 5 pm, “the moments” invite spectators to get dazzled by a visual spectacle that is synchronized to festive music.

    • When? November 14, 2022 – January 8, 2023
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    Macy's Give Love

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    Macy's Christmas Decorations
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    Macy’s has a lot to offer at Christmas time: besides the wonderful Holiday Windows, the entire facade is decorated with many lights. Inside it is also decorated for Christmas and on the 8th floor you will find the famous Santaland!

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    Cartier Holiday Decorations

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    Have you ever seen a building wrapped in a giant Christmas bow? Cartier’s Fifth Avenue Manhattan store goes further than just decorating the windows. The entire building, which is a gilded age mansion built for Morgan Freeman Plant, son of Henry B. Plant, the railroad tycoon, is wrapped in a Cartier signature red bow. The shiny red ribbon stretches across the building from Fifth Avenue to 52nd Street, with festive garland outlining every ground-floor window. 

    The building is decorated now and will remain that way until Christmas. You can find it at 651-653 Fifth Avenue and 4 East 52nd Street not far from Rockefeller Center with the most famous Christmas tree in New York.

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    Bergdorf Goodman

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    Bergdorf Goodman is a luxury department store on 5th Avenue and has been selling upscale women’s fashion and accessories since 1929. The product range now also includes exclusive interior design items, bridal fashions, shoes, jewelry, children’s clothing and cosmetics in the upper price segment.

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    Enjoy the Christmas Decorations at Bloomingdale's

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    Bloomingdale’s is an institution in New York. The brown shopping bags that you are sure to feel like you’ve come across a hundred times in New York are very well known. There is a reason for this: the selection is huge and really valuable!

    Bloomingdale’s is festively decorated just in time for the Holiday Season. For us, the store is one of the most beautiful in New York!

With different revealing dates of their famous holiday windows in NYC Macy’s and Saks never disappoint.

Buy Christmas Decoration in New York

Are you looking for Christmas decorations to bring home with you? We recommend a visit to the top floor of the mega department store Macy’s. The huge Christmas department on the 9th floor “Holiday Lane” is the absolute highlight. Incidentally, you can also buy Christmas decorations there.

Other stores are located on Fifth Avenue or the Winter Village Holiday Market in Midtown. Another very popular New York Christmas decor store is The Christmas Cottage (871 7th Ave, New York).

Photos of the Holiday Windows in New York

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