Central Park Ice Skating

All about Central Park's three ice rinks

Who doesn’t have ice skating in Central Park on their bucket list? It’s one of those must-do activities when you are in New York during the winter months. Did you know there are three ice rinks in Central Park? Let’s have a closer look.

Why go ice skating in Central Park?

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Ice skating in Central Park is extremely popular but why? The ice rinks in Central Park let you glide surrounded by the splendor of nature and still let you catch a glimpse of New York’s incredible skyline. They are the best rinks to ice skate if you plan to stroll through the park before or after. Central Park is home to many sights. You can enjoy Central Park‘s ice skating rinks at day or at night. So what are you waiting for? Grab your skates and let’s go!

Ice Rinks in Central Park

    While many people assume that Central Prak is home to only one ice rink, this is not true. While the Wollman Rink is undoubtedly the most-known ice rink in Central Park there are in fact three spots for you to go ice skating in Central Park. Besides Wollman Rink, you can glide on the Lasker Rink and the ice rink at Conservatory Water.

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    On Central Park’s East Side between 72nd and 75th Streets, you will find Conservatory Water. While it is used for boating from April to October, you can go ice skating here during the winter. That is, however, only if weather permits! In order for you to enjoy ice skating on Central Park’s Conservatory Water, the ice needs to be 6 inches thick.


    Wether and when Central Park Conservatory Water is available to ice skate is strictly weather permitted. It is recommended to call ahead to confirm before you head there. Please find more details and the phone number on Central Park’s official website.


    This Central Park ice skating rink is free! You do need to bring your own skates, however, which makes it less accessible to visitors.

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Central Park Ice Skating

My favorite ice rink

So what’s my favorite ice rink in Central Park? Wollman Rink! It is an iconic ice rink that is close to Midtown Manhattan and all important sights and also offers incredible views. It is more expensive than other ice rinks in NYC but worth the money if you ask me. Most people immediately associate Wollman Rink with Central Park ice skating and I am no exception!

However, ice skating in NYC is not limited to Central Park. There are plenty more ice rinks, all of which have unique features!

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