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7 Day New York Itinerary

By Kelsey, 21. April 2017
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Check out this 7 day New York Itinerary to help you plan & save money!

Welcome to New York City! There is so much to do see and do that you may be feeling overwhelmed. We are here to help guide you through the city with our New York itinerary and save you money by educating you about the discounted passes that are available to you.

Now first we want to give you some insider tips. Download a subway app on your phone. One of our favorites is ‘Transit”. It will give you directions and also tell you when the train is coming/if there are delays or re-routes. Another app you will want to download is Uber. Yellow cabs are always available, but Uber is typically cheaper and more efficient. If you are not on the subway or in an Uber, you will be walking so wear comfortable shoes! You will see most New Yorker’s have sneakers on all of the time. Women tend to carry their heels or less comfortable shoes in their bag. By the end of these 7 days we bet you will feel like a local! Enjoy!

New York City- 7 Day New York Itinerary

  • Day 1 of the New York Itinerary

We will begin Day 1 of this 7 day New York Itinerary in Manhattan. To become familiar with the city’s surroundings, hop on the Big Bus Tour starting in midtown Manhattan. If you jump on the downtown loop (red route) you will pass through, Times Square, Soho & Little Italy, as well as Wall Street. If you choose to hop on the uptown loop (blue route) you will be able to see Central Park & Columbus Circle, Lincoln Center, and the Met! After your bus tour, head to lunch to gain some energy for the rest of the day. We have recommended some good ones below!

Post lunch, continue buzzing through your 7 day New York Itinerary by visiting the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Plaza/Top of the Rock, and Radio City Music Hall. The Empire State Building and Top of the Rock tours will both give you beautiful views of the city as you will be more than 10 stories above the city streets. We then recommend closing out the day with a walk through St. Patricks Cathedral and dinner. St. Patrick’s Cathedral has been standing since 1879 right along 5th avenue. It is truly a beautiful landmark to stop by! For dinner recommendations near by, see below!

Attractions included in the New York Pass & New York Explorer Pass

Restaurant recommendations

  • Ippudo Westside, 321 W 51st St
  • Don Antonio, 309 W 50th St
  • The Smith, 1900 Broadway
  • The Little Beet, 135 W 50th St


  • Day 2 of the New York Itinerary

Day 2 of the 7 day New York Itinerary will begin with one of New York’s favorite meals..BRUNCH! See below for what restaurants we recommend and begin your day in the Meatpacking district. One attraction that you will not want to skip over is New York’s High Line/Chelsea/Meatpacking tour. Walk up on the one of a kind elevated park while enjoying the views of the Hudson River from the west side. You will also be taken through the Chelsea and Meatpacking area while hearing about the history of the areas industrial past! Another attraction to visit is the Whitney Museum of American Art which is conveniently close to the High Line. The Whitey Museum’s exhibits do change every so often but their permanent showings includes works by American artists like Louise Bourgeois, Man Ray, Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol.

Post High Line and Whitney Museum we suggest continuing downtown and stopping in Washington Square Park. You will find the famous arch here! The perfect picture taking spot. Washington Square Park is also surrounded by New York University which is one of the finest! Take a nice stroll through or hang out and enjoy the street performers that will casually come to put on a show! After your time in the park, hop on the subway and head to the beloved 9/11 memorial. It is very special to visit this memorial and can also be emotional. You will feel the atmosphere changes when you step on the grounds of where the 9/11 attack happened. Be sure to also leave time to tour the museum! After you have completed your visit, check out some of the best spots to eat right around the 9/11 Memorial or in Tribeca.

Attractions included in the New York Pass & New York Explorer Pass

Restaurant Recommendations

  • Friedman’s Lunch in Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave.
  • El Vez, 259 Vesey St.
  • Bubby’s, 120 Hudson St.
  • Locanda Verde, 377 Greenwich St.


High Line- 7 Day New York Itinerary


  • Day 3 of the New York Itinerary

It’s time to spread some love in Brooklyn! Brooklyn may not be as big as Manhattan, but don’t worry there is just as much to do and see. We suggest spending 2 days here to make sure you see the best of the best! Let’s start with the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Not only can you walk and bike over this bridge, but you can also enjoy the park underneath the bridge.

Brooklyn is also home to some of the city’s best food. After enjoying your time at the bridge, walk right underneath to Brooklyn Bridge park where you will find a small strip of great spots to eat. Juliana’s pizza, Shake Shack, Luke’s Lobster, and the Riverside Cafe all have great options! You will also be very close to Dumbo, so you could dine there as well. If you do not spend your entire day in the Dumbo area, the Seaport in Manhattan is right across the river and offers beautiful views as well as various options for food and shopping!

Attractions included in the New York Pass & New York Explorer Pass

Restaurant Recommendations

  • Juliana’s Pizza, 19 Old Fulton St.
  • Shake Shack, 1 Old Fulton St.
  • Luke’s Lobster, 11 Water St.
  • The River Cafe, 1 Water St.


  • Day 4 of the New York Itinerary

Now to Queens! 7 days in New York truly gives you time to explore each borough if you are up for it. Tow of the most popular parts of Queens are Astoria as well and Long Island City. These areas are loaded with great restaurants and a beautiful park. The day you have in Queens will be more laid back and leisurely. Enjoy Astoria Park, the views, and the food and drinks at the locations we have recommended below. To get into the area you will either want to take Uber or get on the yellow line subway which is the N and W.

Queens is also home of Citi Field where the New York Mets play and Arthur Ashe Stadium where the U.S Open is held. Citi Field is a popular spot during the baseball season as well as a popular spot for artists to hold stadium concerts. Their large parking lot spaces and convenient access to the subway and LIRR train makes for a great time! This location takes about 40 minutes to get to from midtown Manhattan. While you are here, see if there is a game or concert in town!

Restaurant Recommendations

  • Penthouse 808, 8-08 Queens Plaza
  • The Bonnie, 29-12 23rd Ave.
  • Queens Comfort, 40-09 30th Ave.
  • Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, 2919 24th Ave.
  • The Strand Smokehouse, 25-27 Broadway

Long Island City- 7 Day New York Itinerary


  • Day 5 of the New York Itinerary

Day 5 from your 7 day New York itinerary includes Uptown Manhattan! Harlem, Washington Heights, and the Bronx all have so much culture and beauty to offer. History, sports, walking trails, and various types of food are all available here.  To start, Harlem begins right at the tip of Central Park. A tip from us to you is to stay on the West side of Harlem when you are unfamiliar with the area. The East side is a little rougher. Some spots in Harlem that we recommend you check out include the Studio Museum, Sylvia’s, and Red Rooster. A little further uptown in Washington Heights you will find a little more nature along the Hudson River. There is a great path that runs along the entire West side where you will find people running, biking, roller blading, etc. You can also sit along the water and enjoy the view.

Along with more great restaurants, Washington Heights is only a bridge away from Yankee Stadium. If you visit during baseball season be sure to catch a game! It’s even fun if you aren’t a huge baseball fan. Even further up in the Bronx you will find Little Italy, the Bronx Zoo, and New York’s Botanical Garden. Each one is so different it may be hard to pick which attraction to visit, but they will definitely all leave you with great memories.

Attractions included in the New York Pass 

  • Studio Museum in Harlem
  • Yankee Stadium Tour
  • Bronx Little Italy & Arthur Ave Tour (Make sure you get raviolis at Borgatti’s!)

New York Explorer Pass

Recommended Restaurants


  • Day 6 of the New York Itinerary

Now any of these days can be done in any order, we just wanted to give you a guideline of all there is to see in the city as well as ideas on how to save. By day 6 you’re probably thinking how much more is there to do? Well, you still have one of the best parks to visit! Central Park is home to the largest amount of  green space in Manhattan. There is so much that goes on in Central Park we are not sure we can tell list it all for you! You will see picnics, parties, runners, bikers, horse and carriages, a zoo, lakes, boats, historic landmarks, stages, and the list goes on! In Central Park, you are able to go on walking and bike tours depending on your preference. Take it all in while you are there!

When you are ready to leave the park, there are a couple of landmarks close by that you could visit. To the West of the park you will find museum mile. A few of the most popular museums here are the American Museum of Natural History, The Met, and the Guggenheim Museum. Depending on which museum you chose, will depend on what area you will be in to explore. Post Central Park you could end up in Upper West Side, Upper East Side, or back in midtown near Times Square.

Attractions included in the New York Pass & New York Explorer Pass

Recommended Restaurants

  • The Mermaid Inn, 570 Amsterdam Ave
  • Tavern on the Green, Central Park West & 67th St.
  • The Plaza Food Hall, 1 W. 59th St.
  • Uva, 1486 2nd Ave.

Central Park- 7 Day New York Itinerary


  • Day 7 of the New York Itinerary

Day 7 is here! Now we said that you may need two days in Brooklyn to cover it all. We have a couple more favorite attractions to tell you about there. First is Prospect Park! Prospect Park is home to a smaller green space than Central Park, but has the same amount of beauty. On Sunday’s this is where Brooklyn’s famous Smorgasburg is held. Smorgasburg is a food festival that is held during the warmer months on the weekends. They have over 100 food vendors that come prepared with their best and most unique offerings! Saturday’s it is in Williamsburg and on Sunday it is in Prospect Park. Another favorite to visit is the Brooklyn Museum. This museum is home to over 1.5 million works and is know for it’s expansive collection of Egyptian and African art. And last but not least, Brooklyn’s Botanic Garden! Enjoy the 52 acres of pure bliss!

This part of Brooklyn is also nice to walk around in. You will see beautiful brownstones, boutique shops and restaurants as well as lots of street art. It definitely has a different feel to it compared to Manhattan. You may also find your self near the Barclay’s Center. This is Brooklyn’s 5 year old state of the art arena. Basketball, ice hockey, and very famous performers perform here. It’s unique architecture makes it stick out against the grit, but it is a very cool building to pass by! Stop by for a game if you are here during the right season!

Attractions included in the New York Pass & New York Explorer Pass

  • The Brooklyn Museum
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Recommended Restaurants

  • Broccolini, 446 Dean Street
  • Koto Sushi, 67 6th Ave.
  • James, 605 Carlton Ave.
  • Purbird, 82 6th Ave.


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We recommend the New York Pass for trips where you want to buy a day pass (for up to 10 days) that allows you to view as many NYC attractions as you like. This pass is also great if you don’t want to commit to which attractions you want to see beforehand. This pass is also ideal for lovers of museums, as most of these have a fast track option!

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The Explorer Pass is a great option to visit a specific number of attractions that you can choose from a list. You can choose between visiting 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 attractions from the list of over 60. You do also not need to decide which attractions you want to visit before your trip and can choose at your leisure once you are in New York City.

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